Dating In Maryland

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Which school did you go to what. university did you go to what was your. GPA what did you get on yellow side all. right which financial firm do you work. for I’m part of the Chevy Chase Country. Club I go to the Bethesda one sometimes. as well which Country Club do you belong. to you oh I see broad and board I’m. bloody ball joining me tonight so I was. having this conversation with a few of. my girlfriends I have mentioned this. before and because we had this big. discussion last night and one of my. girlfriends and I saw her and I over the. phone I really wanted to make this video. because it’s so true and a lot of my. friends and other places don’t realize. how bad it is. I never even believed my local friends. that lived here like it’s not like I. accused them a line but I thought maybe. it was just a bit exaggerated or wasn’t.

As bad as they were saying and now that. I’ve lived here and I okay I live in. Maryland but I mean it’s the DMV area. it’s DC Maryland Virginia it’s like the. considered the Tri State and basically. you end up driving through all three. places a lot of the time it’s very much. connected and so when I say DC I also. mean including I also mean to include. Virginia and Maryland so these are five. reasons 5 reasons why DC is like the. worst um I know a lot of you can. disagree with me but you can literally. find articles online about some of these. points and how it’s not just me it’s. it’s a general thing and I think it’s. especially worse for women and this is. why for single women okay number one I’m. going to tell you I’ve lived I haven’t. lived in a huge amount of places but. I’ve lived in three countries I’ve lived.

In a lot of different cities and by far. this place is the absolute worst ever. for dating for women I don’t think men. have much of a problem because women. outnumber men by like I think it works. out to be around 125,000 there’s like a. hundred and twenty five thousand more. women. the population more than half of the. population are women it’s crazy. so the goodlooking ones the ones that. are probably decent and good catchers. are most likely taken so because of this. because women outnumber men by so much. men would feel like they don’t have to. put in as much effort because it’s like. for the picking there’s just so many. women here and I’ve never been to a. place where there were so few options I. feel like a lot of them men hair look. the same the very monotonous and a lot. of them work for the government they’re.

Also vanilla they’re boring can you say. beta the blonde and if they happen to be. decent looking not even gorgeous but I. mean decent looking they’re arrogant as. fuck because like one of my friends. Amina sighs there’s a DC heart and. regular heart she says a DC hot guy. who’s maybe a 9 or 10 in DC outside of. DC he’ll be like a 5 because the scale. yeah because there’s such limited. options here it’s like meeting an. amazing goodlooking guy it’s like a. bloody unicorn it’s difficult here and. it’s not just me I never even realized. how bad it was until I really lived here. this is the first time I’m actually. living here and it’s bad I’ve never not. that I. I’ve never searched for relationships. but wherever I was living I fell into. them because there were better options. and the ratio between men and women were.

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More equal here it’s like I don’t even. meet guys that I want to continue. getting to know and the one that I was. seeing like a few months ago vanilla it. was like forced if I had met him in any. other place I wouldn’t have even. continued to see him because. just wasn’t my type and I think there. were a lot of things about him that was. just like everything I hate about DC men. anyway like arrogant kinda boring bland. it’s just unremarkable there’s just. nothing that really stands out. DC men lack fire they lack spice they. lack they lack this I don’t know they’re. just lacking and a lot of them are quite. short me I’m not such a height queen I. don’t I don’t think oh my god the taller. the better I know a lot of girls do like. really tall men I’ve never really liked. tall men but I like good bodies and. that’s another thing that you don’t see.

That here often um people just don’t. really take care of themselves and I’ve. read some articles saying that DC people. are too smart to look after themselves. they’re too busy with their jobs and. being smart to like care about what they. look like I know it’s a very generalized. thing and I know that’s not true for. everyone a lot of people who are. successful successful still find the. time to look good but it’s not very. common here you don’t really see that. here people look very blah and the. fashion is so so boring and I don’t know. anyway so everyone cares so much here. about your background I don’t like to. tell people except close friends like. where I live because there’s always a. reaction and it’s either like ooh so. bougie you live in Potomac that must be. nice or it’s like oh right I’m from. Potomac as well people like us so divert.

It out at all oh my god it’s sickening. it’s absolutely sickening it’s all about. image hurts all about status in class. and it’s sickening it’s just faster. that’s that too okay so one fucking. dating this is just absolute shit. there’s a reason why I’m not seeing. anyone I don’t even meet anyone that. like I just don’t haven’t found anyone I. found. I’ve never met I’ve never actually found. any guy attractive here the last guy I. dated he was okay like he’s attractive. in his life I don’t know he’s I guess. he’s objectively attractive to some. people but he wasn’t my type at all. so I wasn’t that attracted to him anyway. number two the nightlife is shit I have. been clubbing. since oh my name is in so many places. and this is the absolute worst place and. I have a good I have a pretty good. picture of it and a good reality of it.

