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Welcome to our channel living in madison. wisconsin. we are your guides to everything madison. i am joe marks and this is my wife. crystal marx and we have lived here for. a very long time we’ve been in met i’ve. been a medicine for 17 years and. i was born here and today we’re going to. talk about some things to know before. you move to madison so here we go. number one thing to know before you move. to madison. is navigating can be a little tricky. right oh gosh i grew up here yes and it. is tricky. so madison the city center is right on. an isthmus so surrounded by two lakes. lake mendota. lake monona it makes it challenging yeah. it makes it challenging it’s not a. perfect grid like some cities it’s going. to take you a little bit of time. but you will get used to it the capital. is right in the middle of the smith.

If you’re like me you might want to have. google maps. handy good idea even even though. yeah i should know my way around by now. no judgment here so the second thing to. think about. as you’re moving to madison is that we. are a biking city. big time yes yes it’s a great thing. because we have. a lot of trails yes yes all connected. all the way around madison. and outside of madison right and one of. the reasons we’re a biking city is. because our walkability score actually. in madison. isn’t that great so depending upon what. neighbor there’s a few neighborhoods. that if you live in you can. walk too but one of the reasons that. they’ve done such an amazing job with. all the bike trails. is we’re a little spread out yeah we’re. a little scared in addition to our. 60 miles we have of paved bike trails. they are working on an allnatural.

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Offroad. trail system that they’re just going to. start here this year i wanted to hear. more about that. basically there’s a few different. offroad parks right now. mountain biking single track trails yes. what they’re going to do. is they’re going to start making trails. that are offroad so you can actually. ride offroad. to those trails that’s fun yeah so. you’ll find. people biking all times of the year oh. yeah. to work in the snow. huge fat tires and you’re just grabbing. your coffee like you go. so yeah get your bike on yeah if you’re. a biker you’re gonna like madison. all right the third thing about madison. that you should know before you move. here. she mentioned a little bit earlier is. that we’re a car dependent city. yes so madison itself is about 260 000. people the greater metro area is 550 000. people which.

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Sounds like a lot but we’re actually. pretty spread out because of that. we’re not a very walkable city so you’re. going to need to bring a car. if you want to run some errands there. are a few other options but yeah we. don’t have a trolley system. right we don’t have a train um i mean. you could do we have a great. ebike you could rent an e-bike we do. have a metro bus system so. we don’t have anything it’s a fantastic. buses yeah because we’re spread out it. can take some time. right as far as walkable neighborhoods. there are a few around town. it’s not like it’s not possible but. majority of neighborhoods. you’re going to need a car or some type. of other transportation all right the. fourth thing that you should know before. moving to madison is that we are a. college town. oh yes yes go bucky go bucky home with.

Ew badgers. the saturday football scene is amazing. at camp randall. they got the jump around it’s a party. yes yes. and then obviously we have the uwa. basketball team as well. they play at the kohl center another. awesome venue they’re always been. competitive. amazing team been in the big dance in. march. yes the campus is located just west of. downtown madison and it’s beautiful it’s. lined by the shores of lake mendota. if being in a college town isn’t your. cup of tea or really your jam right. you also have the option of not. experiencing that. closer to the east side of madison you. don’t really deal with as much of that. right yeah so if you want to kind of. hide away and pretend like. it’s not a college zone you could sure. reason number five we are fifth in the. country for. millennial population yeah so we have.

The fifth most millennials. in terms of percentage of any other city. in this country. so in madison 27 of our population is. considered millennials which. i’m told millennials are going to be the. biggest population so that’s a lot of. people. wow yeah oh all right so one of the. reasons for that is obviously we have a. vibrant downtown we have. an amazing uw campus as we mentioned. earlier that’s just really attractive. for young. professionals we also have a big. entrepreneur. community which i love and i’m a part of. as well. and a huge tech community right so a lot. of business professionals. the white collar type young millennials. tend to. gravitate and find their way to madison. so so yeah it’s a great place. for the millennial population it’s a. great place to nurture your dreams. yes and the last thing you want to think.

About before moving to madison number. six but not the least not the least is. that we have. four very distinct seasons so our. weather is very dynamic you get to. experience it all. our favorite season is summer lots of. things here to do in the summer. like with the lakes the farmers market. festivals. concerts on the square live music. amazing patio down campus the union is. amazing place to hang out. in the summer lots of recreation to do. hiking trails right so we take advantage. of our summers. we do we milk them for all their work. fall then obviously is. another great time changing the leaves i. mean we go. apple picking and pumpkin patching and. is that a thing pumpkin patching yeah. and don’t forget about the deer hunting. oh okay there’s deer hunting. i don’t hear him so she kind of forgets. about that but it’s a big deal here in.

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Madison. yeah well with that though also comes. the next season which is the winter. yes and not gonna lie it’s a it’s a. little tough the days get shorter. it’s very cold but you do get to. experience it that if that’s something. that you really enjoy. it’s here in full force right yeah yeah. if you like winters this is the place to. come this is the place to come for sure. yeah so one of the things you may want. to think about is. that’s a good idea is to get an. allwheel drive vehicle when you come. here. down a good choice yes helps a lot. because we get a lot of snow. yeah i mean the snow removal team does a. good job getting them out but. if you need to get to work and it. happens to be. a lot of snow right at the time you need. to commute it’s going to be really. helpful to have that. that’s true but with the winter comes.

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Some really fun things. ice skating amazing sledding. snowboarding. skiing ice fishing snowmobiling. so lots of winter sports to do so it’s. probably good for you to like. one of those to help yeah or you can do. what i do and you just. eat and drink and be with friends. so spring is an amazing time after. winter that we haul. i want to talk about spring because it’s. like my favorite. everybody’s really i mean you finally. see your neighbors again. after like six months no it’s not quite. that bad but. yeah everybody emerges we have beautiful. springs. everything’s in bloom birds are chirping. little tiny bunnies yes you’re reminded. that the world. is a living right it goes dead and. dormant for a while but yeah. spring is a good time and you’ll also. notice a lot of people as soon as it. hits 40 you’ll start seeing shorts and.

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