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And apostle is representing for sure. all right what do you want to say jane. your name is janie and what’s the name. of what’s the name of the bar. uh was the name played again. how long has it been around for or um. i believe it’s been. maybe four or five years already four or. five years okay okay. and um what is this area called where we. at right now where we at right now. so this is just like an airway plaza. area where there’s. different floors where you can just hop. okay okay. yeah and um i guess it’s popping on the. weekends and stuff like that. and then i know y’all was dealing with. covert and all that yes. we actually just recently opened. uh three weeks ago three weeks ago and. do you guys have a um. instagram we do okay we have an. instagram. it’s under social media as well okay so. what’s the say the name of the instagram.

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And also do you have an instagram yes i. do what’s your instagram. um jj ray jj ray jj race jj wright can. you remember that jj ray. i got it recorded okay. and um in this area what do they call. this little. um i guess it’s just more of like a. little plaza. it’s on the airway on airways. okay and my name is philly dom. and this is richard the world traveler. right here oh hello this guy’s been over. 85 countries. so we just like we’ve been traveling. abroad but we figured we’d bring it back. to the states and travel around the. states a little bit. and you can check out the channels there. you can check them out. i’ll give it to you after you do but. that’s basically what i had to ask you. that’s all. yeah man was representing for sure. oh. is cool like any other place. i think 83 percent of the population is. latin.

Latino out here in el paso. i’m not too sure let me see what the. street i’m on to let you guys know the. street. right now i’m not too sure of the name. of the street but oh el paso street. which i should have known that already. do. yeah we passing on through passing on. through. passing on through our passover. this guy’s he’s a little filler the city. you guys in a little fill. get a feel of the city. like jamming out here. ah let’s cross over here. hello. hey. real streets of el paso. wow. i’m still here with you guys. so. it’s a pretty laid back place. pretty laid back from what i could see. it’s a relaxed city man but i can feel. the vibe that i’m feeling so far. you know i pass on taxes. church is chicken. hey. if. okay. are they closing up everything early. down here. make my way back to my spot where i’m at. all right let me make it over here.

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