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Great things everybody and welcome back. to my youtube channel i’ve been living. here in abu dhabi for five years ladies. and gentlemen more than five years to be. exact five years in a few months now. and uh it’s a wonderful place it’s a. beautiful city. it’s not as crazy as uh you know dubai. dubai is just the whole craziness the. whole traffic the whole movement right. the the tallest building and the tallest. structures and the tallest everything. abu dhabi is a bit more tempered abu. dhabi is a bit more let’s say down to. earth. this is the capital of the united arab. emirates dubai is just the bigger city. but they both have a special place in my. heart i would say. and one of the reasons is i always. wanted to live by the seaside that was. one of my my dreams as a kid right i. wanted to live by the seaside and here i.

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Am in abu dhabi many years later and. enjoying the lifestyle here. now ladies and gents i have a job here. and i came for a job right i’m a flight. attendant for the national carrier of. united arab emirates it is an enjoyable. job and i do enjoy traveling a lot. that’s one perk of the job but obviously. i do have a lot of days off here in abu. dhabi and abu dhabi is my base abu dhabi. is the place i am living in. it’s my current home i was very excited. when i first came here you know i was. eager to discover everything i was. taking taxi going here and left and. right and i wanted to see the grand. mosque i wanted to see the ferrari world. i wanted to see the city i wanted to see. the skyline i wanted to have shisha by. the sea. which actually there’s a pretty nice. place very close by. anyway. i wanted to do all of those things and i.

And i’ve done it but then you know i. kind of tempered my let’s say my. sightseeing desires right i just just. tempered them now i just know the city. better i know how it is like to live. here most of the people coming here in. abu dhabi they come already with a job. they come with a visa right a visa for. working usually there’s many types of. visas here there’s the work visa right. there’s the retirement visa there is the. travel visa there is a student visa so. everybody comes here for a purpose as i. said before in previous videos i would. say most people spend a nice part of. their life here. there’s all kinds of jobs right there’s. a lot of retail jobs there’s a lot of. oil related jobs aviation jobs technical. jobs construction jobs so something for. everybody right and most people they. come here to work because they have a.

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Better opportunity than in their own. countries it was the same case for me i. came here because i found a good job i. found a better opportunity than in my. city or my country right back home which. is romania so i found something better. here and i took it. up and. i’m happy that i took that opportunity. you can have an amazing lifestyle here. go explore the city. you can go on pool on the beach during. weekends run by the sea. you can go to branches all the malls are. packed with entertainment even for the. kids even for the adults so there is. something for everybody in this location. this is what i actually noticed. and yeah it’s an enjoyable city to be in. and to to live life now will i stay here. for a long time no personally i would. like to go home back to romania for my. family. uh that will be in a few years.

Until then i will still live here my. family is not here my childhood friends. are not here so those are some of the. reason that. you will not be here forever but anyway. a couple of questions is this a. touristical city absolutely it’s it’s. booming with tourists same like dubai. maybe not as much obviously dubai is the. bigger city this uh city has a. population of one million inhabitants. and while dubai has over three million. as far as i remember so obviously dubai. is the. is the bigger and more shinier one. but still there’s plenty of action. happening here in abu dhabi and there’s. plenty of things for tourists. to do i like the place it is number one. safest city in the world. there is many charts about safety there. is a safety index abu dhabi scores. really high on many of them let me just. put the iso higher many people they have.

Safety in mind so this is one of the. safest cities you can live in on the. whole planet so that’s good. i have colleagues that are going at. night outside nobody is afraid of. anything everybody’s cool they are. families here the cost of living is a. bit high and the cost of. scholarship and schools it’s a bit high. but obviously as a single person myself. i don’t have any kids so that doesn’t. affect me directly. i cannot talk much about that now the. cost of living has grown a bit since. five years ago to be very honest with. you there is now five percent vat. applicable to all uh consumer goods and. food so that’s a bit a bit of a drawback. because the the price was a bit high for. food for example even before because. everything is imported right. so this is one of the drawbacks i guess. so you must have a good job or you must.

Save enough and not be a consumer of. goods right that will be an advantage. for you if you come here. but yeah this is. a very cool place to actually shop. around should you move to abu dhabi if. you get the opportunity. no doubt i totally encourage you to do. so. especially now because the pandemic is. tempered down and more jobs are starting. to to come more jobs more things are. opening up again i would say it’s the. perfect opportunity to get a good job. here in abu dhabi there’s so many things. that you can actually. apply for out here now the battery on my. camera is going slim so i’ll have to end. the video here ladies and gents this has. been it. for the moment if you have any questions. about abu dhabi and living here please. post them down in the comments section. below leave a like and subscribe to my.

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