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I’m from 6th Street, over there in Segundo Barrio. most gangs out here, they’re noticed by a color. they know us by a number . I got 3 homeboys that are dead right now. and they probably would have been older than 25 . If I could trade some of the ‘s. out here in the streets right now, for them 3. I’d do that shit in a heart beat. there was an older one, he took some charges for me. when I was younger. I had 4 aggravated assaults with a deadly weapon. and he went and took the rap for me. so they ended up letting me out of jail . after I did that whole year, after when I got stabbed. they let me out of jail because he took the rap. he took a two piecewe got out. we kicked it for a while and he ended up dying. they busted his head open, with a water meter. and they fractured his skullhad a big ol’ hole in his head.

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I got stabbed 11 times. throwing down with somebody over some money issues. I’ve always been about my dollar. had to support kids at a young age. that was the only way I was getting it . and I wasn’t gonna let anyone take it from me either. I ended up throwing down with the dude and dude . ended up stabbing me, 11 times. people get shot, people get stabbed. like myself, getting shot, getting stabbed. homeboy getting shot, stabbed. getting calls that somebody got shot, stabbed. it’s like a never ending story. I ended up coming back, being good. but everything switched and turned out on me. I ended up getting locked up for this . doing a whole year, when I should’ve been in high school . becoming an adult in a jail house facility . is a up way somebody can become an adult. this lifestyle don’t got nothing in it for you.

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To be honest it don’t, you know what I mean?. To me, it’s more like a chapter in my life. my dad was facing a life sentence. we call it beating the case, but, he got 10 years. instead of a life . he did his ten, now he’s out. did 3 of parole. he finished this year too as a matter of fact. he didn’t snitch on nobody,. that hit the fan. they told him he was facing a life . he kept it solid. my dad took care of that homeboy that passed away . when they were out on the street. we got mad love for ‘s that’s how we do it. I guess he just had it in him to take care of me, ride for me. we were out that night, we got in some and he did that. he asked my mom if I could ride, she was like nah. she was like, alright, take care of him. he said he would take care of me, he did. I sat next to black dudes, sat next to white dudes in school.

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