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Dating Horror Stories maybe even
My name is alexandra i’m 24 and i’m from. manchester in the uk. i’m sure everyone male female and. everyone in between will agree that one. of the single worst parts about dating. is that you never really know who you’re. dealing with until you really know them. guys who you thought were complete knob. heads turn out to be really sweet and. caring when you get to know them. like they’re coding their idealism in a. moody shell to avoid being ridiculed or. risking getting hurt. that sounds very amateur psychologist of. me i know but it’s just the way i see it. however. taking a chance on those kind of guys is. well just that taking a massive chance i. read a guy wrong once and ended up on a. date where he just kept trying to pour. shots down my throat so i’d be drunk. enough to. well you know. and after that i decided to play it a.

Little bit safer and go for the nicer. more gentle manly guys. they might be a little bit boring or. prudish sometimes. but at least they put effort into their. dates and you can have a nice time with. them. but like i said. sometimes the nice guys turn out to be. not so nice. now spoilers but i’m in the middle of. getting a restraining order against the. guy i’m about to tell you about and he’s. already been to court over the incident. in this story so for legal reasons i’m. not going to name him because it might. actually affect the court’s decision if. they ever came to hear about this. i know the guy trawls the internet for. any mention of me or him or this event. and as much as i can make my social. private and block his own i can’t. exactly make some big youtube channels. private can i. and i honestly don’t know how much he.

Knows about my favorite corners of the. internet so i can’t take a chance on it. i know it sounds unbelievably stupid but. this could actually be used against me. in court which is why i gave you my. middle name and not my actual first. the justice system in this country is so. stupid that it could literally be seen. as a provocation. and his solicitors could maybe even get. the whole restraining order thrown out. of court. but how that’s even possible with his. conviction for breaking and entering and. brandishing a deadly weapon. i have no bloody idea. because. that’s what he did. after i decided that as nice as he was. we just weren’t meshing he decided to. scare the life out of me. but then the worst thing he actually. missed me being home and ended up. basically traumatizing my flatmate. i had absolutely no suspicion that he’d.

Ever do anything like that either. like when i called him after two months. of dating to tell him. i’m not sure this is gonna work. all he really asked an objection was. don’t you think you’re being a bit hasty. and. is there anything i can do or say to. change your mind. obviously the answer to both questions. was no that i’d made my decision and it. needed to be respected. after that he didn’t say anything else. really he just kept saying okay. over and over until i finally ended the. call. no one takes that kind of news well i. know that but he took it better than. some guys i’ve broken things off with. so like i said there was absolutely no. clue that he’d ever do anything so. drastic as to break his way into my flat. but as i also said. that’s not all he did. i remember being on my way home from. work and texting my flatmate to ask if.

She had anything in mind for tea. we always got really excited still do. about our friday night dinners as we. always scrolled through ubereats to find. something we fancied. it was a bit of a ritual something we. always look forward to so. i thought it was really weird that she. didn’t text back right away but then as. i was on the tram five minutes went by. then ten. then fifteen. and she not only hadn’t text back. she hadn’t even read the message. i didn’t exactly freak out though i mean. it wasn’t out of the question that she. wasn’t busy or something. so i decided i’d just wait until i got. home before talking to her about it face. to face. but then when i got home and i tried to. put my key in the lock. it didn’t slide in. it actually opened up the door. then the next thing i noticed. the thing that really had my blood.

Running cold. was the big black spraypainted graffiti. on the offwhite wallpaper of our. hallway. you did this it said. and even then because of how seemingly. well the guy had taken me calling time. on things. i didn’t draw the connection until i. found my flatmate locked in her room. crying her eyes out on the phone with. the police. i had to wait until she was off the. phone until she told me what the guy had. looked like for me to realize actually. what had happened and who’d done it. my flatmate said that she’d had a knock. on the door looked through the peephole. and saw a guy standing outside in the. hall wearing a covet mask. now back in the summer of 2021 it was. totally normal to see people wearing. masks. not everyone but definitely a lot more. than you see these days now that the. government has ditched all the.

