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Austin texas has been ranked multiple. times as the number one. best city to move to in the u.s this has. caused the city to experience. massive rapid growth in population size. due to thousands of people moving here. every year. for those of y’all who don’t know me i. was born. in austin this is my hometown i. absolutely love it here. and it will always have a special place. in my heart. with that being said just like every. city austin does have its downsides. and as a true local austinite i feel. perfectly qualified. to talk about those downsides and. hopefully prevent anyone out there. from wasting time and money by moving to. a city that isn’t right. for you so here are six reasons why you. shouldn’t move to austin texas so the. first thing i want to talk about. is the weather austin has. a humid subtropical climate which means.

We have. really hot and humid summers and mild to. cold winters. and when i say hot summers i mean really. hot. summers especially in july and august. you can expect it to be. pretty much near 100 degrees every day. and it is not uncommon for the heat. index to be about 107 degrees. so it is currently about 3 22 in the. afternoon. and it is hot outside i was looking at. what my ipad says it is 96 degrees. and feels like 104. it’s pretty hot here. it gets really hot if you aren’t used to. this type of heat or don’t want to deal. with this heat. i don’t recommend coming here in the. summer after the summer. about like october through about may. it’s nowhere near this hot but it won’t. get cold enough for it to snow or. anything. it’ll be mainly in like the 60s or 70s. so it’s actually pretty nice throughout. the rest of the year but.

In the summer it gets pretty hot but. because it gets so hot here in the. summer. most people tend to spend most of their. time indoors. in the nice cold air condition and i. know me personally i don’t go outside. unless it’s in the early morning. or in the late evening just to beat that. summer heat. so i’ll typically just like play video. games during the daytime. or edit videos work on music or just. find something to do indoors to really. beat that heat. unless you’re gonna go to a lake or a. pool that’s a great way to beat the heat. i recommend doing that a lot in the. summer just because it will feel so. refreshing. the next thing i want to talk about is. traffic. traffic is absolutely terrible here. and although it has gotten a lot better. now that everyone is working remote. due to covid it used to not be so great.

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I don’t think the traffic was ever as. bad as. la or new york uh but it certainly felt. that way at times. they have improved public transportation. since. austin started becoming a booming tech. city about 10 to 15 years ago. but it’s still nowhere near as what it. should be and it’s definitely like. nowhere near. what la offers or what new york offers. we do have a rail line. but it pretty much only covers north. austin to. downtown austin if you live in south. austin like you just won’t ever use it. and i personally live in south austin so. i never even use the rail i actually. never even see it buses actually do. cover a large range. of the city i personally rode buses to. my college i went to the university of. texas at austin and i. catch a bus in south austin and just. ride it all the way up there. so it is good to have that option oh and.

If you’re a college student. uh public transportation is free in the. city of austin. so reason number three. there are no beaches or mountains near. or. in the city whatsoever hopefully you. knew that austin didn’t have any beaches. considering it’s in the center of texas. but maybe you didn’t know it didn’t have. mountains if you head out west there are. some like. cliff things like maybe rocky hills if. that’s what you want to call them. but other than that there really aren’t. any mountains here i personally wish. there were mountains and beaches here. i mean i remember the first time i went. to colorado. and i saw some like massive mountains. and it was absolutely awesome. being able to hike in the mountains and. if austin had that. man that’d be sick and beaches as well. man if we have beaches we’d be able to.

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Go surfing. we’d be able to have beach parties we’d. be able to go on. walks at night on the beach or during. the day for that matter. i mean i just feel like having a beach. opens up so many. opportunities and options to do for fun. than. if you live in a city that doesn’t have. a beach i mean austin. does have lakes and pools and creeks. we do have lots of water activities that. people love to do. on town lake such as kayaking and. suffering. especially in the months of july and. august people also love to go boating on. lake travis. so that’s another popular thing here but. in my opinion. none of those things really beat having. a beach. because i mean technically you can do. all those things on the ocean. so reason number four is something you. might have not been expecting. but it has to do with wildlife and no. i’m not talking about your common like.

