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Dating In Rochester Ny this is my kids going

I wouldn’t think of my rajan sir man. this my home where this my city man. everybody talks about Rochester but. at the end of the day you got to love it. because everybody is united in one way. or another you know I’m saying like we. wanted a lo day that’s why he calls the. lost for oh you know because we named. got the same father’s Brooklyn the Bronx. stuff like that but we still well no no. not me I love I love the Knicks no you. got on by the way to remember yeah. Rochester you gotta love it I’ve been. here since birth you know it’s my city. man you know me you gotta love nothing. you know crime yeah but hey we still we. still make it through. you know I’m trans no I mean there’s. nothing really you’re nothing really bad. you say about it not that much good you. say vitamin A is Rochester he will still. come here they still you know I mean.

They still dump it they still with. a soul hey you gotta love this man. that’s the city this what I’ll call all. Rossiter realistic city that’s what my. father’s right now me Rochester chilling. today I think righteous as a bad drug. problem. and the processes tweens. when I think with the right people like. Ichigo. computing was a lot of kids to better. things. meet myself I’m 40 years old. my daughter 17 my son is 12 so I try to. instill the best and I was I would love. this is my kids going what you’re doing. right now that’s beautiful. that’s right they’re gonna pay for about. four years the PSI alone as an. individual. I have no problem I’m not personally. from here when I’ve been in 30some. years in. four years from San Diego California. from living in San Diego moving out to. Rochester brought I I liked Rochester.

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