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Hi guys welcome back to my channel and. my name is no saber for everyone who’s. new in today’s video I want to talk. about the 5 type of man that women need. to stop giving a chance and dating in. 2020 including me. shall we begin ladies the texture all he. does is message you he would never pick. up the phone and ask how are you how was. your day I’m gonna pick you up in five. minutes how are you over there in five. dude pick up the phone. act like a man technically speaking you. have an unlimited data package which. means you don’t have to extra spend. money on her and to all the ladies out. there who have a texter please move on. from the texter you’re not important. enough for him you’re not special enough. for him to pick up the phone FaceTime. you or whatsoever. messaging is more than enough for him to. you so can you all tell the texter thank.

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You next the hot out police oh how we. love the hot out police he’s just. waiting for you to come out of the house. sit right next to him in the coffee shop. or get into his car just to tear you. down the makeup is too loud. your perfume I can smell it from a mile. away your heels are too high he’s just. gonna bash you from head to toe all he. wants is an object and a doll that he. can place together put all the clothes. that he wants and in his life was. someone who that has no voice you don’t. exist in this relationship he put. himself already on a higher pedestal. he knows everything better is the. righteous man and you don’t know nothing. so please let’s move on from the Haram. police and tell him once again next the. last minute guy he’s gonna wait all week. come Friday 5:00 p.m. with message you. how are you what are you up to I guess.

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We all know that sentence what are you. up to not much he’s gonna tag along he’s. not even gonna make the plan to take you. to a restaurant coffee shop or to his. cinema all his other options fell apart. which means you are his last option. you gotta make the plan you’re gonna. decide where to go and all he’s gonna do. just exist with you there ladies can we. please just stay at home go to the our. female friends and ignore the last. minute guy thank you next the double. standard guy you have a curfew you. cannot wear what you want you cannot. have main friends going to a concert. listening to music everything is Haram. he on the other hand every weekend. living widely crazy free life drunk bars. parties female friends of course he can. do that but if you would ever see you. doing technically nothing and just. sitting in a group with just maybe a.

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