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Hey welcome back to my channel it is. Mandy from a video last week when I went. on this date you guys with this guy that. I met offline and he was trash but the. thing is it’s not just him bill it’s not. just him like everybody I have dated in. the Austin area since I’ve been in. Austin has been trash and I’m wondering. is it my location like what’s the. problem sis I don’t know what it is okay. so dating Austin is clear sucks right no. shade no tea dan and Austin sucks and I. get this from a lot of different cities. people a lot of different cities ladies. like oh my god it looks trying to date. out here but I mean I’ve lived in. different cities in Texas and Austin is. lowers I thought I had it bad in Houston. I thought I had it bad in Killeen but. till I got to Austin I realized it it’s. the worse here. first of all in Austin you have to deal.

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With the population disparity in Austin. the africanamerican population makes up. only 9% of the entire populations of. citizens in Austin so already you guys. we are dealing with the disparity men. and women on top of that 35% of the. africanamerican men that are in Austin. are in jail or prison so that leaves us. with the gay men in them in that already. got with. nothing to choose from sis I’m trying to. sell you nothing to choose from okay so. I’m gonna start off with the story about. how I went out last week with this guy I. met online on tinder. he was sweet or whatever but when he. showed up I’m five three but I do like. to wear heels no doubt about it I do. like to wear heels he shows up girl five. five so that put my heels on he was like. right here to me right here no lie no. kidding no shows he was like right here.

I’m like now I don’t want to. discriminate against nobody for their. height weight color like I’m just not a. prejudice girl I’m not a prejudice girl. but I have preferences preferences not. prejudices preferences I want a man my. height or top not my height I’m like I. want a man tall six feet started skit. brown eyes nice low haircut cleancut. dresses well shoes on fleek you’ll feel. me because that’s one of the things that. I look at immediately his feet his teeth. his fingernails those are important okay. so I mean I can’t do the shorties and I. mean it’s the thing here it’s called the. Austin average most guys here are five. six two five nine that’s all you get and. ladies ladies y’all know what comes with. five six two five nine I don’t have to. tell you what comes with five six two. five nine. I like six feet under six feet tall.

I don’t have to I don’t have to get. graphic for you to understand where I’m. coming from cuz I know you picking up. what I’m putting down. okay I know you picking up what I’m. putting down these will do and they may. like mushroom shorty poor you’ll call me. first solo who you call me shorty we. gonna fight out you who you call it. shorty okay then you got a deal with the. dudes who cuz the run out here is hot. the rent and Austin is high no lie I. will not do. I won’t it’s like we live in California. but we live in Texas so these guys are. moving out here from different states in. different cities and they don’t have. nowhere to go so they’re meeting girls. ladies who already have a place in new. it’s IM de PE in de t out here and. moving with them making them think. they’re in a relationship and then. dating women on the side I’m not nobody.

Side piece I’m not nobody so I have a. video of my ex trying to make me a side. piece I’m not nobody stripes okay so. yeah that’s another thing Dylan would do. is that already have girls then next. thing is the sugar daddy paw Paw’s. that’s what I like to call them the. sugar daddy. paw Paw’s who are already established. probably retired probably can afford to. take you on a date but his noodle is. overcooked his noodle is overcook is. done is well done it it’s finished but. they come for you too baby they don’t. care they like look sis what’s going on. can I get your number Mike sir. my grandpa dad but y’all run y’all y’all. probably wants a kindergarten together. like y’all y’all would like sugar daddy. Papa what am I gonna do with you sugar. daddy Papa I just want I’m I I need you. I mean. yeah you can pack your yeah you can.

Bill. yeah go ahead have you but I don’t want. to date you. we ain’t going in public without that no. six you know about the rub there were. mommy sugar daddy papa. well okay then you got the young ones. the books because the eye eyelid I’m not. a cougar but don’t push me. okay I’m not a cougar but don’t push me. I don’t buy no tennis shoes and I ain’t. got no PlayStation over here I got. something else you could play with okay. I got something else you could play with. but them you know they want you to feed. them they want you to have a bottle when. they get there they gonna do everything. you need them to do and ladies don’t. even act like sometimes you need you. don’t have that one person you need to. call when you need to do what you need. them to do stop acting I know I’m not. the only one I know I’m not the only one.

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That got that person for what you need. them to do what they need to do they. could come through and my person for. that is like 26 and he kills me because. every time you come he’s like you got. something to drink. okay you’re thirsty you is a. thirsty. it’s turn you don’t past in stores you. didn’t find nothing to drink on the way. then always want something tricky. he is thirsty I hope you watch it you. thirsty you’re thirsty yeah you on. time I do you thirsty. well yeah but he do everything I need. him to do baby cuz I’m not looking for. him to marry me I’m definitely not. looking to have any more kids cuz I’m. done in that department and I’m not look. I don’t need any help here I got this. under control so that’s what he that’s. his role but you had you end up having. to get those you end up happening if.

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Those cuz it is like I said hard as hell. to date in Austin okay then you go out. to the club they don’t say you nothing. because they like to online date here. they like to meet you online they like. to message you they like to talk in text. for months before they decided they see. you. person you know and I’m not with that. I’m a oneon-one type of girl I like to. meet in person and immediately let me. see let me make sure you’re not we not. gonna be on catfish. you’re not fooling me you know I’m not. gonna fall in love with a picture I need. to see you. and really I need to see you in real. life I need to see you in real life and. they don’t do that here and they’ll be. standing you’ll be in a club and he’ll. be standing right next to you standing. right next to you. and then by the time you get home this. fool get on tinder and message you and.

Say did I see you at the club to make I. don’t know sir which one were you I. don’t know because you didn’t speak to. me I don’t have a clue which one were. you if you would have said something we. would have known right right simple. simple and I know it’s the new modern. technology age and I’m a little old. school so maybe that’s what it is maybe. people get off on FaceTime. this sounds cool face sounds cool you. get at least you can tell that that is. the real person I will give them that. if you want to FaceTime but I’m a more. physical type of girl I like affection. I’m a very affectionate I’m a Capricorn. I want to meet you in person. I want to try I want to test it out I. want to just I need to ride the horse to. know if I can break them you feel me I. need to ride the horse to know him I can. break him period so yeah that you guys I.

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