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You be hating your life we have been. filming this video for months we’re. finally done part one we really wanted. to give you guys some inspiration. because I know how hard it is to get out. of your bed you just get so comfortable. did you just yawn yeah he’s born out. here also I wouldn’t consider every. single one of these a date a lot of them. are just like things to do you know also. a lot of these are steered toward miss. mister people Midwestern people because. a lot of them are in the snow and like. snowy vibes and stuff like that another. thing was this was so hard to think of. day it’s like honestly like 50 it feels. like when you think of a date they’re. just like summery and like all that fun. stuff but like we got none of that gear. right now so I’m trying to give you guys. inspiration of what you and your boytoy.

Can do together girl toy toy breath. honey flower yes oil stop and that right. there makes pizza all look at this boy. you’re like doubled in size we are. really just transferring these pizzas so. we can make a cute disco yeah cuz . so she can make it this girl yeah this. looks so much better. large kyookie cute cute cute montage. we’re gonna try it now okay wow there’s. so much better than I thought this one. this is an interesting date I found it. on tictac actually but we’re at. Goodwill we have to go inside we’re. gonna pick out outfits for each other. and then we’re gonna make em try it on. and it’s gonna be girls outfit so let’s. go men bro why is this hard they. actually have like lowkey good things. here like I can’t find anything cringy. oh that’s kind of bad. I have teal pants hell yeah I found the. perfect pants mmm that was kind of cute.

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I really want to get these pants but I. don’t think this is the size but oh hell. yeah this isn’t nothing like anything. you would wear this is perfect well. don’t best. smells kind of weird as well you know. that’ll happen oh my god stop I’m so. scared right now. yep that looks really comfy I know I. feel really pretty here honestly should. probably get those jeans are kind of. cute I really like the little something. and how it’s like a little bit too big I. just love that look look oh sorry. yeah oh my god. we’re gonna go see the light this one. gonna see some Christmas lights. I wish Ari I shouldn’t talk with my. hands I talk to my hands this time we’re. gonna go see the Christmas light okay. well let’s go because we honestly have a. little road trip to it oh yeah we don’t. have a whole lot of time you know we.

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Bad. we just got done from the lights and. they were there was a lot of them there. were target for what bro but honestly if. you didn’t have your big coat I thank. you behind we are adults. oh my god no way is it a bowler is it a. plate lift weave you want to race you. look at a winner get leather yeah love. it dude is it fresh a boy smell anything. damn smell this one this one’s actually. kind of good it’s weird but I would know. my god. we just got facials on the face boundary. and literally feel so good yeah don’t go. if you’re tired though cause like I was. ready to fall asleep yeah the whole time. just relaxes you so much it’s really. really relaxed that was great we loved. that that was good time I recommended. for sure. Hey okay what you up to you seem. distressed I am a little bit why’s that. we are conflicted cool how far does it.

Go oh it’s just that part wait no yeah. ooh topia oh my god this is too good. all right let’s begin. all right guys reading the ABCs Oh II I. don’t know this makes much sense but. we’re gonna cut all these out put them. in a hat shuffle and whatever letter we. get we have to pick a restaurant that. starts with that letter you got it back. there yeah we go we go. wait we need a hat you got a new happy. you got a new beanie my than one who’s. hurt okay where is it. Oh noodles noodles and company it is. boom. so good I’ll probably end up eating all. that but we made it big this is so good. guys the pad thai no no no no no. pesto cavatappi or something with. grilled chicken unreal. this woman has two meals your hair is. frozen yeah Minnesota thing we’re gonna. rearrange my room guys this is what my. room looks like before.

Swiffer put this the Martins found a. dime on the ground thought of you it. actually was a dime just if you’re. wondering oh that’s so cute. hey guys ready to see that after it’s. pretty cool my room looks like 10 dimes. bigger like I moved the bed and I’m my. mirror and that thing that’s literally. the only thing I moved but it just looks. so much better I feel like. welcome to nice hair salon battle room. today we’re gonna be giving him a. blowout you know bring him really nice. curls in here so I normally have my. medium Barrel on but I put my small one. on and I think it’s really funny this is. gonna be literally so funny. oh wait that’s kind of hot. it’s kind of cute. what no it looks like he just woke up. he already has really curly hair so like. it kind just doesn’t really look that. different I mean he looks a lot cuter my.