Regulations and stuff. in fact i think it’ll be a long bloody. time before anyone sees anyone in a. surgical mask and thinks. why are they obscuring the lower. twothirds of their face. but anyway. she sees the guy in the mask doesn’t. think anything of it and opens the door. to see what he wants. now the guy had already been in our flat. but not when my flatmate was around as. i’d asked her to vacate for a few hours. and you can probably guess why that is. he asked her. is alexandra here. and she replies no. and i suppose that must have really. thrown a spanner into the works of this. plan. he wanted me to be there. he needed me to be there so he would. god knows what he was planning. but that didn’t stop him from forcing. his way in and completely trashing the. place. my flatmate said after he forced his way. in he pinned her up against the wall by.

Her throat and kept demanding to know. where’s alex. where’s alex. she must have known i was on my way home. from work or at least i was about to. clock out. but she didn’t say a word. to be fair she said she was too scared. to say anything at all. but i still put that very much into the. she had my back column and i love her. for it. when he realized that she wasn’t going. to say anything the guy proceeded to. basically smash up the entire flat. before doing his little spray paint job. to make sure that i knew who did it. when he stomped off into the tv and. kitchenette room my flatmate ran into. her bedroom and locked the doors. and that’s pretty much where she stayed. for the next 45 minutes or so until i. got home and she heard me walking around. i honestly couldn’t believe the amount. of damage he’d done. it was catastrophic.

My flatmate said as much as it felt like. he was there forever it must have only. been a couple of minutes of banging. crashing before it all went quiet again. but in that time he’d managed to smash. almost everything. the telly all our dishes and glasses the. frame pictures on the walls the windows. it even tried to smash the glass window. door thing on our washing machine. although that was so thick that he’d. only managed to crack and splinter it. there were holes in the walls in the. kitchenette’s cabinet doors. little ones where he’d obviously used a. hammer or something to do the smashing. i can only imagine what he’d done to me. if i was actually home. and i think it’s a bit of a miracle that. he didn’t hurt my flatmate. i think he actually tried as she said he. tried to open the locked door and banged. on it when it didn’t open.

We think he could hear her talking to. the 999 operator and that’s what. prompted him to make a run for it. but it’s truly chilling to think she was. just a meter or two away from a complete. psychopath with a hammer or a mallet or. whatever it was. and he was blatantly intent on hurting. someone. it took a few days for him to actually. get arrested since a friend of his. played at being his alibi until the. police pressured him into telling the. truth. i think all it took was if this goes to. court you’ll be found guilty of perjury. then you’ll get a criminal record and. that’s the end of your career. and after that he fessed up that the guy. i’ve been dating hadn’t been with him on. that friday night. after that given how the description of. him in the history lined up he was. arrested on suspicion of breaking and.

Entering as well as brandishing a deadly. weapon. and i think making threats to kill too. it went to court but because he pled. guilty and had no prior criminal history. he basically claimed diminished. responsibility due to the stress of. kovid. turned out both his grandparents had. passed away in a care home. and he only got a twoyear suspended. sentence. the solicitors painted the whole thing. as a lover’s tiff and the judge ate it. up because i admitted that we’d been. dating for a few months. to me my flatmates in both our families. it was a complete miscarriage of justice. someone like that who we know would have. inflicted horrific injuries on us. possibly even killed us. they belong in prison for a long long. time. we were in a state of shock but above. all we were scared. we knew if he tried anything he’d go.

Straight to prison for a maximum of 10. years depending on how bad the offense. was. but that wasn’t enough for us not for me. and not for my flatmates and not for our. families. so that’s why i’m going for a. restraining order. if it goes through the courts and gets. instated if he comes within 50 feet of. me then that’s that he’s breaking the. law and he’ll go to prison. so. that’s what i’m resting all my hopes on. it’s much less hassle than us packing up. and moving flats and. i feel like that would be giving into. the fear that he wanted to inflict on us. instead i’m hoping the solicitor’s fees. we paid to get the restraining order. before a judge will be worth it. because if it doesn’t work if it hits us. that we’re still just as vulnerable as. we were before. i. just don’t know what. i’ll do. i came across your channel and i think.

It’s really cool that you give people a. chance to share their traumas with a. wide audience. i believe that a problem shared as a. problem have than. getting to unburden ourselves by sharing. our stories both validates our suffering. and alleviates some of the stress of. having them locked inside our heads. my story isn’t like a lot of the others. on your channel where the person suffers. because something happened to them. in fact i feel rather awkward sending. this to you because i’m not suffering. because something happened to me. rather i’m suffering because something. didn’t happen to me. allow me to explain. in 2009 my husband of just two years. passed away after being involved in a. car accident. a group of drunken teenage boys had. stolen a car one night and lost control. of it while speeding around a blind.

