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They are antiblack. okay they leave you for west africa one. day. unless they were raised back home i. don’t want it. today’s topic y’all i’m excited. every single time every single time all. right guys. so in today’s video i’m excited i’m. sitting on the couch. chilling with y’all but also today we’re. gonna be. debunking some myths we’re gonna be. reading out basically what. habisha tik tok and just people in. general what are some of the assumptions. that they have about. dating an ethiopian woman or habesha. women in general. and i wanted to kind of ask that because. i wanted to gauge what are the. stereotypes about habesha women and. dating habisha women in general. because i feel like there’s a lot like. people talk a lot about habesha men. and i don’t i don’t like the the. negative stereotype that they have but i.

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Also. feel like sometimes i’m a little. ignorant to what people say about. habesha women so i want to know about it. and i want to. let you guys know if they’re true or not. if you’re thinking about. getting into a relationship with your. gorgeous javascript woman i’m going to. let you know what to expect the lighting. is kind of changing but ignore it guys. so. today’s video is in collaboration with. salaam central. because they have launched the coolest. thing ever. they launched a habisha dating app which. is called jabana. and it is for habesha singles so if. you’re looking for havoc. you know we all know during quarantine. we’re getting a little lonely you know. something. we’re on all these other dating apps. catching. all types of not the right ones and. gemini has over. 16 000 singles. ethiopians and eritreans who are looking.

For who are looking for a match. so if you are havisha or if you’re. looking for somebody who’s have a shot. you need to go ahead and download jabina. i’m going to put the link for it in the. description. get on it asap also just side note if. you haven’t. followed selem central on instagram and. like all of their social media you need. to do that because literally every. sunday night. me and my sisters grab a glass of wine. and we have a watch party because they. have a. like they do a live matchmaking oh my. god it is so. freaking hilarious it feels like we are. the modern day like. aunts and uncles who sit around watching. drama like ethiopian drama. okay if you don’t have an instagram you. should probably go and download. instagram like asap just for sunday. nights. to watch something central to their live. matchmaking so in today’s video i’m.

Gonna be debunking some. false assumptions letting you know what. assumptions are real and true. about dating a habitual woman i wish i. had miles here with me because he would. let you guys know the real real. okay but yeah it’s probably best that. he’s not here. so the top light comment is actually. funny because it’s my sister who. commented this. and she said smells like onions and. spices and i think that’s hilarious. because. i think yes and no so if you have a. traditional habesha woman. right and if that’s what you’re looking. for because for me. i’m a little traditional and a little. not i do know how to make ethiopian food. and ethiopian food. has such a strong onion smell but. if you find a girl walking down the. street and she smells like. onions and tomatoes and spices that’s. the one you wipe up. okay i know through the gemini dating.

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App you can’t like smell the woman. but you need to put in your bio if you. don’t smell like onions and tomatoes. you’re not the one for me so this is a. really good comment and kind of. interesting. um and i think this is for like all. hubby chefs in general the person. commented. they come to america and get rich af for. no reason. and after somebody under that commented. uh we work. hard af which is so true so a lot of i. feel like a lot of people. in ethiopia i feel like a lot of people. in ethiopia sometimes. or people abroad looking into habeshas. in america. look at us and think we’re rich or that. we get rich all of a sudden. but the one thing i do have to say about. living in america and what i love about. living in this country. is that there is so much opportunity for. you. if you want to take it this country and.

The law set in place. makes it so that if you are a hard. worker and it is a lot of hard work. they make sure it’s hard work you can. get. and be whoever you want to be and i. think that’s the most beautiful part of. this country so it’s not like you come. to america and you’re automatically rich. in fact america will really humble you. there is no saratina in america okay. so if you have a trafficking amer in. ethiopia like trust me. you’re already living life good and when. you come to america you’re gonna learn. that you are your own you’re your own. zabanya you are your own um like. everything. and it really teaches you a lot i don’t. mean to go off on a tangent but. i feel like i it’s a really humbling. thing to come to america. and put your butt to work and study hard. and work hard and have three jobs and. whatever you need to do to get your.

