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Today we are giving you the cons of. living in madison wisconsin now we know. there are a lot of pros of living in. madison but today we want to give it to. you straight. and give you the cons so we’re going to. give you those right now. welcome to our channel living in madison. wisconsin we are your guides to. everything madison wisconsin. i am joe marks and i am crystal marx and. if you are wondering what it’s like to. live in madison wisconsin we do weekly. videos. so hit the subscribe button and don’t. forget the notification bell. okay number one obviously the weather. so we have dark cold snowy winters we. just do. right that’s just part of living in. wisconsin in the middle of one right now. yes we are i’m looking at the frozen. tundra right now. um so an average low in january is 10. degrees. and we get about 42 and a half not to.

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Get too precise. uh inches of snow each winter so that’s. like three and a half feet. right that’s a lot it’s a lot of. accumulation that we get right. and sometimes it feels like it doesn’t. ever go away but it does. um it lengthens your commute time for. driving do you have to really add on. some extra time for that sometimes it’s. nice if you’re going to throw on a. podcast. but you definitely want to make sure you. have time to go slow and take your time. so one of the things about winters in. madison is they are pretty hard on your. home. your furnace obviously has to work. really hard to keep it warm when it’s. cold humidity levels keeping your. humidity up in. your house because it’s just so dry. right when the furnace runs so much it. dries out the house so. there’s a lot of expanding and. contracting that sometimes can cause.

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Issues. yeah you really see that i think when. the thaw comes you’re like oh wow there. was a lot of shifting that happened. right but there are solutions to some of. those especially indoors right. right yeah so like for the dryness. inside in the winter we have whole. foam humidifiers is really popular that. helps to be more comfortable inside but. yeah feel like your skin is peeling like. a lizard. we also tend to have humid summers so. with the cold winter then we have this. kind of opposing opposite of. humidity um and that’s not always fun. there’s a lot of bugs that come along. with that. and you feel like you just took a shower. when you walked outside right. but yeah it’s not always that bad but. it’s just something to be aware of that. we do live in a more humid climate in. the summer. and if you do want more detailed.

Dating In Madison Wi

Information about winters in madison. make sure you check out our other video. called the real truth about winter in. madison all right number two on our cons. list for madison. is property taxes we have the fifth. highest property taxes in the country. so our average tax bill in madison if. we’re looking at like a median sales. price in madison’s around 325. 000 we base it basically on a 300 000. assessed value because our assessed. values tend to be a little bit behind. average tax bill in madison’s about 6. 800. a year yeah so yeah. but yeah like i say fifth highest in the. country there are definitely some. benefits to those but it is definitely a. con. since they are so high and if you want. more information on taxes. in madison make sure you check out our. other video called madison. wisconsin property taxes our what.

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It’s a good one all right our con number. three is housing costs. so how much our houses here in madison. as far as the state goes we are some of. the most expensive. homes in the state with good reason yeah. with good reason we definitely have. strong employment. we got robust economy low unemployment. really desirable a lot of great. amenities in madison so how what is the. median sales price here in madison we’re. about 325. 000 and if you look at the national. average. it’s about 300 000 so we’re a little bit. higher i’m not not too far off. right yeah so we’re close but as far as. like when you. talk to other wisconsinites madison. seems expensive. so that’s part of why it’s on the list. if you do look. at the county of dane county where. madison is located prices do go up a. little bit the median sales price there.

Is about 329 right now. in the suburbs right yes surrounding. yeah yeah if you include madison. too okay but if you look at the whole. county is 329. 000 as far as rent goes the average one. bedroom. in madison is about twelve hundred. dollars a month. and the average three bedroom in madison. is about two thousand dollars a month. which is high especially for a smaller. city if you look at madison compared to. the other cities in the country it’s a. smaller city it is high but a big. big contributor to that is the uw. because that’s that’s what drives a lot. of rents up is being close to the uw. so if you do want more information on. the. housing costs in madison make sure you. check out our other video the true cost. of. living in madison number four on our. list which stings. a little is it’s hard to navigate i. personally really struggle with this.

Even though i grew up here. so the reason for that is because we’re. in the middle of two large lakes and our. city center is literally an isthmus. so in order to get around all that lakes. and everything you. can’t have a typical grid pattern and. you have to come at it from different. angles and that takes a little bit of. time to learn your way around. we don’t have numbered streets like. typical there are a few on the east side. that can make it a little bit more. simple but that is typically not the. norm you can’t rely on that system. right so just be aware that you need to. have some sort of maps. handy google maps very helpful very. helpful. um and you’ll you’ll you’ll figure it. out in no time but it does take a little. bit of a learning curve. right all right our final con number. five is. madison is politically charged now.

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Yeah because we are the capital of. wisconsin. politics it’s a big deal here um it’s on. the. on the con list because it’s one of. those topics you don’t want to. necessarily talk to with friends and. family. at the christmas dinner and for some of. you that may be a pro. so we’re not really sure but we put it. on here just so you’re aware of that. right yeah so if you don’t like talking. politics. madison might not be for you because. it’s something that comes up pretty. regularly. in conversation but and for more. information on politics and medicine. make sure you check out our other video. just kidding no we wouldn’t know yeah we. wouldn’t go there. well that wraps up our cons of madison. wisconsin we hope it was helpful and not. too depressing if it was helpful and not. depressing hit that like button. subscribe and don’t forget the.

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