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I keep saying fun I can’t think of any. other world. hello Internet my name is Catherine and. today I’m coming at you guys with 50. date ideas now these dates do not have. to be date dates you can do things with. your friends things with your family. things with your parents things by. yourself. these are just some fun ideas that I. think would also make super great things. so let’s just get right into 50 date. ideas the first idea is to do an escape. room my boyfriend I did this and it was. super fun. you aren’t like searching for clues and. trying behind trying to beat the clock. before time runs out and it’s so fun my. second date idea is to have a spa day if. you can convince their significant other. to do this with you it is so much fun. just put on some face masks chill drink. some infused water it’s great number.

Three is to work out together this is. super awesome because you guys are doing. something productive and being healthy. and most of the time it’s free but if. you guys want to go to a gym and you. guys have new gym memberships you could. totally do that too the fourth option is. a water balloon fight I think this is so. fun and it brings out your childish side. which is so so important in a. relationship. date idea number five is a picnic in the. park or on the beach or anywhere I think. picnics are adorable they’re one of my. favorite types of date ideas because you. guys can just chill and make food. together or go drivethru somewhere and. just eat at a park or anyone really fun. idea number six is to spend the day in a. different city this doesn’t mean you. have to drive eight hours or out of your. state or to a different country or.

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Anything by any means but just driving. 2030 minutes outside your city to. somewhere new is so cool to just explore. idea number seven is to go night to. swimming if there’s a pool near you guys. or if one of you guys has a pool going. swimming at night with the lights and. the pool is really cool and really fun. to go to an aquarium aquariums are so. cool I think I really like aquariums and. you can see all the animals and just. have tons of fun and you can also. probably get some really cool pictures. number nine is to go out on a boat if. you guys have a boat or they have a boat. or anybody you know has a boat you can. take the boat out or take a kayak or a. canoe out and just spend the day on. idea number ten is to go puttputt. golfing this is kind of a classic date. idea that you’ve seen all the movies and.

The TV shows and that everything so you. know about your top Spanish scene go. public ball number eleven is season. specific but to kiss underneath the. mistletoe and drink some hot chocolate. and find a fire I think that’s adorable. your friends might not want you to do. that with them but you could still drink. hot chocolate number 12 is to go on the. penny date I have no idea what number. this is but is to go gokarting I love. driving fast in fast cars and all that. stuff I really want to drive a race car. one day it’s going to happen and I think. gokarting is a super fun alternative. something similar that I really love. doing is laser tag that’s not similar at. all it’s just. but in my mind like gokarting laser tag. they’re just like activities I love. laser tag I have so much fun with laser. tag I get very competitive it brings out.

My competitive side you know you guys. can be a little flirty like it’s having. a movie night this could be at the. theaters or at home with blankets and. homemade snacks and super fun super cute. super cuddly going to apart and just. kind of laying out on a blanket and. listening to some music can be so nice. and really calming and it takes you away. from everything else and we do with your. significant other or your best friend. and just peace playing video games this. is another one that really brings out. your inner child that I think is so fun. again I get a little competitive for. playing Mario Kart be prepared to lose. like I’m coming for you I think this is. super fun you guys can probably do it. either of your houses if any of you guys. have video games this one is when my. personal favorites to make a blanket for.

You guys can watch movie in there you. dinner do whatever and it’s super fun. and really creative write a song. together. I think a lot of people who would love. to write songs or just do something fun. together play your own version of. this is where you get like three. ingredients in your house and one of. your parents or siblings is the judge. and you guys have to go in 45 minutes. never makes the best dish wins so fun go. and shopping together you guys can pick. out each other outfits which is like a. big thing this year you’re like. girlfriend thighs boyfriend. clothes boyfriend bites girlfriend. clothes shopping child 2017 like you. know do your own shopping challenge 2017. what’s that a sentence along with the. writing the song together create. together you guys could paint or draw or. a book or a song or a poem or do.

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Something I think that it’s just really. cool to get into your creative side I. can’t read your side so this ankle might. be a little different but we’re back go. to an animal shelter together this is so. fun to just look at all the cute animals. and if you guys have been together for a. while maybe adopt one or just volunteer. and help socialize the animal is really. really fun adding on to this is. volunteering together if you guys enjoy. doing something go do it together for. your community feed the homeless people. or buy any sort of thing that you guys. really like to do and volunteer with it. go to the zoo looking at animals is so. fun specifically I love elephants I. could spend the whole day at the zoo but. looking at elephants and just being like. but there’s tons of fun stuff to see and. if you make sure it’s an ethical do not.

