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So you’re thinking about relocating to. idaho but you know that a lot of other. people already have which means it might. not be as great as it once was today i’m. going to share with you my top cons of. living in the treasure valley idaho so. let’s get after it right now. my name is rachel basner and on this. channel i do my best to answer all of. your burning questions about relocating. to idaho so if you need me to be your. eyes or your ears or to teach you. everything there is about working plane. and living in idaho then tap the. subscribe button and click this little. bell so you never miss one of my weekly. videos on living in idaho i’m a licensed. realtor and local investor here i get. people reaching out to me days nights. and weekends and i absolutely love it if. you need any help relocating here or you.

Have any questions please don’t hesitate. give me a call shoot me a text or write. me an email with no further ado my top. cons of living in the treasure valley. idaho. hey so i’ve got a little bit of chaos. happening around me right now i’ve got. the girls over here to my right eating. their worm meal and my dogs running. around at my feet digging up the mud and. to my left i’ve got the wood shop go in. and that’s probably the most action. you’re gonna pick up in the background. you can hear some saws and some rock and. roll tunes and. we’ve got bobcats going but hey that’s. idaho life and i didn’t want to miss the. opportunity to. have the conversation with you that i. had with one of my clients this morning. they gave me a call on the phone they. broke ground about two years ago now on. a home that’s almost complete and.

Haven’t been back to visit since. but have been hearing all these rumors. that because the population’s increased. so much everything in idaho has gone. down the can it’s not the same place. it’s turning into california and should. we still be relocating to idaho is idaho. still going to be. the place that we fell in love with it. and my answer is yes idaho is still the. place you fell in love with. we still are deep rooted in our. conservative values and traditions it’s. still very clean and safe here the. people who are moving here are moving. here for those reasons so they’re very. likeminded and in that sense idaho. hasn’t changed. but. there are some negative impacts of the. population increase and so that’s what. we talked about that’s what we dived. into and i’m going to share. my cons with you of living in the.

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Treasure valley so con number one. related to. the population increase is the housing. prices have gone up they’ve gone up. significantly so it’s no longer. super affordable to rent. or buy here and. while you feel like you’re paying a. premium for houses and you’re paying at. the peak you won’t be. there is still so much room for building. and growth we have barely begun to. scratch the surface of. our growth and our development out here. the surrounding boise suburbs still are. just. while they’ve grown a lot and the people. who have been living here for a long. time might feel like it’s packed we’re. not even close to packed so there’s. still going to be a lot of people moving. in there’s still going to be a lot more. houses being built which means the. housing prices are going to continue to. rise if you get in and buy a home you’re.

Still going to gain equity. in that property. with that being said our cost of living. here is pretty low our taxes are low. and our economy is booming people are. bringing in those out of state wages and. it kind of becomes a wash so. if you were feeling hesitant about. relocating here because you heard that. the house prices have climbed up yes. they have but they haven’t really peaked. out there’s still going to be a lot more. development still going to be a lot more. growth and still a lot of opportunity to. gain equity in your house. con number two. california. transplants. before you get mad that i said that. please know i am a san diego girl. born and raised my roots are in. california. i still have a ton of family there not. all of them have relocated to idaho. yet. i’m working on that still so i am a. california.

And as long as you’re coming to idaho. and you want to keep idaho the place. that you are falling in love with during. your journey of researching and. relocating here then you are going to be. welcomed with wide open arms and. that boise kindness that we’re so known. for. but if you’re coming here. and you want to change the political. environment let’s say or um. some of the values that people really. desire when it comes to raising their. families then you might not be. embraced quite as much. there is tension in idaho between the. original idahoans or people who have. been here for a really long time and. some of the newer people who have. recently wrote relocated here from out. of state. if you don’t change your. california license plates right away you. might end up being the victim of a nasty. note on your windshield or some nasty.

Comments. on the road driving. it’s very uncomfortable to be around i. when i hear stories. of things. that are happening to people who aren’t. switching out their plates right away it. really does make me feel really sad it’s. terrible in some of the facebook groups. some of the comments that are made and. the fights that break out. it’s just an ugly icky thing i don’t. condone it i don’t i don’t think it’s. right i think. live and let live but. if you want to come to idaho because. where you’re moving from. has has gone down the dump. down the dumps and the the government’s. very restrictive then my advice for you. is when you come here keep idaho idaho. and as long as you do that um you’re. going to be embraced and welcomed. the other thing that has really changed. a lot with the influx of people who are. moving here who are not coming from.