Snakes. yes austin does have snakes we got. spiders we got. roaches we got a lot of animals that. people might not like. uh we do get the occasional gator as. well. although that’s very rare but i’m not. talking about any of those things. i’m talking about bats now if you are. afraid of bats. you might want to reconsider moving here. because austin has. a lot of them we have a giant colony. living underneath the congress bridge. and. pretty much right next to downtown i. mean it’s pretty much in the heart of. austin. there’s about 1.5 million. mexican freetailed bats living. underneath that bridge. and in the summer they pretty much fly. out. every night like they just like go. it’s it’s actually a really cool sight. to see lots of people line up on the. bridge. and underneath the bridge to see it. happen but i mean if bats aren’t your.

Thing you might not want to move here. just because in the summer it’s pretty. common to see them just flying. a couple feet above your head alright so. we are at zilker park right now. and are currently bats flying directly. over our head. i’m going to try to get them on camera. for you guys but it is dark so i don’t. know if we’ll be able to pick it up. those are bats there’s little black. things flying in the air. oh yeah. don’t get alarmed like the bats never do. anything to people. i mean honestly i feel like it’s kind of. hard to tell their bats. unless you’re like really paying. attention because often times like they. just look like. small birds flying in the air they never. do anything to people so there’s no need. to. really be alarmed i’ve never had a bad. experience with the bats here. the only thing i recommend being careful.

With is you never want to. touch or pick up a bat on the ground. just because it could have rabies. if you get rabies that would suck you. might die. plus you might also have to get a lot of. rabies shots which doesn’t sound fun. yeah just just don’t pick up any dead or. lying on the ground bats and you should. be okay. another reason why you might not want to. move to austin is because of its. political views. texas as a whole is known as a very. conservative state. and that is very true but the same can’t. be said about. austin austin’s political views kind of. more aligned with. seattle or l.a or pretty much any other. big liberal city in the u.s i’m not. quite sure why this. is but if this bothers you you can. pretty much pick. any other city in the state of texas as. they’ll more likely be. more conservative than austin my final.

Reason for why you shouldn’t move to. austin texas. is the costs of whitman austin. is nowhere near as expensive as san. francisco. or new york or la but. it is the most expensive city to live in. in the state of texas this is largely. due. to the rapid growth that we experienced. in austin. tons of people moved here and therefore. we needed to build more houses. more apartments and that caused the. renting and housing prices. to skyrocket the median housing prices. in austin. are around 369 000 compared to the. national average of about two hundred. thousand dollars. but they can be a lot more expensive. than that depending on where you look. in austin pretty much if you’re looking. near downtown austin. expect the housing prices to be around a. million dollars. if you go north or south you can pretty. much find a house.

Around the 300 000 mark but you can also. find them around. 500 600 maybe even 700 000. range if those housing prices are still. too high for you. what a lot of people do in this city is. they either move. really north or really south so you’ll. get a lot of people moving to round rock. which is just north of austin or you’ll. get a lot of people moving to. buda or kyle which is just south of. austin. and typically you can find houses that. are cheaper. in those areas compared to the houses. you find in the austin. city limits as far as rent for. apartments go you can pretty much expect. to pay. around 1400 a month for a single bedroom. apartment. or around seventeen hundred dollars a. month for a two bedroom. apartment another option that you do. have is. to actually rent a house and split the. cost of rent. with a couple of friends i actually do.

Have some friends doing this just. because it does provide a bigger space. it can also be cheaper than renting a. double bedroom or. single bedroom apartment now the other. thing you have to pay attention to. is property taxes in 2018 homeowners had. to pay around 7. 500 in property taxes and that number. goes up. every year and depending on where you. live in austin. those numbers can actually be a lot. higher than that i do know for a fact. that if you do live near downtown. your property taxes will be a lot higher. for sure i’ve seen property taxes go for. around. fifteen thousand dollars some even. nineteen thousand dollars. and they could probably be higher than. that honestly. so just be aware of that now with all. this being said. and none of these things actually bother. you and you’re still thinking about. moving to austin.

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I absolutely recommend giving it a try. because you will honestly. probably really like it here in my. opinion austin is. a great city there’s lots of fun things. to do here it’s a very dogfriendly city. and there’s lots of young people here i. personally really like it here. although i do see myself moving out of. the city for a bit just to experience. living in a different city and kind of. give my life a little change. but i could see myself moving back here. eventually you know all my family lives. here. and i personally think it’s a great city. to raise a family in as well. if you enjoyed watching this video. please make sure to give it a thumbs up. and hit that subscribe button. and if you have any questions or can. think of any other reasons. as to why you shouldn’t move to austin. feel free to leave them down below in.

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