Something like SeaWorld that’s awesome. this one is stargazing you can just lay. out look at the stars together really. romantic. really cheap and really easy build a. scrapbook of your memories together this. one more applies to people who have been. together for a while but it’s such a. cute idea to be looking through old. photos and reminiscing will thing it’s I. think that’s adorable go to an arcade. skeeball and on the games and dance. dance revelution I think it’s so fun and. would be really creative and fun and. exciting and I can’t think of more words. I need a better vocabulary something. really really interesting to do and not. too expensive. go bowling I love bowling sometimes at. certain times it’ll get dark in the. bowling alley and they have these like. neon lights and they’re playing fun. music and it’s like rule like it’s a.

Party at the bowling alley. tons of cute Instagram pictures you can. Bowl and you can get bumpers and maybe. your date will shame you and if they do. you can be like you’re not go to a book. store it would be so fun to pick out a. book for each other and then swamp them. and read them and get back to each other. on them you could give them your. favorite book they could give you theirs. or you guys could just look for. different books together. I love reading so this is something that. was your Super Bowl for me go to a. farmers market places often have. accelerating markets or Sunday markets. their local foods local crafts local. businesses it’s super awesome to shop. and support local have a game night get. together and do some board games make. some popcorn and just chill out and be. kids again go to Ikea everybody does.

This I haven’t been to Ikea like an. actual IKEA store I don’t think ever in. my life. people always talk about playing hide. seek and IKEA I know there’s good food. at IKEA listen man we’re getting to the. edge here I I lost creativity go to a. sports game personally I really love. baseball games I think they’re really. fun to watch I also love hockey games. yes action give it to me but the whole. vibe that goes along with sports games. is really fun and you can get really. cheap tickets sometimes do a DIY. together if my significant other was. like hey you want a DIY something I’d be. like yes let’s do it. I love DIY things making things creating. things having fun be like laurdiy go to. a museum lots of places have free. museums or you can just find museums. that are just around you’d like to go to. and looking at art or modern things can.

Be really fun and really interesting do. yoga together this is something I’ve got. to do notice my boyfriend to do but. eventually he’s going to and I love yoga. I think it’s so relaxing and then and. also a great workout and doing that. together could be so so nice have a. photo shoot together. my boyfriend luckily loves taking. pictures so this part is pretty easy I. am NOT the message taking photos but I. tried my hardest you know like I’m. getting there. and coing we’re working on it. and you guys get both super cool. Instagram photos and it’s just really. fun to travel around and take pictures. together go to yard sales yard sales. have tons a super cheap stuff they’re. really local you can meet new people. hunt for things really I keep saying fun. I can’t think of any other worlds make. breakfast my boyfriend and I do this a.

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While ago we made pancakes and it’s just. really nice to sit and you know a lot of. people associated dinner with being a. date meal switch it up make breakfast. date meal yes equality for all meals. watch the sunrise or the sunset together. I don’t know if I could wake up early. enough for the sunrise I’ve talked about. this but sunset yes sign me up you don’t. even really need a location just sitting. in the car and watching the sunset could. be really beautiful drive around and. sing in the car with the windows down so. good so much fun I’m repeating a lot of. things for my 53 things to do this. summer video I’m sorry if you haven’t. seen that video look at the block a lot. of those things from a great date ideas. show in a park going on the swings or on. the slide or the monkey bars yes try to. draw or paint each other I am NOT an.

Artist I have nowhere near an artist my. artistic ability is like it’s down there. if we’re talking about visual art like. not my thing but if you wanted to try to. draw your significant other and your. significant other trying to draw you. that can be really fun pick out an. outfit for each other this doesn’t. necessarily have to be shopping this. could just be out the clothes that they. have you guys could dress each other and. see what the other person’s style on you. and look like look through old baby. photos together this is so funny really. fun brings up all these really funny. memories and it’s really a really cool. bonding experience go fruitpicking. I wish there was tons more fruit picking. near me because I would pick all the. fruits I love a fruit so much and got a. fruit picking to something it would be.

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