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Welcome back yes you are tuning in to. this week’s episode of she I am The. Fabulous Cimarron i’m sitting here with. an awesome crew of ladies we’ve got the. neo songstress angeline in here we. definitely want y’all to check out her. music check her out where can they find. out more info Anjali well the music. itself they can get at reverbnation for. it / of that flash I never know which. one angeline ang line1 and on facebook. also so it’s angeline me also in the o/s. oh um awesome awesome so we definitely. want to support our local artists here. Angelina’s very fly so get at her on. facebook so your friend request should. definitely go up be up humans yes yes. alright I’ve got the lovely Miss Amanda. here and we’re gonna get some info off. of you you can go to my myspace. where. / some Andy see why it may.

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ND ye or check out the company I’ll roll. with it was immediately some media dr.. Khan all right now you’re doing anything. within the community for the holidays. coming up because I know you really are. big supporter I mean I didn’t know if. you had something working in the. backdrop just gotta ask know right now. I’m like my backdrop thing is really. linking up artist with producers I have. a lot of producer friends that are you. know doing things r ok but it’s just no. I I like to do a lot of backup of. connecting people so local artists get. ants amazing once again where I happened. to get in touch with you cement on. Smitty you know cym am d ye that’s my. facebook myspace twitter rich me all day. okay yeah because I’m not into the local. artists I’m always into my international. thing so therefore I believe in can that.

Be called just of music and we all have. a place on the team so just keep that in. mind you can always hit me up on. Facebook cimarron dot always I. need to make a page for the fabulous. cimarron but last but not least we’ve. got miss Christina hello how are you how. do you want to let anybody know how they. can tweet with you like a truth that’s. okay tweet tweet I can tweet me at chris. underscore 81 at yes what. we’re back and we’re gonna I guess kind. of dive into our next topic that we were. out there talking about as far as being. involved with either someone who is. married or has a significant other. girlfriend you know whatever the case. you know that they have number one and. you’re signing up to be two three or. four numbers we’ve all done it we’ve all. I’ve done it you know I’m not gonna sit.

Here and act like you know I’m holier. than thou that Mother Teresa I’ve done. it and you know at the end of the day I. feel now and I just want to know because. this is what I candid conversations are. about ladies you know I feel like I had. to go through the evolution of cimarron. and kind of reevaluate my self-esteem. and the way that I looked at myself. because that really it was going to. determine what I allowed into my life so. I mean isn’t a selfesteem thing or. anything goes is it all because I know. you were even talking about marriage. whereas in you know what if somebody you. met their marriage was a business. relationship partnership does that mean. that it’s okay to have a love interest. outside of their marriage I mean I. missed it depends because I even with. military men you know it’s like I know.

Some people in the military just get. married to get that extra money right so. it’s just like if that’s the situation. like you know and you have a. relationship with the wife and it’s just. like we all have understanding then that. might be a different story but as far as. like being involved in with a married. man and his wife doesn’t know like this. well yeah we’re not going to. donate however you know okay okay so. then that you talking about the military. me I know everyone sitting. here if you’ve been in hampton roads. area for even four months yes okay. because I’ve come across a military. members we’re a very transient community. we’ve got every base over here from the. Air Force over in hamptons to you know. the Norfolk and fit which is the largest. base in the world then you also have. Oceana you know you got four uses yep.

You got so many bases over here so. throughout your encounters here in. Hampton Roads what would you say you. know your experience share some of your. experience of dealing with these. military man you know because my dad. used to always say mr. Joe mr. Joe used. to always say watch out for the military. man because they probably have a whole. different life I see y’all grab a simple. mr. Bentley I have sworn off military. men yeah a lot of people said I probably. miss my husband swearing off military. man but I found in this area they just. kind of play games and the way that they. see it is like one long length and so. you know what’s the point so I mean yes. there’s the good things about it. benefits and you know extra income. coming and everything but I don’t think. a lot of the women are ready for it you. signing up for a lot of heartbreak to me.

