Dating In Nyc For Women

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What’s up guys welcome back today I have. a really fun and different type of video. for my channel I am with my friend Molly. today hi guys and we are talking all. about dating life in New York City and. kind of being single being in relations. Wow being relationships being single. being in relationships and everything. else that comes with it so we actually. both posted on our Instagram stories any. questions that you might have so we’re. actually just going to take turns. reading the questions and answering them. for you but let’s just give you guys a. little bit of backstory on our dating. lives and stuff like that okay here you. go first. okay so I have been with my current. boyfriend for over four years met in. college we live together now in New York. so we’re very like stable relationship I. guess you’d call it like when we’re on.

The track to get married she couldn’t. kind of cover a lot of like the. relationship type question yeah whereas. I just came out of a longterm. relationship I am single dating in the. city so I feel like I could kind of. handle like the dating questions for now. and we also have Lionel here with us. special guests a special guys I’m. staying with me for the week and he just. has seen the video otherwise you put. fart but let’s just jump right into it. and we’re gonna start with some. questions okay so someone asked what’s. the worst date you’ve ever been on so I. don’t think I’ve had like a horrible. date but I definitely had dates where. it’s just like super uncomfortable it. feels kind of like a job interview and. you’re like constantly thinking of the. next question asks just so there’s not. like an awkward silence.

Oh yeah that’s for this two words and. you’re just like waiting so bad for it’s. like end and go home so I guess that’s. the worst date that I’ve been on but. nothing like crazy bad or like a crazy. story like that yeah like I was gonna. sit the same way I was very like. to clone like go on take two people I. don’t know I feel like especially like. in school and stuff I think you don’t. like go on date ya know it’s like. everyone just kind of like hangs out and. I’m not even I think a group setting in. college I feel yeah everything’s so like. a group oriented so I think I never he’s. going meet he’s gonna jump off oh my. gosh but ya know I feel like I never. really I was like skeptical like who do. I was a great selected selected was the. right word so which is good yeah that’s. good. yeah okay I’m gonna ask I guess I’ll.

Just go in order. someone asked me Miami guys or NYC guys. and I guess I would say NYC guys because. that’s where I live and I don’t know I. don’t really want to date someone who. lives in Miami and like long distance. but I get it with their tongue and asked. like more like a personality type I. think because like there’s a very big. difference between like New York Giessen. and I feel like New York also covers. like so much that like it could be you. could have a very Miami type guy in New. York yeah like if you’re thinking like. New York like financial district type. guys bruce’s which I guess I would. prefer yeah it’s the same like I yeah no. that’s definitely more my thing okay so. basically to sum that up I think we’ve. both agreed on NYC guys yeah right yeah. okay this is an interesting question. someone said I’ve been running into the.

Issue of some girls saying no to weekend. dates and others who have used to go. then I someone’s like refusing to go on. a date with you well I guess I don’t. know yeah. like during the weekend weekend thing. and that is yeah it’s really weird yeah. so I say like if someone just refuses to. go on a date with you it’s not really. good side definitely not probably not. but in terms of like weekends and. weekdays. I don’t know I’m just trying to also. come up with an excuse well I don’t know. if they’re just saying no like cuz. weekends typically when you like yeah. but I only like also like if you’re not. that interested in a guy you’re more. likely to agree to like during the week. rather than giving up at your prime. Friday Saturday night that’s a good. point and also like I mean have these. for me usually any time I go on a first.

Date with the guys not on the weekend. just because you don’t even know if. you’ll hit it off with them and then. it’s like true gave up not give up your. Friday or Saturday night but it’s like. you want to see if you connect first. yeah where you I give up a week at night. and then you can also give the excuse. like I have to be up early for work yes. I gotta go and this so you’re not like. stuck with him all night and you’re like. yeah I gotta call it an early night type. thing so I guess I could kind of get. that and I want to be offended by that. especially for the first date because I. feel like I out of that no idea. yeah and that’s different like I’m out. of the dating scene yeah but like I. actually get that I got that’s something. I would do yeah I was like dating I. would probably want to do big dates.

Because saying that I stood to me and. yeah you get more of like there’s more. of an out if you yes yes and I feel like. final Saturday night date is for like. when you’re seeing someone and actually. a man type if you’re like sure it’s like. working yeah gonna say otherwise you’re. out with your single friends Friday. Saturday night like just like having fun. yeah my next. Jen do you wind up dating guys who are. friends by mistake so wait what do you. mean I know I didn’t know what the by. mistake part means but we’re just like. dating guys are friends yeah generally I. think that’s the question okay. I have personally Deena a few guys who. were friends first yeah and I feel. like there’s pros and cons to it like. yeah. pros meaning like you guys that get. along well because you were friends. first and you kind of had the same.

