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We saw a man show boy beat up making. this video man talking about some real. once again you know on the channel. but um I’m gonna keep it short. oh I know all my other videos be super. long but that’s how I be sometime when. you’re talking they’re real but um. I’m just talking about some real . and this title of this video is called. what it’s like being a real Saint Louis. being a real Saint Louis and or whatever. you want to call it bigger in st. Louis. is kind of like being a little bit like. in Chicago you know we made with day. number a couple hours away from us or. whatever the case is and the same . can be going on in Chicago goes down. here now as of lately you know Chicago. and st. Louis always been Nick and Nick. with killings and all the crazy goons. shooting all this that is how they go. now I almost say this much no uh being.

In st. Louis like I said it’s kind of. like being in Chicago a little bit you. know been in Chicago but I’m talking. about for as to the the goon she goes. you know the saddest . now when you want to st. Louis you can. have a good time you can enjoy yourself. you know but you’ve got to be on your. P’s and Q’s when in st. Louis cuz any. and everything goes to down here. you know everything goes down here that. you can imagine you know and as of. lately st. Louis been raging out of. control like a I’m gonna. keeping a book she’d been totally out of. control the same the worst. you know I’m sure it’s the same way in. Chicago like it always is same way and. he is down her now say Louis everybody’s. been getting shot. everybody has been getting killed and. bending being from st. Louis and being a. saint you know st. Louis and as I call.

It you know you gotta know you got a how. you say it you gotta be militant real. militant and discipline how you move and. how you do what you do you know because. she can go down real quick has been. going down real quick covert any and. every look possible thing now. when you from st. st. Louis and you from. Chicago and all that the want number one. rule of being a st. Louis. in in the Chicago needle you got to keep. these with you you know. saying you got to keep this. head you gotta keep this. you got to keep this. here and you got to keep. you an extra magazine and it’s just the. basics walking around st. Louis. for arfifteens. topless aks and whatever else that you. can imagine so as you can see everybody. in st. it was pretty much strapped to. up I ain’t doing this and all here. to let you know yes these are real.

Bullets using hollow tubes. yes they are and if you can see closely. on flap and see that real close but see. my little thing right up here a little. red thing right there whatever it is one. in the chamber. now when you wanna Saint Louis that’s. how you got a rock everywhere you go. down there no we ain’t out to hurt. nobody no we not out to be on some. savage but you got to be militant. and you got to be real disciplined and. you got to watch how you move out here. because you got knucklehead ash LeDoux’s. out her this on some other type of . no it’s not my age maybe you know I was. born. with morals in respect and we got our. sappy too but it was doing only ill. from mother do something to us. you know somebody do something really. bad to us then you know it has to be how. I used to be back in the 80s were the.

Guns only came out when she got real. real serious on other . trying to take it there or . wanna set up her in half way they gonna. try to kill you or you just want the. pictures to come up but before that we. throw these with two hands. you know with two hands we did all that. and now as a lately I don’t really wanna. watch the news like that but I see stuff. here in there and downtown st. Louis. little kids little kids 5 6 7 8 9 10 11. getting shot and killed in drivebys. down here that [ __ ] crazy man. innocent little kids little. babies you know ain’t even getting the. chance to live a kid’s life gonna get a. chance to really sing it they’ve been. taken away over stupid ass because. these dumbass little boys up her I ain’t. gonna say no man could be some dumbass. little boys I heard afraid to throw. hands like dog I come from.

The Arawak no hands I throw. hands with you first before I pick up. this gun but nowadays unfortunately you. have to watch how you do it like I said. you got to be real militant real. discipline about your cuz I am. that’s the way it is I’m not never gonna. change that. I’m not on hurry looking for clout I’m. not trying to get you know know that. but I’m telling the [ __ ] truth. that’s how I rock real militant and. discipline kids are getting shot and. killed over nothing and. senseless drivebys and all that kind of. and you know people who ain’t from. st. Louis or wonder what it’s like to be. in st. Louis you know the ones that’s. overseas they call Chicago. chiraq. I’m calling st. Louis st. Louis right. you know same thing here same. everything same type [ __ ] go. down here as you can see you know that.

Got your shoujo you know I’m gonna show you something else trying to speak for no whales but i’ma speak for why me and my situation now you see one I carry a one clip full of Full Metal Jacket that’s like that’s bet you like the armorpiercing bullets as and I keep the other one full of hollow tips as you can see right you see that right but you see I’m current two different bullets right now you tell me what you think that’s about you tell me if you know about that and our type of stuff that goes on here in st. Louis and all that why would I be current to different types of ammunition if you know you know I know my I know my people from st.

Louis somebody I know they know I know. they definitely know but yeah man she. was going crazy around here you know I. was like I said I don’t keep it real too. long it’s already baked it’s gonna be. eight minutes so I might go maybe like. 10 minutes or something like that. but anyway it’s it’s crazy out. here people begin rob people begin. killed people been going through all. kinds of shootings back to back to back. to back it ain’t been no breaks and has. not been any breaks it’s today. somebody got robbed tomorrow somebody. got shot. the next day somebody been killed and it. is going day 4 day 4 day 4 day and it’s. been going like that all day long all. over the city all over the city is. somebody got robbed here two people been. robbed today three people got murdered. yesterday you know homeless man I’ve. been shot and killed for just for asking.

For turns down since weird people. start killing a homeless person. for just begging for some money. you may not tell me you’re gonna kill a. homeless person. learn Indian unto you but does ask you. for change and you kill them. what’s the honor and killing. anybody if it ain’t lifethreatening I’m. not finna kill no damn buddy unless I. have to and God forbid if I have to you. know you got people out here that’s. doing stupid first I used to say. well the first time you say that you. know all these people are here. especially in st. Louis if you ain’t. from saying that was you know that. everything happens for a reason down. here whatever the reason is it’s a. reason most definitely you got people. being shot because they they didn’t got. into a fight with somebody yesterday or. got somebody robbed shot killed.

Something it’s it’s all types of . connected to it that type of stuff but. now that happening work you got. little kids being killed and [ __ ]. for nothing. I don’t know my mom knows how to make. this video because I just had let it be. known how it is down here in st. Louis. case you know a couple foreigners or you. know we got a lot of foreigners here in. st. Louis official a raps you know. Mexicans we got we got it here Mexicans. mainly only like the south side and all. that type stuff. yeah I know but um yeah they been here. in st. Louis is a jungle so. war zones the jungle is what I. called it and if you weren’t saying to. us you got to be packing pistols or. choppers and you see I’m my st. Louis. and I ain’t trying to flash I’m not. trying to show off about showing the gun. I’m just letting you know dead air.

Series you better be packed on one of. these or something bigger. I pack this right here for. the simple fact that you know it’s easy. to conceal then I don’t want your no. and then you know nothing because. I’m I’m on business I don’t hurt nobody. and you know that’s just the way that go. go but you run up on me on that . you’re gonna get what you don’t want I. promise you did but you hit man spot to. be 11 minutes on how does how to make. that little short video about it and you. know cuz she don’t make no sense man it. just don’t make no sense but. I was had to make this man you know I. feel like somebody had to say something. I know everybody talked about it but in. the end a lot of people don’t talk about. it so the others had to make this video. because it was something on my mind I. just want to make you man so yeah there.

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