Right right well me that’s been my. experience you know I can’t I can’t I. know people I have friends who are also. married to the military and they have a. great relationship but you know I just. always wonder you know there’s always a. flip side of every corner you know yeah. you know if you’re not the whites and. who are you in a military man we let end. of the day some of us are out here and. we’re having intimate relationships and. we don’t even know the boys mama name. exactly they all the way in Seattle or. Sally might have a girlfriend at home. forever and is that their name you know. can you know you called him let me see. your birthday today I’m insult you know. mama my life this one will be let me. know what. was born okay I’ve had their 21 years in. the military and I love my daddy to. death but he was a rolling stone I guess.

That’s the way you see it’s a lot of. times that’s history shows that’s what. military life is sometimes about it. kudos to the military wives can they. hold it down right right I don’t want to. sign up to be one no I feel you I feel. you I mean I did celebrity you know it’s. like you’re you’re dating someone that’s. on tour constantly so I think honestly a. military man and someone that’s in a. music business is really no different it. takes a special type of person to be. able to deal with a person that’s gone. you have to be you have to be built for. that right you know your man is going to. be going six to eight months a year you. have to be really built for that and I. don’t think that I mean I dated a. military man before that is not my cup. of tea right if you can’t even talk to. them when you want to it’s not even like.

You know they’re on the NBA team or. something you can’t even talk to them no. cellphone internet that’s not even mean. you can’t reach out to touch all right. can’t even fly to them all right right i. mean can I come to Dubai that’s what I’m. saying let me get up in affitto I didn’t. commissary yeah it’s a month three times. a month can’t even get that well you. should get health benefits now because. you’re gonna giggle guy on commissary. we’re gonna get there practicing are. they practice in a way that would it be. a hospital known for practicing yeah. that’s what i’ve heard their way just. wondering you later I that is too funny. okay well even off of this in. relationships what have y’all found as. far as you know how do you select. someone to be intimate that’s a lot it. is your criteria do y’all have you know.

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Is it like kings dominion you gotta be. this tall to ride the ride I mean to be. honest I don’t think I really have a. tight you know if I always talk about. what their type is ok but unfortunately. I think a lot of. then find themselves in the whole. situation saying that different name. okay you find yourself repeating history. mmhmm unfortunately I don’t know how I. choose but I do tend to choose the same. one okay and unfortunately you yeah. don’t you know the premarital sex you. know don’t want to condone that but when. you do find yourself with that type that. you’re working with what they have to. offer want to make sure that it’s. something that you get out of it or you. just cut it off now have y’all found. that you’ve been selecting people that. remind you of your father actually yes. you have once or twice about the father.

He had a certain trace I think it’d be. physical characteristics of anything. what do today that wouldn’t be what I. would pick well you know cuz i ended up. finding myself with the guy one time. that my dad was marred six he was march. four and he was mean as a snake and so. was my daddy you know today so it really. made i was like i wanna work at other. everybody in hampton roads how did I. wind up with him you know someone like. my father so you just just wondering at. that you know if you had found that at. all you know how to do then I was. actually seconds then I don’t want to. bring them home to my daddy right and. it’s like okay yeah you can’t meet him. yet he’s not ready okay how about you. sir man um what you know is anybody. reminiscent of your parents um well I. dated somebody like my explain and I.

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Mean like it was it was kind of sad. because I was in a abusive relationship. I was an abusive relationship so it was. kind of like you know it kind of TV my. father was not the best you know he is. abusive my person listen he’s fine but. at the other day is like I saw the state. negative traits and my father in my. exboyfriend so I was just like oh no. like you know you think it would be. comforting me because that’s something. you’re used to but at the end of the day. it’s because you know right right it’s. not always good right because it’s like. that negative reinforcement almost you. were attracted to yeah because it. reminded you were drawn to the negative. yeah I’ve been and it’s all about going. through these experiences for us to. realize that you know I guess what I may. be going down this road because it was.

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Nostalgic because you’ve reminded me of. my father or my grandfather or my uncle. something that you might have been close. with but in actuality it may not be. healthy yeah or it could have been that. you didn’t have your father in your life. so you draw the negative energy then I’m. guessing that I feel personally my own. life I went to that you know like the. things that my father did that I. wouldn’t respect where wouldn’t want to. be involved I kind of Drew that to me. okay I mean inverted Lee not intentional. right what I drew it in like when when. all the cars were put on the table I. started seeing with that he’s kind of. like this and he does that I didn’t then. you start thinking with that he was my. father wasn’t around and this is all. that he did it was kind of like balanced. I was like okay it’s not supposed to be.

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