Because aside from living here every. time I visited I would visit like every. year and go to the same clubs it’s the. same every fucking time it’s the same. same crowd saying people same douchebags. it’s just the same I’ve never liked. clubbing here it has never been good. here it’s just crap absolute crap. and I think a lot of it is to do with. women outnumber men so men act like. complete douche bags they don’t have to. try because women are so available here. there’s so many here and it’s just yeah. okay number three Metro Metro is. horrible it is not a good place if you. do not have a car out of all the public. transport systems I’ve tried in the. world. DC is by far the worst when it comes to. okay cleanliness it’s amazing it’s very. clean it’s immaculate its comparable to. the London Underground but I’m talking.

About efficiency it’s shit delays bad. drivers it’s just slow it’s it’s just. not a very good system considering this. is the capital of America it’s pretty. crap New York is dirty as hell but it’s. a fishing like it it’s up and running. and it’s fast and yeah. DC is pretty bad they’re just slow with. everything just delay after delay like I. remember sometimes it would. the almost three hours to get to work. that’s ridiculous like when I lived. maybe 40 minutes away when on a normal. day it would take me like maybe 40. minutes and then do u2 delays and this. map and the employees at the metro here. all hit on you I’ve never had that in. London ever they’re so professional in. London and here they’re all like hating. on you like it’s sleazy it’s disgusting. it’s unprofessional no was that three. yeah so I’ve named the man the nightlife.

The Metro I’ve got two more with the. Abbott’s you I wrote them down but I. wrote them on my phone oh yeah. driving in DC is bloody horrible I’m. sure it’s horrible New York but it. doesn’t negate DC making it nice to. drive in DC because it’s absolutely shit. parking is expensive there’s a lot of. weird the the road layout is so fucking. weird there’s a lot of double oneway. road it’s like there’ll be a little bit. of Street and they’ll be like another. Street going the same direction. separated by a little island but you. can’t cross over until there’s like. certain breaks and if you don’t cross. over when you need to cross it with and. you’ll probably have to go in a circle. this way like it’s it’s not easy to. drive in lots of oneway street it’s a. lot of streets you cannot turn it’s how. all the tourists it’s just a bad layout.

It looks like a clusterfuck of mess it’s. not nice to drive in and then lastly. what else. yeah and the weather the weather’s. really shape like in the summer it’s. disgusting it’s like you are walking in. a humid SWANA filled with garbage and. sweat and then the winter can get pretty. it can get pretty cold and snow and. stuff and that’s fine but the problem is. because you get this tristate thing. Maryland DC Virginia drivers and then. you get a lot of tourists and. outof-towners even the slightest bit of. rain there’s fucking accidents. everywhere people do not know how to. drive here it’s horrible and then. because we have a lot of trees I mean it. happens a lot near my neighborhood as. well. I love Potomac and it’s gorgeous in my. residential neighborhood but it’s kind. of like being I feel kind of sheltered.

Because it’s so lovely. where I live but then there’s nothing to. do and then if I want to do anything I. have to go to let me do you see after go. somewhere where I don’t really want to. go. so it’s just one extreme to the next I. find I it’s so relaxing here there and I. do love it but when it comes to having a. life and social stuff I find it very. difficult because it’s just bloody. boring I just don’t find the environment. here the people I don’t know it just. feels very. bland I just can’t think of any other. word right now for this place it’s so. I’m just not very impressive it’s so. unimpressive but it’s so I know I mean. the good things about this place have. you’ve got the Smithsonian’s here you’ve. got a lot of educational stuff DC’s a. celebration of DC right celebration and. if you want to learn about the.

Constitution and the government this is. a perfect place to be I really like the. George Washington House that was really. cool to go to but I love history. but apart from that like being a single. girl and never meeting guys that you can. come remotely close to what I’m looking. for is just kind of depressing so you. know I’m obviously trying to focus on. family here but it is really when I even. when you don’t connect you know you. don’t really click and I honestly think. it’s the mentality here because when I. go to the west coast it’s not like that. when I’m in other cities it’s not like. that people are so much more varied and. colorful and here they’re just like so. anyway that’s my truth on DC I’m sorry. if I offended anyone this is just my. opinion obviously doesn’t mean it’s like. that for everyone and everyone’s.

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