Corner. they crashed into a waist higher wall. right at the same time my husband. happened to be walking home from the pub. he’d been out with a few work friends. getting a few pints in to celebrate the. weekend and he just so happened to be in. the wrong place at the wrong time when. those boys lost control of the car. they say he died instantly that the. impact broke his body almost in half. and i think that was the only real. consolation i got. knowing he didn’t suffer after those. boys smashed into him. i won’t bore you with the details of my. grieving process but i will say that it. was long. it was a very hard road. i didn’t even consider dating until the. summer of 2015 and even then. it was a very slow and cautious. reemergence into the dating world into. really the world at all. i’m not exactly the nightclub type and i.

Found speed dating to be well too. fastpaced. my friends offered to set me up with. their more successful single friends but. i found that not having a hand in the. selection made me really anxious and i’d. much rather choose my own dates instead. of having them match made for me. that’s when i really found my rhythm. with online dating and specifically the. website plenty of fish. i thought the name was a bit. inappropriate at first. after all i hadn’t gone through some. sitcom style breakup involving romcoms. and tubs of ice cream. i’d lost the love of my life but being. able to actually vet my dates myself. while getting to know them at a. comfortable distance. that really suited me. i talked to a number of different guys. during the summer and autumn of 2015. but one of them was a guy named carl who. told me he owned his own law firm.

Carl was from a place called chesant. just north of london. but he said he was living closer to. tottenham as his firm was based near the. city center. he seemed intelligent and charming and. although he was definitely a little bit. quirky. he was one of the more interesting guys. i talked to during my time with plenty. of fish. he certainly seemed to know how to treat. a woman on a first date too i mentioned. that he wanted to take me to a place. called theobald’s park hotel out in. hertfordshire. i looked the place up online and my god. was it posh. it’s an old red brick mansion looking. thing set into the middle of the. countryside. it has a big green lawn out in the front. lined on one side with daffodils i mean. it really was one of the most incredible. looking places i’d ever laid eyes on and. i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t looking.

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Forward to being taken there by a bloke. who had a few quid to blow on some. gourmet food and drink. but as i said. i wasn’t the meet him on monday date him. on friday kind of girl so. despite the beginning of our. conversation being in about september of. 2015. we got to november and i still don’t. think that i was actually ready to meet. carl. shortly after that he stopped replying. to my messages. and i figured he just moved on to a girl. whose time frame was more. hair than tortoise i suppose. i was a bit gutted as a like i said. he seemed really interesting and. definitely seemed like he was. financially capable of starting a family. but in reality the sudden disappearance. from my inbox was probably one of the. best things to happen to me in years. i honestly thought that was the last i’d. ever hear of or about carl and for a.

Month or so i forgot all about him as i. carried on my merry dating way on. christmas day of 2015 i heard something. rather chilling on the news. a woman’s body had been found on the. grounds of the theobald’s park hotel out. in hertfordshire the very place carl. had promised to take me on the date that. didn’t happen. and the police suspected foul play was. to blame. i think i’d have had more time to think. about it if i wasn’t driving up to my. mums for christmas dinner as not long. after i heard the news i was far too. busy catching up with family to think. about something so terribly grim. it did rattle around my mind for the. better part of an hour though as i. considered how rotten it was that. something so horrid should happen in. such a beautiful place. that was pretty much where my thoughts. started and ended though and aside from.

Feeling sorry for whoever had been. unfortunate enough to find the poor. woman’s body. i didn’t really think anything else of. it. the next thing i remember i was tapping. a link on my phone for the guardian’s. website that read. man charged over christmas eve hotel. death. when the page loaded up i almost dropped. my phone in horror. the phone had released the name of the. person they’d arrested on suspicion of. murder and to my infinite shock and. eventual disgust. the name of the man. was carl. langdale. the very same carl i’ve been talking to. on plenty of fish. there was no picture of the suspect. attached to the news article. but it was the same name the same age. and the mention of the hotel tied the. whole thing together in a big jet black. bow. the victim was a woman named katie locke. who taught history and politics at.

