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Aloha hi everybody doing that let’s miss. your favorite person might not be your. favorite person but I’m back again to. tell you five reasons I’m scared to get. all Y in chick again. now the first reasons I’m scared to go. back there listen I’m a black man I. don’t be a portable phone everybody know. black people like spam when we poor I. can’t even have a microwave jamming with. cheese on the top when I was in college. anyways I’m over spamming over I’m over. that in my life and I just know Hawaiian. chicks y’all like to eat everything spam. spam fried spam sandwich pineapple spam. bacon spam double spam spam spam. y’all got chicken spam how do you put. chicken from spam I’m just saying I. don’t know if I want any more spam on my. plate reason number two now it ain’t no. secret. I don’t want dude y’all got skin the.

Color of gold star dust I don’t know. it’s like the Lord took y’all get y’all. and goldenbrown chili I don’t know if. I’m able to compete with your. exboyfriend Omo and all of y’all look. like the rock I can’t get into with your. boyfriend cause you way too strong you. got a squirt John and I’m everytime you. should be with me I won’t thank you. thinking about him now I’m over there up. trying to kiss but I’m thinking you. think about to do that look like rock. him my heart on my horn ah my lord ha. but lord I don’t know I’m Way too. insecure. I’m Way too Jefferson I’m a cup just not. as physically gifted and Chopin’s. boyfriend’s body this God that you see. don’t look like that. and I don’t know if I’m ready to go. secure enough to go back and compete. with you got just don’t know it it’s. number two now I’m listen um burr three.

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I understand independence here females. ind PE and de NT I find a spell to. rumble target what I’m saying most women. in Hawaii business owners you might be. doing hell you might do nails you my. over on the surf shop you might only. ukulele shot you might own the right. shot. you might hell you might sell sand on. the beach I don’t know but listen I’m. not a business owner I don’t mind. working for somebody sometimes and you. gonna be coming home looking at Lee like. I beg hey what was your check this week. Josh um I made like 13 14 dollars doing. I do but you made 13 14 dollars see I. don’t know like you’re a business owner. I’m my own man baby I just ain’t as. motivated as you I’m just saying if you. ain’t willing to accept my shortcoming. not business owner ownership here is. just as rich wealthy successful not need.

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Me woman before most Hawaiian women are. good with their hands y’all are crafty. listen y’all are in an island off the. coast of everything and y’all not only. have y’all survived. y’all have flourished like that’s one of. the most beautiful places on the face of. the earth now how am I supposed to. compete with that. y’all gotta understand you dealing with. a man that could barely put the money. back together I demand a full game of. Monopoly you gotta understand ain’t. never put no TV on the wall I don’t even. know how to put these things in the. dishwasher right assuming I got a. dishwasher you want me to be. mechanically as clean as you are not. baby ain’t gonna happen that sake the. way it goes that ain’t the way love work. I can’t build how you gonna want me to. build you used to a man building with. his hand working on the land building.

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Houses from scratch on the beat that. going with storm or withstand storms and. hurricanes and earthquakes and stuff I. can’t do none of that your stuffs. starting to shake I’m gonna be on the. table waiting for you in the kids. I just mine reason number five your last. name listen I understand most on why. your names are beautiful great last. names like things I can’t even pronounce. and they’re part of meant something in. another lifetime but me and your daddy. gonna be beefing because you don’t want. to give up your daddy last name you want. to keep your data last name you wanted. to stay married now you gonna tell your. daddy daddy he want me up his last name. you don’t your daddy gonna do your daddy. gonna bring his the rock looking at to. my house now I can’t argue with your. daddy cuz your daddy six five to twenty.

Thousand pounds and he got abs of steel. he got a square job and he got real nice. hands a lot so now mesmerized by his. eyes I don’t know like what’s going on. with my body but at the same time fear. him cry understand with his right hook. and ooh now he wanna swag on me I’m. ducking I’m knocking over the spam that. you cook some time but I cannot go all. the tables I can’t afford to pay for. anything that I breaking this out. because you’re the only person I own a. bitter viewing person is making money so. now I’m stressed and now because of a. last name listen baby all I’m saying is. I fear it I’m scared to go back there. because I just may not be as manly as I. need to be to contain the volcano that. is you these my five reasons if I missed. any please come in on this video Aloha. so I’m swerving. I rap I ran out on the trunk we get back.

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