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For the very first time here on ftd. facts were gonna be exploring the. country of armenia. its such a beautiful country with. ancient roots and its filled with. surprising and interesting gems that. will leave a lasting impression. in your thoughts hey guys whats. happening welcome back to ftd facts my. name is leroy kenton. and so many of you requested for us to. do this episode. so heres some of the comments of you. guys who requested for us to do facts. about armenia. now watch this video until the end. because i dont want you missed any of. these facts about. this amazing country starting off with. fact number 10. armenia was the first country to have. adopted christianity as its. state religion so check this out today. 97 of the population of armenia are. christians now the country was converted. to christianity back.

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In the year 301 a.d by saint gregory. illuminator. and since then many churches have been. built in his name. moving on to fact number nine all of you. fans of the queens gambit you know that. show on netflix. youre definitely gonna love this one. just can also be. beautiful chess is actually a compulsory. subject in schools in armenia. making chess a compulsory subject in. school means that kids actually have to. study and practice a game. like any other subject like science math. and other subjects this helps them. develop. skills at a very young age that help to. complement their performance in other. subjects. also outside of school it makes your. brain just think a little bit. differently moving on to fact number. eight here we have yerevan this is the. capital of armenia and its called the. pink. city because of the color of the stones.

Used in many of its buildings. in the countryside if you take a drive. by youll see that theres many houses. that mix with the pinkish hills because. they also have. pink stones so the hills are pink the. houses are pink. everything is pink well not everything. but a whole lot of the city is. pink yerban is also one of the oldest. inhabited cities and it was constructed. 29 years before. rome next thing to know is that. armenians also believe that they. know the exact location of noahs ark. theres a proper belief in armenia that. noahs ark. is in mount ararat according to the. bible noahs ark refers to the vessel. that was built. by noah to preserve a life of humans and. animals. from drowning in a global flood now. despite. many people searching for the ark no one. can actually. conclusively say that they have found.

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Noahs ark but its still a big part in armenian heritage and the ark also appears on armenias coat of arms mount ararat by the way is a snowcapped and dormant compound volcano in the very eastern section of turkey and it consists of two major volcanic cones there is the greater ararat and then theres little ararat greater ararat is the highest peak in turkey and the armenian highland with an elevation of 5 1337 meters or 16 854 feet tall next up at fact number six dinner in armenia is rarely eaten without huge piles of tasty flat bread now this is a staple in armenian cuisine its so important that it is placed on the unescos list of intangible cultural heritage and that was done back in the year 2014.

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So if you love yourself some nice juicy. flatbread. armenia is the country to be all right. guys so we reached halfway in this. episode looking at 10 surprising facts. about armenia. we have five more to go but just taking. this time out to let you know about our. new channel. ftd reacts here were gonna bring you. culture. in a new and exciting way but not just. pop culture were gonna be looking at. fashion trends youre gonna be looking. at food and were gonna help. bring the world to you in an exciting. way youre gonna see our live reactions. its gonna be. a fun pretty interesting channel where. you can learn about the world learn. about the cultures. of our world and also laugh at the same. time so the link where you can subscribe. is below in the video description. section all right continuing with fact. number five according to guinness world.

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Records the longest nonstop. double track cable car is in tativ. aerial. tramway its exactly 5752 meters. long which works out to be 18 871 feet. long. now this cable car is pretty amazing it. connects the village of. hal azor with the tatev monastery and on. it you have a great view of the. vorotan river gorge as you travel along. now this is something that armenia is. really proud of moving on to fact number. four armenia is one of the only. monoethnic countries in the entire world. okay this is pretty surprising but 97 of. people living in armenia are. armenians and the remaining small. percent are made up of various different. ethnic minorities. like ukrainians kurds russians. and other ethnic groups yeah but they. keep their ethnic pool very very very. very small. theres not a lot of immigration to. armenia as well.

Its just another aspect that makes this. country a little. unique another interesting fact coming. at number three is that the. miyazin is the mother church of the. armenian apostolic. church and its located in the city of. miyazan which also has the name of. baghar shapa. now according to most scholars anyways. it is actually the first cathedral that. was built in ancient armenia. and its often considered the oldest. cathedral in the entire. world for fact number two theres also a. stork village. in armenia this village contains a whole. row. of long wooden poles lined up and if. youre traveling along you can see. huge storks nest on top of each of these. poles. its said that these storks migrate from. africa every single year before winter. and then they return when its. springtime. also the nests are pretty massive that.

Some other small. birds like sparrows they make little. nests out of. the huge storks nests and finally we. made it to fact number one for this. episode. probably our most important fact in this. video so. check it out back in the year 1915 the. ottoman government. they orchestrated uh extermination of. 1.5 million armenians and this act is. known as the armenian genocide. now turkey the successor state of the. ottoman empire they actually denied that. it was a genocide. but governments of 28 countries. including. britain france and russia they. recognized the event as an act of. genocide but today the armenian genocide. remembrance day. is a public holiday in armenia and is. observed on. april 24th of each and every year. so for all our armenian brothers and. sisters out there. you know we support you here at ftd. facts and we wish your country continual.

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