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Hey friends welcome back to my youtube. channel. thank you for clicking on this video i. really do appreciate your support. my name is masi i am from kenya. but i live in australia in today’s video. i’m going to be talking about. my dating experience in australia or. how is it like dating australian men if. you like this kind of content. don’t forget to like share this video. with your friends. subscribe to this channel as it does. help with the growth of this channel. thank you. the first thing i’m going to talk about. is the dating apps. if you live in australia and you’re. looking for a partner you know a. relationship. dating apps are gonna come in in handy. because uh one thing i’ve realized with. australian men. is that um they don’t approach. women so most australian men will not um. they don’t approach women they are not.

As confident. in approaching women i don’t know about. in people’s experiences but that’s my. experience and um. another thing i realized is that um 99. percent of the people i know who are. married but australian men they met. on the dating site and um if an. australian guy is gonna approach you. ada you’re in a club he’s. drunk where i come from the african man. if they want something. they’re going for for whatever they want. if they want that woman. they’re going to go for that too man. they’re going to approach that woman. they’re gonna ask them for their numbers. you know. they’re gonna do all they can to to to. get that to one woman. but here in australia it’s a different. story so you’re gonna either meet your. better half for your partner on the. dating sites or either on facebook. instagram on all the other places where.

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They can. inbox you or send you a direct message. uh there is nothing wrong in being on a. dating site it is 2020 you know there’s. nothing wrong with being on a date. and i won’t even lie i have been into. so many dating sites. i’ve been a couple of dating sites you. know. but that is what happens because they’re. not gonna approach you. uh on the roads or whatever else so yeah. if you’re looking for a partner you’re. in australia and. there is no man who is for coming or who. is approaching you don’t worry. go to any dating sites and you’re gonna. find them there. the dressing oh my god. australian men most of them i didn’t say. all. most of them they don’t put a lot of. effort when it comes to. dressing up especially when they’re. going on on a date. you know you’re going to be looking up. and flying on your first date and.

Guess what the guy you’re gonna be. meeting he’s gonna be wearing tongues. tshirts and pair of shorts they have. zero. fashion sense that is one thing i’ve. come to realize. and it’s not all about even going for a. date even going for. events you know they just don’t put a. lot of effort. in whatever they wear i think it’s the. culture. like i said earlier the australian guys. they are very. relaxed very laid back and. probably too laid back maybe that’s why. they don’t put a lot of effort. when it comes to how they dress so when. going for a day. i know this guy is gonna be wearing. maybe. work uniform tongs. and um tshirt and a pair of shorts. that’s it that’s gonna be that can even. be a dinner date when you’re going out. on them. with them when you’re going out with. them for for a dinner date you know. you’re expecting the guy to be looking.

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Offline. and cute wearing some decent clothes. but you will be disappointed you know. you’ll be disappointed because. they don’t put a lot of effort in. whatever they they dress up oh. ladies just be prepared for that when. you’re planning on your first date with. your. aussie man don’t expect too much on the. dressing part because you will be. disappointed. another thing i want to talk about is. bills ladies. be very careful when you’re going out on. a date. with a nosy guy i don’t know what i tell. all these. some of them you might pay for your. bills always remember to. carry some money or some card with you. because you never know what is going to. happen. so it’s not like uh where i come from we. don’t pay for the first date. you know we don’t pay for the first. dinner for the first. date but here in australia you cannot be.

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So sure you gotta be too sure. with men around here you’re either gonna. pay for your bill. or you’re gonna pay for the whole bill. you know so always remember to carry. some money with you. they don’t give gifts and if they do. or they don’t buy gifts and if they do. give you a gift. either they didn’t buy that gift either. it is something they want given so they. are handing. over something probably they are given. by their relatives they are made. you know they are mothers they know that. kind of stuff you’re dating an aussie. guy. not all of them please don’t get me. wrong i’m not saying like all aussie guy. but i’m just saying when you date most. of the all you guys don’t expect um. to be given a gift or to be given a. brand new gift. or a welldot gift. someone can even give you something from. their ex you know maybe.

Uh this guy was living with their eggs. and the eggs left something in the house. would be a necklace or. a perfume or whatever a ring. and someone is gonna come and give you. that it’s a gift you know. uh maybe it’s on your birthday someone’s. gonna come and give you. uh something um and next left in their. house and. are you gonna call that a gift or what. what are you gonna call that. and probably they’re gonna let you know. for me that is not okay i don’t know. about um other people. probably to other people that that’s all. right but. it’s weird and uh let’s assume you made. his christmas you’re gonna go all the. way. buying all nice gifts it doesn’t have to. be expensive but you know what i mean. maybe his favorite playstation. is that how you call them i don’t know. when it comes to your gift darling guess. what you’re gonna get.

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Some something from his house maybe he. has had. that item for the last 20 years you know. you know 20 5 years that is a gift he’s. gonna give you. like i said not all men but i’m talking. about. majority of them so don’t come into my. comment section. telling me oh you’re being negative and. australian guys. no i’m not i’m just talking about my. experiences and the experience. of my friends. another thing all i talk about is. australian men. they’re gonna love their pets more than. you. yeah that is just the reality and uh. you cannot say you cannot say anything. negative about their faith. especially if you if you’re not a pet. person maybe he has dogs cats and all. that kind of stuff. you cannot say anything negative. in regards to their pets because. most of them or most of the men are mad. they are so much into their pets and.

You’re gonna come second the pets are. gonna come fast and you’re gonna come. second that is just the reality of the. matter and um. i had this experience where um. like i said in my previous video i was. chased by a dog and i was telling this. guy how i was so traumatized. i was really so short and that. experience left me traumatized and guess. what. this guy he was sympathizing with the. dog. like oh poor dog probably he just wanted. to play with you. you know for them it’s about the pad. it’s not about you. i found these experiences or even. stories i’ve had from my friends. most guys especially those who are so. much into pets. they share the bed with their dogs. and if you all they are pets. and their pets could be dogs. cats event necks. you’re gonna be sharing the bed with the. dogs as well and. you have to you have to put out to to.

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Put up with that. and for me i find it so weird to be. honest i can’t even lie about. it i’m not a pet person but i don’t hate. that. i don’t hate pets but i’m not a bad. person and i’m not sharing. i’m not sharing my bed with the pet so. if you’re dating this kind of. a guy and he’s so much into his pad. one thing you shouldn’t do you shouldn’t. say anything negative about their pet. and you should love their pets because. they’re gonna force you to love their. pets. you know if you’re gonna be with this. guy. and if they’re sharing the bed with. their pets and probably you’re living. together. you have to put up with that. we’ve come to the end of this video. thank you guys for watching. i really do appreciate your support. don’t forget to be kind to one another. it doesn’t cost anything to be kind to. one another also.

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