Goals. because when you finally get to it it’s. the most amazing feeling ever. anyways okay we’re not going to attend. it but i just had to say that and i say. all that because when you find a girl. who actually has made something of. herself. you know that it’s not it’s never just. given to her she really really worked. hard for it so. so the next comment says um their. assumption about you could be women and. says my ethiopian women are. loving caring family oriented won’t have. anybody. but my ethiopian eritrean women that. is beautiful and it is a true assumption. i feel like. being habesha and being ethiopian for. myself i’ll speak for myself. you are raised in such a familyoriented. community like it’s not just your family. that’s family oriented. it’s every single person around you your. entire habitual community whether you’re.

Here in america. or in london or in netherlands. you know that like you’re surrounded by. family oriented people and that’s all. you want you know. i think that’s a true assumption of. habesha women that we are very. family oriented. okay so this oh jazz. jabs okay they said they would date. any other race but their own men. wow and they’re okay ah okay. i’m gonna say false to this because. and i’ve seen a lot of comments i’ve. seen a lot of comments okay. of people saying that ethiopian women do. not want to date. ethiopian men dating in the habesha. community there’s. so many perks to it especially when you. find somebody who is of your own culture. you know you can speak to them in your. own language there’s a lot of. things that you don’t have to explain. that you normally would if you’re. intercultural dating or interracial.

Dating. so there is the perks of that and i’ve. seen a lot i’ve met a lot of women that. would only date habesha men. and i’ve met so many nonhabesha people. say. oh hubba shah women you guys only like. hang out and date your own kind. so i i feel like this is a wrong. assumption but i can see why somebody. would come to this conclusion because i. have noticed there’s a lot of hate. on habeshaman in general and it does. kind of break my heart a little because. i’m like. bro that’s your brother like relax and. it’s kind of like we hate. black men that hate on black women the. same way i really can’t stand a habit a. woman that hates on a habasha man it’s. just. it’s not right don’t stay right with me. oh wow. okay so this one is kind of harsh um. but uh again like it’s an assumption but. it’s also. i’m going to say false on it so this is.

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Not anyways let me let me tell you what. the assumption is. um this person says that they are. antiblack. okay some i say false. this is a false assumption because. habesha women. we are black we are by race. black by ethnicity we are ethiopian or. eritrean whatever region of africa. we’re from but by race we are black and. i think a lot of people. associate being black with being. africanamerican because. when you are africanamerican it’s. almost like being black is your. ethnicity and your race. but and a lot of people in ethiopia kind. of. see the word black american as. as the ethnicity of black americans so. from what my perception is when people. when a lot of ethiopians are. um i’m going to say habesha i know a lot. of people have i’m going to say habesha. when i reference equivalents and air. trans. i know not air all air trains are.

Habasha and i know not all ethiopians. are habitat. just just know that i’m talking about. all encompassing like both air trains. and ethiopians. okay don’t take offense to that word i. know that when they mention. or say that they are not black they mean. that. ethnic wise they are not of the. ethnicity of. africanamerican so when they say like. oh they’re antiblack i think it’s. because a lot of times. people do come to america and say hey. i’m not black. and what they mean they say i’m not. black i’m ethiopian and what they mean. by that. is i am not ethnically black. i am but we almost forget to preface. and sometimes we forget mentally to. understand that but we. are racially black in a country that’s. so racially charged. i think that conversation kind of comes. off as we’re antiblack. and it does make me sad because i don’t.

Believe that and i feel like. especially for me who’s like very. prolike pan-africanism and. i’m very like pro i don’t know like. i just really believe in a unified. african. identity and the beauty of being african. as a whole. you know south africa north african east. african west african i think there’s. such. beauty in our continent and the world. has always tried to almost make us feel. otherwise. so i feel like when ethiopia when. there’s the idea that ethiopians are. antiblack it just kind of breaks my. heart anyways i can go on for that. forever but the next comment they really. know how to have a good time and are. super. respectful while being honest and. upfront. and i say yes this is a very true. assumption because. i believe that we are raised by such a. strict cultural code of. respect and for me even like interacting.

