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Hi guys my name is lisa i’m from russia. vladivostok. welcome to my channel today i’m going to. share with you. true facts about russian women who can. know. more about them than me because i am. originally a russian. girl and if you want to have a russian. girlfriend or just interested in russian. women so. keep on watching i prepared for you guys. six. facts and fact number one russian women. have. really nice beauty jeans they have. naturally nice. face features and really proportional. body. russian girls figure is like the. sand watch same clock you know what i. mean. like releasing weight and then hips. thanks nature for that i’m sure you know. that russian beauty so famous. and russian models are so popular but. not only models beautiful in russia. there are many more russian girls who. prefer not to be a model.

And they’re just beautiful yeah just. normal russian girls on the streets who. chose not to be a model and maybe. they’re a little bit shorter than. model height okay fact number two is. that. russian women are so feminine and by. feminine. i mean not only that russian girls like. to be beautiful. and wear dress but they are feminine. in their like feminine energy their. feminine in relationship with a man. do you like russian girl accent i can. speak some russian right now. uh no premier yamaguskas activist. russian woman wants or prefer. they meant be stronger than them so they. can feel a bit. weak and like be protected they expect. that men will treat them very well like. buy them something and give them money. and give them flowers and everything. i think it’s not bad i think it’s like. cute. in some way because it’s like gender.

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Roles so yeah russian women are more. traditional. not that traditional like for example. asian girls or. chinese girls but not that independent. like european girls or american girls. russian women they prefer not to be. really equal with a man i hope you. understand what i mean. next one is that russian women have. really strong family values. yeah if you will take just normal girls. from 20 to 30 they would have a family. already. and it’s very normal in russia to get. married in. early 20s and have kids around age. 25 and then in the age 30 already have. like. family and big family more. kids and you like oh it’s the end of my. life. until age 30 you already seen all of. your life all of your steps. i don’t know why it’s happened but our. parents and our old generation just gave. us thought. about like how your life should be.

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Dating In Russia really strong family values

That you should go to school and then. you will go to university. and when you’re in university around 19. 20 years old. you would meet some man or partner or. like your spouse and then you will get. married and after university. you should definitely create a family. and create. kids girl would stay at home and take. care of kids and then. men would work and then as i said in 30. years old you already seen your all of. your life and this happy end. if you will meet some russian girl in. your life just to be sure. she’s thinking of family it’s not. because it’s. bad or good it’s just how it is it’s. just how. our parents told us to do like. it’s just the values that our parents. gave to us so we just raised with these. values. and for russian girl it’s very okay to. just stay at home to not prefer your. career. to just raise kids you know to just be.

Housewife. and just like be with husband together. like a team. and it’s very normal for them and most. of them. can cook can clean can take care so it’s. good. in some ways next one is that russian. girls like to take care of themselves. it means go to do some beauty. stuff some facial makeup hairs. lashes nails pedicure and blah blah blah. so it’s very very common in russia that. girls just will do everything. to be more pretty than she is maybe you. have heard about. lack of men in russia there is not. enough men. for every woman in russia there are some. nice mans. but you know like successful nice. handsome man there’s. definitely not enough and girls in this. situation. should compete with each other and make. themselves more beautiful to just. attract more guys they’re not doing this. only for guys they’re doing it for.

Themselves. because they just like and the beauty. industry in russia is so good and so. cheap so affordable. if you will compare like beauty. procedures like nails and something. with prices in other countries you will. be. like shook because the difference is big. just definitely recommend you to. download tinder and then change location. to moscow. so you can prove my words. and the last one the last fact is that. russian. girls they are strong they probably. raised in not really perfect. conditions and maybe they had some. traumas. like problems with families problems. with their fathers. and mothers and hard time before and. like. living in russia is not like living in a. rainbow. so they gotta deal with some crazy stuff. in their lives basically and. this kind of stuff make them really. strong they can deal definitely with.

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