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Hair doesn’t always look like this it’s. just these two pieces that look. different like the rest of your head can. look a little curly poodle I really like. it it’s about what four degrees and. windy she can skate though she can skate. careful don’t fall don’t ever come here. you. okay I think you should do like my. everyday routine in the setup like. foundation eye shadow all that jazz. because that seems like a lot one’s a. little too dark one might be a little. too light we’re going darker huh yeah he. claims he doesn’t know what I do but I’m. like you see me do my makeup all the. time why does it seem like nothing’s. going on there no a lot is on there. that’s a lot like I would wipe that off. up here oh wow sorry I put that boy in. there well I put it over my eye candy. you mess just about everywhere so feel.

Free to go wild this will be like. anything like for you no I swear to God. I don’t know this is hard. yeah. no but I don’t know how to make it look. good this is the sick five minutes of a. masterpiece oh boy. hey I don’t know what the hell are you. going right here done you’ll let me put. it on you wait what is that. make this happen. you’re gonna god bad you think laughing. okay are you ready oh my god. it’s like 3 o’clock in the morning this. is gonna be hard because we’ve tried so. much out here getting paired up right. now cuz that’s like whoa look at all the. drinks week wait that actually looks. kind of cool and I have two more down. here we love that no it’s cuz Ronnie. wanted a very berry but since my mom. wanted a nice peach green tea lemonade. so I had to get two more but we’ve got. the goods. wow thank you yeah we’ve got three three.

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Drinks to try here it’s like sorry Walt. guava iced tea is interesting it’s like. kind of good but also kind of weird. it tastes like earthy like actual teas. yeah like it tastes actually healthy. yeah it tastes really healthy it’s not. bad like I think I would actually drink. it but I’d rather get like a very merry. hibiscus yes you should they’re all very. fresh with Chino everyone head off I. think like strawberry ice cream like. just like it I’d like a little kid would. get that isn’t it good that’s really. good. oh wait what would you rate that I ran. out of ten yeah hey you know Ted this. one probably six this one. yeah you guys six like thanks I don’t. know this one these are like release. reading sugar. like I was both like I would see myself. getting both of these true I’m not like. if I drink coffee but I’m not like the.

Biggest coffee drinker like if I go to. Starbucks. I’d rather get like a refresher you know. what I mean yeah I used to not be like. that but now I am yeah a changed man I. used coconut milk latte yeah you know I. give us like a three attend pretty much. straight coffee yeah it’s like these. were good though soon yeah yeah yeah I. do. really the best face mask ever I talk. about it in a lot of my own videos but. it’s by eminence and it’s the lime not. stimulating a mask I also have the eight. greens photomask hot but this one. apparently is like the next level up so. don’t pop it right now oh let’s see. looks kind of gross on your face cuz not. like a cute mask like oh cool cute but. it works better looks a little bit like. diarrhea it’s fine though if actually. it’s not bright green user yeah oh my. god that feels so weird it’s cold.

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Normal still if you’re really white. don’t do this well mine hurts like bad. too but like my face can just like. handle it better I guess. like your face is the shade of purple. so Maya is trying to kill me look at my. face compared to his face. it hurts it’s like really hot right now. I know I want that dessert though baby. those fire. woods to sink in my head never speak to. stay instead melodies of nothing. serenade to something now even get me. put in a bowl look at that. that’s Rice’s where do we choose to go. on a date chip away. so good any I mean out to eat please. update okay why don’t you tell me what’s. on the wall it’s called the gray Slagle. bowl she has white rice corn lettuce and. she is it’s actually good why don’t you. tell them what I normally get I normally. get rice beans and then everything else.

So like we’re gonna become Picasso um. don’t judge me we have a lot of painting. supplies but these huge canvases I was. like what are the odds of me putting. like a normalsized canvas like this big. in my room no what have you got to put. me putting this in it higher so I was. like might as well like actually get. something that I’ll actually put my room. so peep this in my room in Arizona we’re. both gonna paint like the simplest easy. stuff but mine well I’m actually gonna. try to make mine cute. I tried to bite this here’s my faith oh. oh my house is a grandma plant first. we’d actually looks good it’s a lie. Ronnie’s still in the process but I just. got done it’s a cute little aloe plant. the Sun setting back and purple sunset I. don’t know oh my god he’s done it’s. literally been like 2030 minutes later. um I had a dots mine so I thought it.

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