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There are so many people moving to bend. oregon because of how amazing it is but. in today’s video i’m going to talk about. the not so great and well okay let’s be. honest the worst things about living in. bend oregon let’s get to it hi there. welcome to or welcome back to the show. i’m karin jackson your bend oregon real. estate expert with living in bend oregon. i share all the ins and outs of living. in one of oregon’s best towns and areas. i cover it all from neighborhood guides. pros and cons and things to do now while. i enjoy making these videos i love. helping people find their dream homes. even more i get contacted all the time. to help people moving to bend oregon. from other areas and it’s truly become. my passion my contact information is. below so you can reach out to me if you. have any questions at all don’t forget.

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To like this video and subscribe to my. channel so you get notified whenever a. new video drops okay so i’m going to. list the top five worst things about. living in bend oregon i really didn’t. want to make this and talk about generic. stuff like it snows a lot i wanted to. talk about the things that really bother. me about living here things that really. affect life and can make a difference on. whether or not you will actually want to. live in bend. number one. the train. who doesn’t love a train this girl me i. don’t especially when it stops across. two lanes of traffic and can keep you. sitting for over an hour oh and did i. mention i also hate when the train blows. its horn in the middle of the night when. you are trying to get some sleep. but i know i can’t be the only one. so. bend oregon has a freight train system.

That runs through the town every single. day at various times of the day it’s not. on a schedule so it’s extremely hard to. predict when it will run to try and. brace for it or if you are driving go a. different way i lived in a neighborhood. here in bend called foxborough and the. train runs right next to it with the. windows down you can definitely hear it. when it blows the horn when it crosses. reed market. i’m actually making it sound worse than. it really is though the train itself is. pretty quiet and makes more of a. whirring sound and the horn doesn’t get. blown for too long. after a while i actually got used to it. although i can’t imagine getting used to. it if i lived right in these particular. homes. i must be wrong though because these. homes don’t turn over that often the. real issue with the train is when it.

Stops across all lanes of reed market. blocking all the traffic. most of the time it’s only for a few. minutes but there have been times where. it was blocking traffic for over an hour. and a half. thought there was a big backup on reed. market road in bend this afternoon you. weren’t alone a burlington northern. santa fe spokesperson confirmed a. locomotive picking up cars in bend had a. mechanical issue that left the engine. and its cars stopped blocking the. crossing at read market road one driver. tells news channel 21 he waited 90. minutes the spokesperson says a mechanic. was sent to the train and it was able to. clear the crossing around 4 pm for just. a lucky few that happened to get stuck. in this you have opportunities to turn. around but for others you’re stuck there. is a loading station close to the road.

And when it needs to load the freight. they will absolutely block the road it’s. a horrible design but i heard a rumor. that an overpass was going to be built. for the train to go over the road this. would solve both the issues of blocking. in the road and the train having to blow. its horn right here fingers crossed this. actually happens. number two isolation. ben can feel like an island at times if. you live anywhere with a decent sized. population you’re probably used to. cities kind of just running in together. with not much land or space in between. them. here in central oregon it’s very. different bend is the biggest city for. at least three hours and we only have. around 100 000 people we do have smaller. neighboring cities but if your lifestyle. includes shopping activities concerts. and basically just going out on a.

Regular basis bend is it. in the winter it can be extremely. difficult to get in or out of the area. by car because the roads can be snowy. and dangerous. a year after i moved to bend my dad came. to visit in december for my daughter’s. birthday as a surprise to her a bad. storm blew in and brought with it tons. of snow and black ice. even though my dad was driving a. fourwheel drive truck that was way down. in the back he hit some black ice. spiraled into the other lane and was hit. by a semi. thankfully he’s okay but if he was hit. six inches further up the truck i don’t. think he would have been that lucky now. no one drives into bend to visit us in. the winter redmond does have an airport. for those that do need to travel and. want to avoid any road dangers. another issue with being isolated is. that we don’t have as many services or.