Cardinal pole catholic school in east. london. it sounds really horrible in retrospect. but i was absolutely riveted by the news. i mean. that could have been me couldn’t it i. was gearing up to go on a date with. someone at the very same place he ended. up murdering someone or at least he was. accused of murdering someone because. obviously i’d have to wait until all the. facts were out before i could actually. know what had happened. the following is pretty much everything. i learned from the time of his arrest to. his eventual sentencing and the inquest. into katie locke’s death that followed. his imprisonment. carla told me and katie as it turned out. that he owned his own law firm. i know now that this was a lie. initially told police that he was a. perfectly normal person and katie’s. death was a tragic case of a bedroom.

Asphyxiation game gone wrong. in reality. he was someone who harbored hideous. fantasies related to intimate relations. with the deceased. carl had not been working to set up the. law firm. instead he had spent the majority of. 2014 and 2015 battling a very severe and. very dark mental illness. after assaulting his own brother. attacking his girlfriend’s sister and. then threatening to kill a mental health. worker. he had been detained under the mental. health act in march of 2015. and it was during this period of. detention that he described himself to a. psychiatrist as. a monster. before confessing his dark fantasies to. her. somehow. even after this confession he was. released from custody in the autumn of. 2015. but as i’ve already mentioned. this is around the same time that he. messaged me on plenty of fish. he lied to mental health professionals.

Faking a recovery and telling them that. he was no longer fantasizing about. relations with the dead. all the while he had set up his plenty. of fish profile and was in the process. of turning those fantasies into a. reality. and in a sick twist of fate. i was almost a part of them. at carl’s murder trial during the summer. of 2016. i read that he’d actually changed course. and pled guilty to katie’s murder. a judge then sentenced him to 26 years. in prison and once again. i thought that was the last i’d ever. hear about him. but once again i was wrong. early last year i heard that carl had. actually taken his own life in a prison. up in yorkshire. and as you can probably imagine. i wasn’t in the least bit upset to hear. he done so. to be frank with you i know for a fact. that there’s people who deserve to have. long and happy lives that had them cut.

Short for no good reason. my husband and katie locke among them. so to have a selfdescribed monster take. himself out of the world before his due. date. well. that’s no loss to anyone is it. i think this is an appropriate time to. end my story and maybe this shouldn’t. have come from katie’s family or perhaps. some of the other people that carl. actually hurt or. threatened her before he was sent to. prison. but the fact that i came so close to a. horrifying death. and the fact that it really could have. been my body being found on the grounds. of the theobald’s park hotel. that’s something i find truly. haunting. this is a weird one so strap yourself in. i have a friend who has a really gross. or rather really interesting job. depending on how you look at it. she works for tinder you know the dating. app. and pretty much all day every day she.

Reviews profile pictures that other. users have reported for whatever reason. some of these can be for pretty basic. rule breaking stuff you know offensive. things gestures suspected catfishes. that kind of thing. but then every so often she gets. something that’s actually really. disturbing. and this one time. she said it was so bad that it wasn’t. just a case of removing the picture or. banning the person’s profile. she actually had to contact the police. as you can imagine there are a lot of. pictures of guys stuff on tinder. and maybe that would surprise you the. sheer number of dudes both gifted and. not so gifted who want to just show. themselves off or maybe it wouldn’t. either way she sees an awful lot of. those and she’s got pretty hardened to. it over time no pun intended. but then there’s the stuff that actually.

Still gets to her. the offensive memes or clothing yes the. clothing that you might see. violence towards animals some guys don’t. just hold the fish in their picture. and then there’s the violence towards. actual people. yeah. some people upload pictures of bodies to. try and be all edgy. some upload pictures of bloody knocked. out people with captions like i ko’d. this idiot. tinder truly does get a crosssection of. society on it and as we all know a. portion of society is made up of total. lunatics. but then like i said before there are. some pictures that. makes her literally wish she was just. looking at some wrinkly middleaged old. dudes twig and berries. she says she works with this system that. looks a lot like an old school email. account. little emails pop up in your inbox. detailing the user the reason for.