Interest yeah and then that gokon would. be like if you guys do decide to like. start dating and be romantic if that. ends like usually the French events . yeah no that’s I kind of have to be in. college at my early freshman year I. started like I have this whole friend. group and stuff and like we’re we’re all. friends I started dating like one of the. guys in the friend group and like it. lasted like a month and then I broke up. for them it’s getting really good yeah. so just like and then I never really. talked to like all those like guy. friends. I got like ended those friendships so. I’m always this type of person like I. would take the risk. yeah it’s very surely the thought like I. don’t know I would hope that he would. just go well and yeah but anyway I’d. answer the question i guy have seen you. guys who were friends first a few times.

And I mean obviously I’m not with them. anymore I’m single but like we’re still. friendly like we still like say hi only. sounds good that’s like the healthy the. healthy thing to do I feel like having. really tough breakups is like oh yeah. that’s it’s rough yes yeah what’s your. next question. oh yeah. it’s kind of like a ridiculous question. but like have you ever spit on someone. while talking to them on a date like I. don’t like what I don’t have you know me. and I I’m very quick I fell exactly. where I landed I didn’t want to. embarrass somebody quite you lose that. there was like oh my god yeah try not to. do that guys but I don’t think that I’ve. ever spent on a guy yeah I hope not. maybe I really yeah oh my gosh okay well. that’s the funny okay this is a really. good run and I feel like I’ve been asked.

This question a few times in different. ways but basically it’s have you ever. been ghosted and if so how do you handle. it okay you got you a first okay so I. feel like it’s I hate seeing this word. in a in that hopeful and inevitable. datingwise so like yeah yes I’ve been. ghosted but specially today’s day and. age with all the official media and. everything thank you so that it happens. to all my single friends my single. sister have you me like it happens and. so I’m very this type of person like if. I go on one date with a guy and there. was no connection and he goes me or I go. to him like that’s fine yeah if I’m. constantly dating someone and like. seeing them all the time and they. constantly dating them and then I don’t. hear from them I probably would reach. out not in like a crazy way or anything. but I would I would definitely not let.

It vanish into nothing this way I would. just so I know that it didn’t end. because of me not reaching out yeah you. know what I mean and it’s kind of a good. respect thing like it’s a you reach out. not only to start hanging out with them. again or get back with them it’s more. just kind of saying like hey you did. this and like that’s not ready to ya. know. yeah I’d be missed yeah I’d want yeah. I’d want to like know and stuff I don’t. know I think I I feel like I’m I met. have done it before. what oh my gosh yeah I don’t know I. can’t come out it’s a different I feel. like back then. yes now it’s so it happens all the time. especially when you’re like in college. and stuff too like something obviously. you’re gonna see the person yeah oh yeah. you can’t really do that when you could. like walk by that my pleasure because I.

Know if a guy did that to me I’d like. walk I would be like yeah my recent. dating yeah experiences but my advice. would be depending on the situation if. you really did feel there was a. connection you guys had a great time I. would reach out not yet anything mean or. crazy but I kind of forget half of him. it could also be a misunderstanding cuz. I have a lot of times like guys. interpret things so differently they. really do so like they keep heard of. thought that like it didn’t go well and. look are that you weren’t interested. yeah so it’s like you never know that’s. like communications always about you is. that like one chance and then if you. don’t hear from him or if he’s giving. you a kind of like not the best answers. and being short then just move on and. there’s like a million other guys out. there yeah no that’s a good I got some.

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Weird. I got deep question I have really weird. ones like this was like how do you be. single when the thirst is real like we. have you be single like nurses but then. you should be single. that’s what I thought that’s why I was. like this doesn’t make sense that’s a. bad student right yeah they give you a. go thirsty and I hate saying that word. is so weird but like I show a single. yeah I have not you know okay we can do. this question on both channels even this. is like Bert first date ideas oh I had. that too outfit oh that’s it yeah I. first know let’s talk about boat for. this end okay I feel yeah so the. question was what’s a ideal first date. and then also what would you wear on a. first date yeah okay yeah I mean I think. if you’re in the city obviously I’m a. big like dinner person I don’t know I. feel like most some girls are like.

They’d rather just go up for like drinks. on a first date but I don’t know I I’m. more like I’m also the type of person. where like I don’t want to date someone. unless I like see marriage you know I. like I date very like I don’t know. intensely it’s a right word but like I’m. personal like I’m not gonna waste my. time so like if I don’t show a future. with someone I’m not gonna like waste my. time going on a date so yeah I feel like. I’d want to do like dinner I won’t lay a. formal date I’m like a little more. oldfashioned okay I’m more true to I. respect that. yeah I want like a formal day I want you. to take me out I want you to pay for it. to like I believe I had you covered that. we get orange. oh no I 100% especially at first you. obviously like it now like my boyfriend. I have been together for four years like.

