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Okay so on this road trip of Knoxville. we’re gonna bounce around a little bit. instead of just doing a normal city tour. and one continuous drive like we always. do right now we’re just outside of. campus at the University of Tennessee. which begins just outside of the. downtown area. we’re on Cumberland Avenue headed east. towards downtown Knoxville it’s Sunday. November 10th 2019 at 10:30 a.m.. now right now we’re on the very southern. edge of downtown this is the Tennessee. River where there’s a handful of. restaurants and housing developments the. Tennessee River actually begins here in. Knoxville its headwaters were formed due. to the confluence of the French Broad. and holstein rivers. now right now we’re at Gay Street which. is the main drag here in Knoxville along. D Street our hotels arts venues shopping.

And a ton of restaurants and bars. Knoxville’s population is a hundred and. seventy thousand there’s a lot of. history here arguably the nation’s first. electric streetcar ran right in the. middle of the street way back in 1890. Matan du had his beginnings in Knoxville. the channel hgtv is based here to. country singer Kenny Chesney grew up. here and director Quentin Tarantino was. born here. here on the left is Knoxville’s market. square which has a number of restaurants. and some shopping this is where. Knoxville has its farmers markets. musical acts and the city puts in a. temporary iceskating rink in the. wintertime. now we’re heading east again back. towards Gay Street. on the north end of Knoxville is the. more rundown section called old city. this is the sketchiest part of downtown. Knoxville home to the city’s main bus.

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Stop train station and homeless shelter. there’s a decent number of shops. restaurants and bars here and this is. where people go clubbing typically. starting at about 10:00 p.m. on Fridays. and Saturdays crime wise it’s not pretty. Knoxville has been called one of the 50. least livable cities because while the. downtown area might be charming and very. safe the outskirts are very poor and. dangerous. crime in Knoxville is a hundred and. thirtyone percent higher than other. cities of its size 1 in 4 people in. Knoxville lives in poverty almost double. the national average now for perspective. will show you how quickly things change. just a block or two east of downtown the. city of Knoxville has been working hard. to gentrify and improve much of the. greater Knoxville area by rebuilding. older rundown homes in this part of.

Town and building newer homes in their. place it’s a process that’s ongoing here. in Knoxville and when we talked about a. little more extensively in another video. we did on the worst areas of Knoxville. where we drove through East Knoxville. the link to that videos in the. description. now for a little perspective on downtown. we’re gonna jump to a clip on the south. side of downtown from where we’ll drive. over the Tennessee River on the Gay. Street bridge. now another particular area we covered. was a section of the University of. Tennessee which is only two miles from. downtown proper now this is what the. locals call the strip and it’s a series. of restaurants and bars where the. college kids hang out during football. and basketball games it can be quite. busy here. leaving the strip we head into campus. proper we’re gonna show you a couple.

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Landmarks on campus where the basketball. team plays in our home games and where. the campuses football stadium is the. University of Tennessee has about 28,000. students which puts it just inside the. top 50 in terms of largest student. enrollment. here on the left is the massive. thompsonboling arena where the men’s. and women’s basketball teams play. now the street we’re on is called. Phillip Fulmer way it was named after. the longtime football coach Phillip. Fulmer. now the football stadium here in the. middle of campus is called Neyland. Stadium it’s absolutely massive and. holds a hundred and two thousand people. it’s so large it’s hard to even get the. whole thing in one frame on camera. that’s the end of our drive through the. Greater Knoxville downtown area. hopefully this gave you some perspective. on what Knoxville Tennessee is like.

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