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I’m Sam and this is amazing travels hey. guys this week I’m gonna tell you what. you can do in Buffalo New York Buffalo. is one of the United States most. architecturally rich cities and a lot of. people don’t know that you can start off. your trip at the Buffalo City Hall it’s. right in the center of downtown it has. this beautiful Art Deco architecture and. you can visit it anytime Monday through. Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 a. really cool thing about Buffalo City. Hall is that there is an observation. deck where you can get an amazing. glimpse of the entire city not only are. the views awesome but they offer a free. walking tour every day Monday through. Friday from noon to 1:00 p.m. so you can. learn a little bit about Buffalo’s. history and next up what you want to do. is you want to go see Delaware Park it.

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Is over 350 acres of beauty I mean there. is free space to roam but a lot of. people don’t know is that Frederick. Olmsted the guy who designed Central. Park designed this park rumor has it. that he had a lot of rules to follow. when he was designing Central Park. but here in Buffalo he had free creative. rein to do whatever he wanted so it is a. fantastic park just walking around I. went in the fall the fall colors were. beautiful this place is so huge that it. not only encompasses the zoo but also. the Forest Lawn Cemetery which was. opened in 1849 it has some spectacular. mausoleums little Erie but absolutely. worth a wander another fantastic piece. of architecture you can visit is the. Darwin Dean Martin house which was. designed by Frank Lloyd Wright the same. guy who designed the Guggenheim in New. York I mean this building is sleek and.

Way ahead of its time definitely worth a. visit you can actually go inside as well. if you want to take a look one of my. favorite places that I visited was the H. H Richardson complex this place open. in 1880 and it was originally a. psychiatric ward after being abandoned. in 1970s now they are working to restore. the property which they have done an. excellent job I must say look at this. place it has this beautiful lawn these. fall colors are just exploding in your. face and you have this backdrop of such. a historic building it just looks so. cool I mean it kind of looks like a. castle right another place that is. historic right in the center of downtown. Buffalo is the Ellicott Square Building. when it opened up it was the largest. office building in the world. it opened in 1896 and I mean just look. at the beauty of it you walk inside you.

Know these amazing marble floors these. staircase that lead up to the offices on. the second floor and I mean this. roofline like wow just absolute detail. gorgeous city yeah I made that up. another place to appreciate the. architecture is Millionaire’s Row way. back when the millionaires didn’t want. to live in the hustle and bustle of the. city so they moved to the suburbs which. is now what we know as Delaware Avenue. epic houses that you can check out and. one of them is extra special because. it’s where Teddy Roosevelt gave his. inaugural address the address is 641. Delaware Avenue and you can go visit. this place there’s a museum in sight as. well as I said he gave his inaugural. address because of the assassination of. President William McKinley which. happened just a few days prior to that. address in the center median near 35.

Forehand drive you can find William. McKinley’s assassination plaque you. can’t miss it there’s a big ole American. flag pole there with the flag waving. proudly he was assassinated there in. 1901 you can visit the plaque and. experience a little bit of our American. history now another place that I. absolutely loved was Shea’s Buffalo. theatre this place was built in 1926 and. it was built to resemble. the European opera houses it is still. identical to this day because it is a. national historic landmark so they have. to renovate everything to how it was way. back when it was built. fun fact it was actually built to show. silent films and now you can see plays. there which I did do not miss that. little history a little culture right. there in Buffalo’s downtown when you’re. in Buffalo you got to do one thing you.

Have to eat buffalo chicken wings or as. they call them in buffalo chicken wings. they were invented there by the great. terrace at bellissimo apparently at this. anchor bar legend has it Theresa was. back in the kitchen while her son was. tending bar and he asked her to cook. something up for his friends so she. ended up tossing some chicken wings in. her now famous buffalo chicken wings. sauce and 1964 on that day is when. chicken wings were worn the way we know. it I had to take a bite or a lot of its. really minorities. everything I won’t repeat if you are in. Buffalo something you have to do I mean. have to do sports fan or not is go to a. Buffalo Bills game. these fans are the fanciest fans I have. ever come across everyone was extremely. welcoming so much fun to be around they. have some crazy traditions like this.

Ketchup and mustard tradition where. basically some guy asked for ketchup or. mustard and they score him down. completely covered in ketchup in mustard. you can also take some shots out of a. bowling ball and of course grill. drinking chilling and then you can go. watch one of America’s favorite sports. football last but certainly not least if. you are in Buffalo you have got to make. a trip to Niagara Falls it’s just 30. minutes outside of Buffalo and you can. see how awesome Niagara Falls is exactly. in my other videos what to do in knife. or false thank you guys very much for. watching hopefully now you know exactly. what to do in Buffalo what’s hot what’s. cool what’s beautiful for the eyes if. you like this video please subscribe. please leave a comment and hopefully I. will see you guys very soon for a new.

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