Dating In Eugene Oregon

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This is Koda. Do you have anything to say now? What’s your favorite thing to do offcampus? OffCampus? There’s a lot, like really cool coffee shops around campus. DYI is one of my favorite spots. Its a cool little coffee shop for boba and smoothies. Also great study area. Vero definitely is like the first one that comes to my head. I really like go for hikes up like Spencer’s Butte. I think most recently I’ve done Spencer’s Butte. I think it’s pretty nice, especially on a nice sunny day. Just the views, the 360 views are pretty cool. I like to go to the Saturday market. It’s pretty nice. Like every time you go, there’s something different.

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It’s like the biggest market I’ve ever seen and it’s a lot of variety and so it’s just fine to go with friends and explore. WashingtonJefferson its one of the largest covered skate parks in the US. There’s so many good restaurants in Eugene. Do you have any places in mind? Jazzy Ladies, downtown is a favorite. What is the name of this place on the river? Close to the River? McMenamins? McMenamins? McMenamins. Yeah. Yeah. On the river bank. Yeah. I mean 19th Street is a little more casual. Its like that Eugene Oregon experience that people from out of state wouldn’t get anywhere else. We just went to Hot Mama’s Wings last night. That was really good.

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