Dating In Dubai

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Hello. and welcome back to dating in dubai with. christiana maxin. and today is the premier episode. it is turtle episode one and in these. episodes i will be detailing. my dubai journey for love. for a partner for a husband there are. some mishaps along the way but you have. to kiss a lot of frogs before you find. your prince. so here’s more on turtle episode one. oh my goodness and i forgot to introduce. my cohost this is pandy andy. he will be joining us for all of our. episodes just because i don’t want to. feel like i’m just talking to the camera. and to you the audience. but also my lovely guy here and also. toby’s here too my dog he’s underneath. you’ll see him later. anyway now to the episode turtle episode. one. so we met on the tinder machine and i. call it the tinder machine because it’s. literally just a machine of all these.

People coming in and out. many many in my case more less swipes. than rights wise so when i do come. across somebody that i’m like slightly. interested in or i’m like oh they’re. kind of cute i get super excited. so the way that turtle caught my. attention is that he had super liked me. now when you super like somebody on. tinder it comes up like a blue profile. and it kind of makes you look twice and. more. times than none i do look more into a. super like so i’m like oh they put an. extra effort but instead it’s really. just a swipe up instead of a swipe right. but anyway. so his blonde hair blue eyed and i saw. that he worked in finance so i was like. huh. my type so i ended up swiping right on. him. we matched on a saturday we we’re. talking just like common normal talk. about like where you’re from this and. that how long have you been in dubai i.

Call that your dubai details. which is name nationality number of. years you’ve been here. the neighborhood you live in and your. current work title. so you ended up asking me out a few days. later which i like because i don’t need. a pen pal like i don’t want to talk. messages on and on and on i would rather. just meet in person. especially with like this new dating app. world where people are just dispensable. sorry disposable so it becomes this. thing like i would rather meet in person. to see if we have a vibe. because anybody can be whoever they want. to be behind the screen or. maybe they’re asking 10 different. friends how to answer to this what’s. kind of funny what’s kind of witty. so um yes i’d rather just meet in person. so. kudos to him for asking me out just a. couple days later. but like i said we match on a saturday.

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He asked me out on a monday for monday. night. now i never do day of dates it just. doesn’t show. any effort like they put in any effort. plus you have plans at night. even if your plans are stuffing your. face with doritos and ice cream. you have plans because you are not so. available. so then i politely declined and just. said i had plans. um then he asked me out uh. during the work week so i think it was. like a tuesday and a wednesday. to rack so rosso came out which is about. like an hours away. from dubai for a staycation keep in mind. i’ve never even met this person. in person before i haven’t even heard. their voice on a phone or anything like. that. and he wants to go away on a staycation. together. okay no ladies or gentlemen. you never put yourself in a position. where you are away with somebody you. don’t even know.

Sorry not trying to get dead out here. anyway. and beyond that he was telling me why he. was going away. in the middle of the work week plus yeah. i work hello. and so he was celebrating his 40th. birthday. okay uh red flag red flag. why is he celebrating his 40th birthday. alone. like 40 is like a major milestone and. maybe i’m just of that person who. i like celebrating with others and also. like when it’s my birthday we celebrate. for a full month. but yeah i found that like super duper. weird. um and then obviously i said. no but just a side note when. you do go away with somebody you don’t. ever want to feel obligated to do. anything with that person. or to feel stuck so make sure that you. have the means or the funds to actually. get a room on your own. especially if it’s somebody you just. started dating and in this case didn’t.

Even date yet. so obviously that was a no but always. have that in mind because you never want. to feel stuck. or obligated in that kind of situation. because that’s just scary. and just a note if you can’t afford to. get your own room or he doesn’t offer. to get you your own room don’t go. because you never want to feel stuck. in that situation scary. so we ended up settling for a friday. night date. and friday out here is like our saturday. um. and he let me choose the restaurant. which i love so i ended up. choosing raqqa and rock is like the. sister restaurant to zuma but honestly i. really like rocco better. i will actually do a video on the dubai. daily. detailing what to order at raqqa but. also their business lunch is super. okay sidetracked back into dating in. dubai. so now it is thursday so he had gone on.

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His rack. celebration by himself he was like. sending me photos fine that’s cute. whatever. um we end up it’s thursday now our dates. on friday. he asked me if i want to see him tonight. and i’m like this guy is just like too. much in this moment. and it wasn’t like a date date he was. like oh wanna come over for netflix and. chill. excuse me firstly thursday is our friday. here. why would i be doing netflix and chill. with somebody i haven’t even met. who hasn’t made the effort yet to take. me out. yeah no that’s not happening i was like. oh i was just trying to be sweet so i. haven’t met him yet so i didn’t want to. like. blow up on him just yet so i basically. just told him i was like oh actually. um i have plans i think it’s better that. we just see each other the next time. so that was episode turtle one. sorry turtle episode.

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