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Dating In Amsterdam want to

Hey everybody so today’s video actually. comes to you from over a year and a half. ago and for whatever reason I didn’t put. it up on YouTube the first time but I. found footage accidentally and here it. is don’t forget to give it a big like. and subscribe to the channel from where. videos I mean digging around the world. okay okay okay ready. but you know I they don’t be a macho or. something know me like selfish you know. thank the ancient city girl. thank you guys talk too much about. yourself Wow bragging about guards but. money about now talking about themselves. but that’s an easy place of course don’t. you do not do it’s not to be too much oh. yeah you think drugs are typical thing. you’re very tall. yes hey can we get the camera focused on. him. if she likes you can she flirt with you. or should she be direct somebody just be.

Honest you know don’t think a woman in. your car and put their romantic music on. you know let’s keep it keep it normal. keep it plain don’t overdo it. I think don’t overdo it is the best. advice are you okay it’s like a or. something that’s when you act in there. people are using all those pictures of. it from yourself like don’t show it. don’t pay the bill don’t pay the bill. that’s where the woman shouldn’t pay the. bill yeah for herself. yeah so you should pay for her yeah you. want to pay for her yeah okay all the. time no no first time and maybe another. time okay I have a girlfriend that’s. okay I will deal with that yes don’t. think of the bill by yourself you know. let let R be a man in in a certain. extent so cheer 50/50 for the first date. and after that we’ll see so wait what do. you mean by picking up the bill with the.

Woman pay for you on the date is that my. wife Lulu she tried to pay for you on. the day yeah so you want the man to pay. for you thank you want the guy to pay. for you okay sometimes you face off. there’s other friends fades thank you. you don’t do it when you’re you’re never. a girl but if you want to go 5050 that. will be okay because this is deliverance. and we are not one thing that you can do. with the ditch man where you have sex. cannot you cannot I think what do you. think that you can do I don’t know I’m. asking you I didn’t think of it also I. don’t know I just came to Holland I. haven’t gotten to that stage listen in. every relationship and for a Dutch guys. it’s like 5050. we’d like to do our part of the of the. world what’s it like that in the kitchen. or anywhere else and she should accept. that not to be like the lady lady what.

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