We split everything yeah well like first. date now like you got good man yeah yeah. I might bad at that like I like if they. pay for dinner I’m always like when we. go to the next bar Mike I got this round. egg I feel like I feel which I shouldn’t. do that yeah especially if they ask yeah. yeah I asked Oh 100% I know I’m not. awkward but I don’t want them to be a. this freeloader over here and I think. you also like I think you wanted me to. clear that like like I can pay ya exact. I got an independent girl and her cards. to pen game but it’s also like you want. some ones like I don’t know yeah do I. get it be a minute it’s like be a man. yeah. yeah what’s your ideal outfit it depends. are going in that’s channel it depends. are you going so I don’t know if it was. just like I’m more like casual and also. depends on the time here I don’t know.

I’m really bad I actually been noticed a. lot I feel like from my personal friends. not really from like social media people. but like everytime my friends gonna. first date there is like what do you. wear so some pieces of advice for like. what to wear and stuff like that on a. first date what I personally do is I go. like you want to look like sexy but also. casual and you don’t to be too revealing. so yeah I usually stick with the beans. eggs and also like I feel like my style. like I’d like to be like super on trend. fashion forward but not on a date. because you don’t know how a guy will. feel about it so I usually stick with. like a plain black or white top jeans. and booties or heels like I personally. always will wear something with a heel. and a date to have more confidence I. like to feel like taller and anything.

That you feel will give you the most. confidence wear it yeah that’s what I’m. saying like yeah you just want to be the. most confident and comfortable too. because you don’t know where the night’s. gonna bring you and it’s like you don’t. want to be epic not being able to walk. because you were too high heels so. that’s why I stick with booties pants. and then obviously depending on the. weather I’ll wearing a tshirt and. leather jacket like I keep it super. casual and also a makeup wise I keep it. really natural on a first date because. yeah I feel like that’s perfect. yeah guys in general like don’t really. like a lot of makeup. basically sum it up I keep my makeup. natural just like you know your basics. keep the outfit simple and then be. confident guys love a girl who’s. confident smile and laugh a lot. obviously don’t fake it if you’re not.

Having like be smiley like I’m not after. have a good time like you want to be. around someone who is enjoying your. company so it’s like a guy who can. they might like that like energetic and. stuff yeah they don’t want to be with us. like a girl who’s acting like too cool. for school and I can’t even crack a. smile so I be inviting and warm and. happy and confident yes oh good okay so. the question was if because it was for. me because I’m single so if I’m on the. dating apps and if so which one so I am. on the dating apps I don’t use them a. lot I’m not like a serial dater at all. I’m very like kind of like you oh my god. young who I go on a date when I got the. job yeah and I would rather meet a guy. in person first like yeah but it’s like. I have gone on a few dates from the apps. and they went well obviously I’m not.

Like seriously dating any one of them. but I’m the only one that I really used. is hinge I feel like that’s the best one. that yeah the other ones it’s like what. about bumble I feel like that isn’t. bumble Biggs like you have to make the. first move yeah I’m really bad at that. but also the I feel I don’t know I feel. like I’ve gotten the most guidance I. worry my mom tells me anything that I. feel like I’ve gone on the most dates. from hinge but well I don’t really even. check anymore interesting yeah I. sometimes use bumblebee ffs I’ve never. I’m not yeah why not. I recently went on to that he came on. great haven’t heard from the guy reach. out I said I kind of covered that yeah. wait won’t say it again someone went on. a date last week and they haven’t heard. from that guy should she be ciao. I say yeah I’m going to be talked about.

We can talk about that though I think. that’s a little bit different. well yeah that’s like like if you’ve on. a first date with a guy and it goes. really really well you don’t hear from. them I would reach out of these bonds. yeah and just be casual like hey how’s. your week you never hear from him but. yeah but the things I magnetic he should. reach out yeah I don’t know but it’s. also like I feel like everyone plays. like games nowadays really you have to. wait so many days and I hate you and. your eyes watching yeah it’s still going. if it girls into you like yeah I don’t. need to wait like she’s going to be like. I would I feel like obviously I’m not. dating right now but I feel like I would. have like the most like good feelings. about a date if like we left the date. and the guy texted me like five minutes.

Later I was like I had a great time. same like it’s not good to wait where. everybody I don’t know who invented that. no girls are very much like we need. reassurance yeah yes I was gonna came up. and that was really done really don’t. listen to it and it was obviously a guy. who came at it and it should so done. like if you’re into a girl like show her. you’re interested because she’s gonna be. oh he’s not interested in move on so. yeah you want to date a girl pursue her. yeah that’s good okay so we’re gonna ask. a bunch more questions on Molly’s. channel so thank you guys for watching. this one I really hope it helps you guys. if you’re single in a relationship or. with any dating advice and make sure to. watch Molly’s video I’ll have it linked. down below and subscribe to both of our. channels but thank you guys so much for.

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