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Dating In Sign Language person, let me know your

Hi, I’m Jill [Jenna] …and I’m Jenna. Welcome to ASL Stew! So, today we’re going to be talking about communication and our relationship and if Jill knew sign language or learned it when she met me. So, that type of thing is what we’ll talk about today. Right, it’s actually common in many Deaf hearing relationships that a hearing person maybe doesn’t know any sign or knows a little bit of sign will meet a Deaf person, like Jenna, and then they will be willing to learn more sign language. But with the two of us it’s a little bit different. I had already gone through, not really my career, but I had already gone through quite a bit of my schooling before I met Jenna.

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I think it was maybe my senior, junior or senior year. I think it was my senior or something like that and I was involved getting my bachelor’s degree. That meant I already knew quite a bit of sign language. I wasn’t as fluent though. Yeah, I think I met you and you already knew enough sign language to have a conversation. There really weren’t any misunderstandings or anything like that. We didn’t struggle to communicate or anything. You already knew, it so we could get along. So that’s how we kind of developed our friendship first. We became really good friends first and talked that way. That’s when I started introducing her to my Deaf friends and she became really involved and picked up things as we went along.

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Dating In Sign Language already knew     sign language really

Yeah, there really wasn’t like there wasn’t anything of me teaching you or anything like that. We never really had that type of relationship issue. Right, I feel like it was maybe a little bit different. I mean with the two of us, I already knew sign language really well. Not perfectly, but well. That was really helpful in our relationship because we didn’t have to go through that awkward learning stage where there’s a lot of misunderstandings. You don’t understand Deaf culture, and different things like that. You know if you’re involved in a relationship where one person is just learning sign or they don’t know much about Deaf culture, then the other person, typically the Deaf person, like you has to be more willing to work with them and help them to develop and help them go through that “awkward” stage.

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Which I had already experienced that before I met her. So she didn’t have to help me with that. So it’s a little bit different maybe in your relationship than in our relationship. Right, it’s just different dynamics is really all. There’s nothing really right or wrong about either way, it’s just a different experience is all. It’s different. Right, it can be a really great experience for the two of you to really have a strong bond. Maybe if I’m learning sign language I’m communicating better with you. I love you. You know that type of relationship could really set up a strong foundation for you guys if you’re willing to work with each other. You know work together.

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So who knows, it could be a really positive thing. I’m curious, if you guys are involved in a Deaf hearing relationship, whether you’re the Deaf or hearing person, let me know your experience! What happened with you? Are you learning sign language for somebody Deaf? Like your partner, husband, wife, whatever. Are you the Deaf person that’s teaching or helping someone? I’m curious, what is that like? Cause I don’t know. We haven’t experienced that. So I’m just curious. Leave a comment below and let us know. Okay, if you like this video please click LIKE. Also, remember to subscribe if you haven’t.

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