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And we’re back with braxton. on the beach baby episode three. coming to you guys from gorgeous newport. beach california and today i’m actually. going to be talking about the three. reasons why you possibly. might want to not not. move to newport beach i know i talk a. lot about the positives. it seems like i’m obsessed with this. place but there are three big reasons. to consider before actually moving out. here that might. turn you away from this gorgeous city so. stay tuned. alright so the first reason that you. might not want to move to newport beach. is that this area has a stigma behind it. and for those of you that live in. california you already know this but for. those of you that don’t. this area is considered the beverly. hills of orange county. it has that stigma of being a little. pretentious. the average person out here the average.

Household income is 78. 000 well above the average of the united. states. so when you have that when you have a. higher average. you know person making extra dough. you’re going to have people that go a. little eccentric you know you’re going. to find that there’s going to be nicer. cars. there’s a lot of different things that. come into play in regards to the average. type of person out here that you’re. going to encounter so it has that stigma. behind it. a lot of people don’t like that some. people love it just depends on your cup. of tea but that’s definitely one thing. to consider before moving to. newport beach so the second potential. reason as to why you might not want to. move to newport beach. is the climate it kind of stays the same. year round. not to say it is a bad climate i mean it. really ranges in the.

You know winter time from let’s say 60. degrees to 70. you know 75 in the summer time obviously. gets up there from let’s say. 75 too close to 90. but it never really. goes above. 95 and it never really drops below 60.. so if you like the different seasons if. you like the change. in weather and different climates this. might not be the place for you. so the third and final reason why. you might want to consider not moving to. newport beach. is that the inventory when it comes to. actually purchasing a home. is extremely low and for a good reason. right people aren’t looking to really. move away. from this area at this point in time. during the corona during the covid i. mean you’re right on the beach. gives you all that access so people. aren’t looking to leave therefore making. it extremely difficult for those looking.

To move. in to find that perfect property. right a lot of people have that idea in. their mind of what they’re looking for. at the price range and all of this and. that. and because right now so many people are. trying to move in. it’s going to be hard to find it so what. i’m getting at is. look if you love the area give it some. time it might take you a few months. but just know if you’re rushing to move. here it could be a little difficult. right off the bat. and just because it’s difficult to find. a spot doesn’t mean it’s impossible and. my. job i literally you know sell homes here. i’m a real estate agent here in newport. beach. and so i love doing it i know of you. know different ways of finding the. perfect types of property. this isn’t a sales video that’s not the. intention here but i love helping people. especially if they’re looking to move to.

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This gorgeous part of town. so just keep that in mind so there you. guys have it. episode three of braxton on the beach. and the three reasons. that you might not want to move to. gorgeous newport beach california even. though i’m. always talking about how great this. place is pretty much just paradise. there are definitely things that could. deter you from actually wanting to move. here based on what. kind of lifestyle you’re looking for and. what you want to accomplish. in your life so you know let me know if. you have any questions if there’s. anything you need from me. please let me know and subscribe if you. want to see more content related around. all of the gorgeous beaches here. in southern california we’re just. getting started with newport beach. we’ll be hitting all the southern. california beaches here eventually.

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