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Hello this is Steven aka single guys. Steven and in this video I mentioned. that because that’s what we’re gonna. talk about being single in this. wonderful city that we call Chicago 24. reasons why it sucks to be single in. Chicago per this random article that I. found on the internet I glanced at a few. of these before I’m actually reacting to. it for those of you who don’t know I am. NOT originally from Chicago I moved here. about three and a half years ago and. I’ve made a lot of videos on Chicago if. you’ve never seen it before. I’m sure if you click around on my. channel you’ll find some more of my. other Chicago videos I guess the point. of this article is that like being. single in Chicago is not all it’s. cracked up to be and as someone who has. been single for most of the last. threeand-a-half years I lived in.

Chicago this is something that hits. really close to home I also figured that. I would wear this shirt because it kind. of looks like a shirt that I might wear. from about to go out I thought it kind. of added to the tone we got going on. here number one you’ve got no one to. nurse a hangover with after a night at 4. a.m. bars or worse I will say it does. really suck to wake up with a hangover. as someone who has done this recently. and be like oh all right just me here. because I live alone you have to deal. with ushering a stranger out of your. apartment after a night at 4 a.m. bars. woof. are you saying that that person isn’t. gonna stay there the next day with you. is that what they’re trying to get out. of here you don’t have anyone to split. fat Rice’s signature dish with or one of. lost lakes shareable punches I’m gonna.

Be honest I don’t know what they’re. talking about I don’t know what this is. this happens a lot I’m like it might. relieve Chicago in now cuz like I don’t. know where a lot of this stuff is but. yeah I don’t know this is when you feel. super nasty after four days of. Lollapalooza. no one’s obligated to tell you you’re. attractive you just got to sit there in. your own filth tell me I’m pretty damn. it that’s another thing I like about. this cuz I knew and I didn’t say this. before like I knew that this was. probably geared towards girls but like. it’s kind of funny to hear it from my. perspective I would never go to. Lollapalooza so this one’s out too. there’s no chance of making it on the. kisscam at the Bulls or Hawks games. unless Benny the bull is feeling extra. frisky you can make it on there. regardless you just gotta have some.

Rapport built up with the person that. you’re wit so that if you end up on the. kisscam you got to be like hey what do. you do what do you think running into. people you’ve hooked up with. come on Chicago isn’t that big this is. an interesting one because this does. actually happen what you go in a date. with someone you think you’re never. gonna see them again and then you cross. paths of them like pets. I’ve done this a few times and I’m like. what this wasn’t supposed to happen like. we would there’s like 2.7 million people. we’re not supposed to run into other. people like this like I saw you once. what are the mathematical possibilities. I’m gonna run into you again but yeah it. definitely happens there’s no one to. split Ebers with after a long night out. that actually does suck I spent a lot of. money on uber z’ for just me and I’m.

Like oh it is really nice when you can. split overs the most reliable person in. your life is the tamale guy the tamale. guy is everywhere I’m not sure that’s. the most reliable person in my life the. most reliable person in my life is. probably like some really bad joke about. to me matching with someone cute on. tinder than finding out they live in. Rogers Park just a casual 90 minutes ETA. arrived from your Ukrainian Village. apartment no big deal I was actually. thinking about this earlier how you. might date someone who is in Chicago but. it is incredibly inconvenient to. actually get to them even though they’re. not that far away in a straight line I. had to deal with this like I dated. someone in the past I think they lived. couldn’t have been that many miles away. but it was like 45 minutes away if you.

Were gonna drive and there was no. convenient way to get there by train so. we always had to meet in the middle and. it’s like hard to do that on weekday. nights so yeah I know I I told you late. to this one it really makes me miss. those days where you were all of your. friends were like kind of close by you. or you were in college or something do. they walk like you if you met a girl on. campus you could be like hey where do. you live it’s like uh right there that’s. like oh I live right there it was a way. more convenient back then your couple. friends start moving out to. neighborhoods where they can actually. afford houses which means see and ever. this does happen at some point not so. much where I’m at yet but I can tell. it’s like about to start happening more. and more accidentally stumbling into one. of the most romantic places in Chicago.

Ugh they’re everywhere. yeah there’s times where when I go walk. by the like Lake Shore there’s all these. couples and then there’s just me like on. my jog or just walkin like a loner like. okay okay someday I’ll find my wife it’s. gonna be great you can’t justify getting. a dog between work and commuting it’s a. twoperson job cats on the other hand. are a different story I got in a. conversation with my friend about this. last night no can do. no cats no dogs it’s just I will at some. point probably get married and if I. don’t have kids then I’ll have kids but. there’s no like there’s no pet in. between not for me. that means hanging out at dog friendly. patios is pretty lonely I don’t know who. hangs out at dog friendly patios but I. guess some people who are really really. big pet people might do this I don’t.