Reporting and the actual picture in. question. she’s clicking through all the pictures. one day removing some banning others. when she comes across one that actually. made her jump. she said the picture was of a guy. kneeling by what looked like an. unconscious girl. and had this big grin on his face. the caption obviously one of those. written using snapchat said something. like. this is what happened to the last gold. digger who was only after my cash. she said the girl seemed unconscious but. she honestly couldn’t tell as her face. was so badly beaten that her eyes were. literally swollen shut. her lips were split blood was leaking. down her neck and chin it even looked. like she had blood coming out of her. ears. she said that coupled with a. horrifically violent image the guy’s big. wide satisfied smile. was one of the most disturbing.

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Bonechilling things she’d ever seen she. brought up the guy’s profile and it used. i hate gold diggers as his name. all the other pictures were of the same. guy showing off fancy cars and fancy. apartments and stuff. obviously quite a welloff guy but also. a total psycho. his bio was just this long rant about. how. all of these women deserve to be on the. streets and all this other stuff with. zero punctuation or proper grammar like. a pure stream of consciousness of pure. hatred towards women. all women by the sounds of it too not. just girls that were just after his. money if he even really had any. my friend said she saw some pretty. messed up stuff on the regular. but nothing that’s ever actually shook. her as much as that picture did. she got out her phone and basically. broke company policy by taking highdef.

Closeups of all this guy’s profile. pictures. after that she went straight to her head. of department to ask permission to pass. on the guy’s profile to the police. usually they just banned the person’s. account and move on. but she said there’s all kinds of. metadata you can get from a picture like. that especially when a copy is actually. uploaded to an app and it’s not just a. screenshot or a photo of a photo. if that makes any sense. i always thought it was kind of funny. that she had to look at wieners all day. and she basically has to be the tinder. police for a living. but then after she told me that story. along with the other legit messed up. stuff she sees. i don’t think it’s so funny. anymore. my name is chiro and although i live and. work in new york city these days i was. born and lived in milan italy until my.

Middle twenties. i work in tech and although i’m quite. experienced and knowledgeable nowadays i. was the polar opposite when i started. out. all i had was a computer a very padded. resume and a big fake it till you make. it attitude. in the early 2000s that’s how i started. working for one of the biggest internet. companies in the world at the time. yahoo. not many people know this or remember. this but. back when it was still a big provider. yahoo ran an online dating website when. the first of its kind. but unlike a lot of the free appbased. dating services that are around today. you actually had to pay to use yahoo. dating kind of like a subscription. the only trouble was and i know this is. from the few pieces of analytics i ever. saw the service was almost exclusively. men using it and very few women. that meant that most guys would buy a.

Month’s subscription then simply cancel. it when they realized that they hadn’t. talked to any women the whole time. and that’s where my job came into things. you see i was tasked with creating fake. profiles of very beautiful women it. would suddenly get in contact with the. guy when his subscription was due to end. i’d lead them along enough to get them. to renew their subscription and. then when they did so i’d basically just. ghost on them as people say these days. i was incentivized to do this as i could. show my bosses every user i was talking. to that renewed their subscription and i. would get monthly bonuses. i know that sounds incredibly unethical. of me and admittedly it was. but i was young and dumb and i really. needed the money. as i said i lived in new york today and. i was having to save up money for.

English lessons plane tickets apartment. deposits all the things i would need to. move to another country. because as much as i love italy as much. as i still visit sometimes. and it will always be my true home. the wages are very bad you need to bribe. to get a promotion and job opportunities. are terrible. yes i felt terrible sometimes tricking. these guys into giving yahoo their money. when they had basically no chance of. getting a date. but i told myself just a few more months. and i’ll quit. and that way i was able to keep on going. the final straw was this one guy who i. should never have tried to trick. unlike a lot of other users this guy. actually knew about computers way more. than i did. i should have never messed with him but. like i said i needed to make money so. badly that i basically crossed the line.

From hustling to just being plain greedy. i tricked the guy into renewing his. subscription twice and it was only. because i was so good at making fake. profiles. i remember hearing the english phrase. the devil is in the detail. and it’s true. although in my case it was emphasis on. devil for what i was doing. i’d give these fake women favorite songs. favorite poems little flaws they tried. to hide through things like i can be a. real neat freak sorry if that bothers. you. and made them all the more human. i got really good at the job after a. while but i was just a good liar. i wasn’t good or knowledgeable about. computers. but the guy i was dealing with. he knew so much more after the first. time i tricked him into renewing his. subscription he was furious. i know that because i made another. profile a few months later to trick him.