Places that there’s four seasons is. there’s been a lot of accidents over the. last few winters related to the snow so. if you are coming from somewhere that. doesn’t have four seasons and you’re not. used to driving in the snow i recommend. that you get a four wheel drive. or an allwheel drive for what i meant. was allwheel drive or. fourwheel drive and learn how to drive. in the snow. it’s not as easy when you’re learning as. you think it is and it’s best not to. learn on the road with a lot of traffic. um and so as far as california. transplants go that’s what i have to say. about it folks. con number three the lack of public. transportation. when i was living in downtown seattle i. depended on the train and the bus to get. me to and from work. there it was way more efficient and way. more affordable than. taking my own car and parking it.

Downtown while i was working all day but. here in the treasure valley even in. boise that just isn’t heard of there’s a. handful of bus lines and then you’ve got. your uber and lyft for maybe getting to. and from the airport but. that’s kind of the extent of our public. transportation traffic is a problem. right now and they’re looking at. expanding the public transportation to. help alleviate some of that but. even then. we we have a really really long way to. go before people can depend on public. transportation here. if you are. relocating to go to bsu or you have. children who are relocating to go to bsu. even then it could be really tough to. get around without a vehicle. especially again in the winter time. if you’re on campus and you have a meal. plan then you might be able to get away. with it but the housing is not it’s like.

At least a half a mile away i want to. say from the albertsons on broadway uh. you need a car if you’re going to live. here hopefully you have allwheel drive. or fourwheel drive make it safer for. you. when there’s snow and ice on the ground. but con number three definitely. lack of public transportation. con number four. wildfire season smoke. this is the single most difficult thing. my biggest con about living in the. treasure valley. idaho. during wildfire season when there are. fires in surrounding states like oregon. or california. we’re here in a valley and that smoke. gathers up above us and settles down. into the treasure valley it destroys our. air quality and you don’t see the sun. for days or weeks at a time. and it’s very very difficult to. be here during those times your kids. can’t play outside if you have any kind.

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Of respiratory. ailments that you deal with it makes it. very difficult. i know my mom said that had she known. that the air quality. was like that in the summer here during. the wildfire seasons she might have. reconsidered relocating here at all. and i just think that it doesn’t get. enough attention um. fortunately we don’t deal with the. wildfires. here in our backyards like so many. people have had to. in california and oregon but we do get. the smoke from it and i do think it’s. important that people are aware of that. my fifth and final con for you is the. lack of diversity. growing up in southern california i was. in a true melting pot there were so many. different cultures and faiths and. languages and walks of life i was. exposed to that. from very young and i was concerned that. my children wouldn’t get that same.

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Opportunity to be exposed to different. types of people the way i was as a child. i was also concerned that my sister. who’s adopted from guatemala would feel. out of place or uncomfortable or might. not be accepted here in idaho when she. came to visit but i can say that is not. the case at all everyone here is very. welcoming and accepting and loving of. all different people. i actually was surprised that there was. a whole culture a population of people. here that i was very unfamiliar with. before moving idaho that i’ve learned a. lot about and that is the basque people. we have the largest population of basque. immigrants here in idaho than anywhere. else in the united states there’s. really fun festivals downtown. surrounding. the basque culture some restaurants and. a museum we also have a really large. refugee population and with the.

Increased. awareness of how awesome idaho is we’re. getting more and more people. here every day from other countries and. so it’s quickly becoming more and more. diverse which is really really neat and. everyone here like i said is super. accepting and loving of everyone else so. i think that plays a big role in. people’s comfort uh moving to idaho. okay friends if you made it this far in. the video i want to thank you for. watching and supporting my channel i. hope that you found a ton of value if. you have anything that you would like to. comment on or any questions please feel. free to leave them in the comments below. i’m sure others who are watching are. thinking or wondering the exact same. things as you are. again i’m a licensed realtor and. investor here if you need any help at. all or you have any questions for me.

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