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Attractions as larger cities or metros. if you need a medical specialist you may. find you’ll need to drive to portland to. find them. like to shop a lot while ben does have. some shopping if you want to find. anything above target besides some local. boutiques guess where you’re headed. again yep portland want to take the kids. to a big water park amusement park or. zoo we don’t have any of that here in. ben number three it’s expensive. when we first moved to bend six years. ago the median home price was right. around 350 000. now the medium list. price is. 894. hundred and fifty dollars that’s a huge. change in only six years. the bend housing market is absolutely. insane because we have so many people. like myself moving here from other areas. because our outdoor lifestyle and. weather is off the charts i recently did.

A video on our housing market and what’s. going on if you’d like to get a more. detailed idea of what exactly is. happening here in bend and you can check. that out by clicking the little link. right up here but to give you a general. idea we have less than a month’s worth. of inventory when a balanced market is. six months of inventory we just don’t. have a lot on the market for people to. buy at all there isn’t a price point. here where anyone is getting a break. either but it’s especially hard in the. 500 to 600 000 price point. these buyers are being hit with the. rising interest rates and having the. biggest pool of other buyers to compete. with are you possibly in for a long. difficult road well yes but is it going. to be impossible absolutely not i’m. still getting clients into contract and. people are getting into homes but you’re.

Going to have to have all of your ducks. in a row you need to be fully. preapproved before you write a single. offer otherwise you will not get that. home. being able to tell the seller that you. are basically all ready to go with. underwriting and the only thing that you. are waiting on is the appraisal for the. home is going to go a long way in. winning that offer especially if they. are in contract to buy another house i. have a ton of other tricks up my sleeve. to help your offer blow the competition. away so make sure to reach out to me. when you have made your decision to move. to bed or again. one good thing about the rising home. prices is that you will definitely build. equity over the next couple of years. since the growth of our town is not. slowing down with all the people moving. from other states. number four the winter.

It’s long it’s dry and it’s completely. unpredictable. let’s start by talking about how long. winter is or at least how long it feels. to me it feels like we have seven months. of cold winter weather one and a half. months of spring two months of summer. and one and a half months of fall. ben does get a lot of sunny weather but. what they don’t tell you is that it’s. sunny and 20 degrees you do acclimate. pretty quickly and because it’s sunny. it’s cheerful and less depressing than. other parts of oregon that get a lot of. cloud cover. even when it snows it doesn’t feel as. cold as it could because it’s very dry. and not humid at all here in bend you. will need to stock up on lotions. moisturizers and humidifiers to help. bring some moisture into your home. i’ve even found i run through my mascara. quicker because it dries out before i.

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Can even use the entire bottle another. good thing about this dry air we have is. that my hair doesn’t get as frizzy like. it used to in california. okay let’s talk about the. unpredictability of the weather in bend. oregon. making any kind of driving plans from. november through april can be a. challenge the weather forecast can. change daily so planning anything. outside during these months can also be. an issue. number five. the fires and the smoke. if you suffer from severe asthma or have. a heart condition bend in the summer. might be an issue for you we live in the. middle of a national forest i’m sure. that’s why some of you are considering. moving to vendor again but july through. september is our fire season which can. make some of those outdoor activities. you want to do nearly impossible. smoke also blows in from california.

Washington and even canada depending on. how the wind is blowing. it can be weeks at a time where the air. quality is unhealthy and unsafe for. outdoor activities. there have been times my daughter was. stuck inside during the last few weeks. of her summer vacation and even when the. kids were back to school they had to. stay inside at recess because the air. quality was so poor. like you literally can’t see across the. street the smoke is so thick a little. helpful tip don’t forget to change your. air filters in your house and your car. after fire season you’d be surprised at. how dirty those things get those are my. top five worst things about living in. bend oregon and to be honest i’m a. pretty positive person so coming up with. this list was hard for me mostly because. i freaking love bend oregon. this place is special and moving to ben.

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