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Let’s. check it out follow us and discover. the city of limburg. oh my god so much snow everything. is covered by snow railway also. now. i mean thank you for watching. um. foreign. on your team. foreign. you see over there. mhm. the city is really really beautiful. this is a casual here in limburg in. germany we say. uh. as i can see that the castles are built. on mountains. so the reason for them to build castles. on mountains very high mountains because. they. want to defend or you know when the. enemies attack them. so they can defend and attack back. easily that’s what. just like me i clamped over this. and i already feeling tired. so this is written in german the castle. of limburg was built around 13th century. lodi. this is not too old castle here in. europe in germany. but it’s also very famous and very. special here.

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In in germany. uh. if you search for like the beautiful and. famous casuals here in germany so. limburg. is is on the list. unfortunately today if everything is. closed because of. covet 19.. we cannot get inside so what can we do. just look. around outside the castle and. the landscape. the river the right river and also a. very beautiful bridge. post custom um so this little box letter. is no longer to be used. yeah unfortunately it is. covered and we cannot see inside this. building. is. look at. right front of the cathedral you guys. can see that. cemetery it is very peaceful. and it look it looks like a heaven. so the cemetery is very simple. not like some cemeteries that i have. seen in vietnam they’re so. expensive and i don’t know i mean so. complicated. teaming um. okay. again it’s so amazing. luckily that the cathedral was still.

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Open for us to get inside. on my man welcome back. i cannot explain it’s really appreciated. it’s just really beautiful. the architecture as i said the house is. outside the architecture it’s amazing. beautiful special and even inside this. cafeteria it’s also the same. deep and white. highly appreciate really beautiful and. i feel uh my boyfriend and i we. feel so lucky to have a chance to see. the cathedral. 19 everything is close and it’s. difficult to see. things and yeah but we are lucky yeah. standing here in this corner we can also. look at the cathedral. beautifully and you guys can see a lot. of. gravestones these people. they served for the cathedral with high. positions or special titles. they died many years ago 100 years or. 200 years ago. and they. like. so we are carrying on discovering the. city of nimburg.

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And as i said in the beginning of my. video the city. is extremely special there’s a lot of. small and older streets that we would. like to see. you know we don’t want to stop uh. working and seeing. more and more the uh noodle video i mean. i mean. she said i think for them. so i really highly recommend you guys. that you should. visit this city if you have a chance. to come here in germany. i think. the city is not about you know history. also it’s the place of peace and the. place of. enjoyment and the place of architecture. um. the more we discover the more we go the. more interesting the city shows to us. and just look around. i think today is them one of the most. special days here in germany for me. because i’m having my boyfriend here. with me. traveling together. like a. um. now we are standing in front of the like.

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A map. of limbo or a cd model. so from here we see in the middle of the. cathedral and castle. okay i think foreign. there’s also special letters that for. blind people they can read. so it’s just really thoughtful of them. because this. was created many many years ago. now we are visiting the old bridge. of limburg it’s also one of the seven. famous. parts that we should visit and as i know. that there’s a. bridge um it was built in the in the. 14th century and and the length. of this bridge is about more than 100. meters and not too long but it’s really. beautiful. over there you guys can also see the dam. it is uh look like a waterfall but it’s. just. damn it. just beautiful enjoy. watching we are just closer to the damn. moment this is just. awesome. just like a dream we are discovering the. city. the more we discover the more.

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