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Know what they’re referring to but I. don’t do this your couple friends start. doing coupley things like going to. museums and parks instead of hanging out. with you and daydrinking I feel like. when I came here everybody just already. had a relationship and then that’s just. what it’s always been there’s been very. few people who didn’t have a. relationship and then have a. relationship now which kind of shows me. like do these dating apps really work. you have to convince your friends to. splurge on the best restaurants in. Chicago for not so romantic dinner with. you no not me I have to convince my. friends to go out and do stuff sometimes. instead of just like sitting on their. ass especially in the wintertime because. nobody wants to do anything it’s either. an entire deepdish pizza or no. deepdish pizza there’s nowhere in the.

Middle first single Chicagoans. this is one thing I will I hate to admit. this but it does kind of suck when let’s. say I want to get a GrubHub order let’s. say it’s like a Friday night or a. Saturday night and I’m like I’m staying. in tonight I don’t want to do anything. well I want to order food but I want to. order a pizza maybe but then I can’t eat. the whole pizza but it’s just me and I’m. not gonna order it by the slice because. sometimes you can’t do that so then I. order a whole pizza and then I’m just. like well I guess I’m gonna have to eat. this whole pizza now because I’m not. gonna throw it away. so I’ll eat too much pizza in the first. sitting and then I’ll eat pizza for. breakfast and then I’ll eat pizza again. for like lunch or dinner the next day. I’m just like I’m not supposed to eat. this much pizza I almost need a.

Girlfriend just to like keep me in check. right now you can’t picnic on the lake. front by yourself you just look like a. creep lingering around some family. barbecue it does feel a little bit just. a little bit weird sometimes if you’re. just sitting by the lake and you’re just. like all those couples holding hands on. the lakefront trail when you’re just. trying to jog or worse those couples. biking sideby-side the couples biking. sideby-side is a sight to see not one. that I enjoy seeing but it does happen. from time to time ordering in for one. delivery fees are no joke in this city. yeah as I talked about earlier it sucks. living with the roommate everyone has. their horse stories I’ve never lived. with someone since I moved to Chicago so. I don’t have to talk about this but if. you want to talk about like bad.

Roommates in general I’ve definitely had. some not like terrible but just bizarre. roommates in the past and likes just. weird stories visiting your couple. friends apartments and salivating at. what a double income can afford in this. city this is probably the one that I. feel the most because as someone who has. lived by themselves entire time since I. moved here it sucks like all the time I. just think about like wow my place is. decently nice I can only imagine if I. got another income that was anywhere. comparable to mine and I could split the. rent like who be real nice so many dudes. in Cubs gear on tinder so I’m going to. change this to so many chicks in Cubs. gear on tinder which also happens and. the vast majority of them I swear are. not one baseball fans to not Cubs fans. or not from Chicago and I’m just like.

Why I can’t stand it I can’t stand. people who move to this city and then. just immediately become Cubs fans and a. lot of they’re not actually baseball. fans anyways I love baseball it’d be. pretty cool if they were but yeah that’s. it is really annoying or just there’s a. lot of things on tinder BIOS and just. tinder in general that are pretty. annoying I could actually make a whole. video on that it may be at some point. I’ll talk a little bit more about it but. those are my reactions to this list here. you can find this list at timeout. dotcom once again I don’t know much. about these sites I kind of just show up. at them and then see like what’s going. on because people write some goofy stuff. and when I see a title that intrigues me. I like to actually react to and see what. it’s about so if you guys have anything.

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That you want to see me react to or see. me talk more about let me know if. there’s anything about Chicago that you. want to know it could be serious doesn’t. have to be like this video where I’m. like kind of joking around a lot but. yeah honestly I’ve lived here for three. and a half years I think I’ve got some. decent insight you can watch some my. other videos to keep up to date on my. youtube channel subscribe to my channel. hit that little bell I released at least. one YouTube video every single week on a. variety of different topics I also have. a podcast called everything must go. podcast that I do with my friend brand. you can also follow me on instagram at. steven Russell be on Instagram I’m. pretty active on there I do like a lot. of live streams and connect with a lot. of my followers so hit me up at steven.

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