With miles one of our biggest things. is like our differences in the idea of. what respect is. that every time i get around other. habesha women i feel like. they’re just very respectful they hold. themselves up well they’re. you know what i’m saying like i’ve never. i’ve never been around a habesha woman. and felt like oh honey you messy. i’ve been around some messy girls i’ve. been around some messy girls and i’ve. had to like exit. stage left but um i always feel like. really comfortable when i’m around my. happy shot women because i know that. they they hold themselves up well and. they’re very respectful and they’re just. a good time. so yes all around yes uh oh my god. here we are again and unfortunately this. comment has. quite a few likes they leave you for. west african one day. i don’t know if this is supposed to be.

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Funny but it is kind of funny but i’m. gonna say false on that because when a. habesha woman is with you she’s not. gonna leave you for anything. and i i believe that loyalty is one of. our greatest traits. and yeah so false again with my sisters. coming through. okay this is kind of funny all right. um okay this assumption says stuck. up stuck up um. i would say false but i can see why. that’s an assumption because. again i feel like we hold ourselves up. in a certain. way in a certain manner and sometimes. it contradicts what the culture. presentday culture kind of is or what. it looks like so sometimes it can come. off as stuck up. but sometimes we really really sometimes. we really do be stuck up though we. really do be stuck up but yeah maybe. maybe a little stuck up maybe we’re a. little suck up okay. if you’re a habitat girl and you feel.

Like maybe maybe you’re a little stuck. up. comment down below okay i can be you. know what. i hate to say it i hate to say it i. think i am a little stuck up. and i’m not mad at it because i feel. like sometimes you do need to hold. yourself up in a certain way. and some people may call it stuck up but. the right people are gonna say. respectful. some people are gonna say you hold. yourself up well so. the intimidated will say you’re stuck up. but i’ll be a little stuck up that’s. fine by me i. this is a truth session i need a truth. moment if you’re a habasha woman. and you feel like you’re a little stuck. up put your hand up in the comments. okay oh this is kind of cute so somebody. says. nobody but ethiopian women i’m married. one and i’m the happiest man alive. oh that’s so cute so this person says. unless they were raised back home i.

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Don’t want it. um i think that’s why i kind of like the. jabana app because it’s about. it’s a lot of habesha diaspora and. habasha people in general and they’re. from like. america ethiopia from uk. netherlands i have a friend of mine. who’s currently in. korea right now and she’s on the app and. she loves it. so for me kind of gives me confidence. that you don’t have to be from a certain. place raised in a certain place to be. that way and i’ve seen a lot of comments. of. men talking about they don’t want to. have a woman that isn’t raised. and grew up in adis or in ethiopia in. general or. eritrea or like just homeland i don’t. know what. i would love to know what your thoughts. are in the comments as to why they have. such. a dislike to women or habesha women that. are not born. in ethiopia or like weren’t raised in.

Ethiopia or just diaspora women in. general. because for me i don’t get it i think. it’s a little divisive to say something. like that. so i’m going to say that like it’s not. even an assumption it’s more of like. just i guess his personal preference. but i think it’s very divisive to say. unless you’re born and raised in. ethiopia then i don’t want it. boy bye there’s great women and terrible. women both back home. and even diaspora so all right guys. we’re gonna do one last one. and then we’re gonna call it a day let. me know down in the comments if you guys. are enjoying this and if you guys want. me to do more videos like these because. these are just so fun to do when you’re. just sitting around having a chat. okay so this person said i feel like. they’re different breed than most. african countries. like they have their own continents.

Um this assumption. may be true actually i really feel like. ethiopians we really just think that we. are our own continent like. i don’t like to say that it’s true but i. feel like we do act that way. but i think we do that because we really. do have such an. old not even old like our culture is so. go so far beyond what the history books. teach us and i feel like. i feel like our history is not given the. credit that it deserves and sometimes we. act like we’re just so different. because we have those history books we. know why we’re so different as opposed. to other countries but at the end of the. day. we are still an african nation and we do. have to be a little bit. more i don’t know what the word is. but i i don’t know i feel like this one. i can’t really like put into words. but if i’m being honest with myself and.

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