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Into renewing yet again. he didn’t have any idea that the profile. i used was fake he was just angry and. upset that the girl he liked had. abandoned him so he basically poured out. all his frustrations to me or rather to. the fake girl i had created. i kept the conversation ticking over. until i was notified that he had renewed. a subscription. and after that i deleted the profile and. set about making a new one. i can’t imagine how upset and angry he. must have been again. but i wasn’t really thinking of anyone. but myself. then at the end of the next month. what do you know. this subscription was about to run out. again. so for a third time i make a fake. profile of the exact kind of girl i knew. he liked. and set about tricking him for the third. and as i told myself. the final time. but it didn’t quite go down that way in.

Fact i ended up in america way quicker. than i thought. after i made the profile i sent him a. message only to almost immediately get. one back that said something like this. and i’m telling you. it made me so scared i thought i was. about to throw up. hello chiro. yes i know your name. and that’s not all i know. i know where you are how much you get. paid. and i know you don’t have long left to. live. you really mess with the wrong person. here. you see i gave those girls the benefit. of the doubt at first but. then i started thinking it was. suspicious. so i did a little digging. and that’s how i found out all the. messages you sent me were coming. from the same computer. i’m good with computers. much better than you. and i learned so i could make money from. my brother. i’m an earner for the. a very valued one too. i make them lots of money by skimming.

Online transactions so i’m worth a lot. of money to them. i told them i would work for a week for. free. if they just did me one small favor. and that one small favor is. killing you for revenge. you’ve humiliated me twice now but i. swear on mother mary that you will not. humiliate a single other person. you will suffer greatly before you die. they have sworn that to me. and by the time you read this they’ll be. on their way to you. you can try to run or hide but. we all know about yochiro. in the end. we will find you. they use the term. bache. meaning hugs and kisses the same thing i. always sign my messages off with to show. he really had figured me out. so. like i said that’s how i ended up in. america earlier than i expected. i lived terribly for a year because i. blew all my savings on two things. one i paid an italian man to lie to.

Immigration that i was his cousin and. could stay with him. and two. i paid a lawyer to represent me to say. that i was being targeted by the. andrangeta. which is what they call the mafia down. in calabria where the computer guy was. apparently from. and since this is basically true it was. easy to prove i just needed someone who. knew the law to work in my favor. and that my reading friend. is how i came to be an american citizen. i stayed here long enough worked hard. enough and paid enough taxes to be. welcomed into the bosom of america. and although life isn’t exactly paradise. here all the time i’m still glad i made. the leap across the atlantic. because if not. i might not even be alive to write. something like this. and i know that those who came to take. revenge for their worker. would have made me want to die.

Before the end. on the night of february 29th 2008. the kaffi family were fast asleep at. their home in the small town of alba in. northeastern texas. the family of five consisted of 41 year. old terry caffey. his 37 year old wife penny. and their three children. eightyear-old tyler. thirteenyear-old matthew. and sixteenyear-old aaron. they bonded over their love of music and. their love of jesus and often played in. a family band at sunday’s services with. tyler on guitar matthew and harmonica. and penny on piano. aaron fronted the group and wowed. audiences all over the southwest with. her sweet angelic voice and cherubic. appearance. all her young life she was a picture of. innocence her parents blondhaired. blueeyed pride and joy. but just after her 16th birthday. aaron met a person that would not only. have a catastrophic effect on her life.

But also the lives of her beloved family. members. but the devastation they wrought also. raised a very serious question. was aaron really as innocent as she. seemed. or was there something darker. deep inside of her that drove her to. become complicit. in an act of pure evil. shortly after aaron entered her 16th. year she announced that she’d found. herself a boyfriend. but when she brought him around to meet. her parents he wasn’t quite what they. were expecting. not only was charlie wilkinson three. years older than aaron but both terry. and penny picked up some decidedly bad. vibes from him. his intentions for their daughter seemed. less than pure and his checkered past. left much to be desired. early on i had reservations about the. young man. terry later said. there were just things about him that. didn’t sit right with me i talked to.

Young people about the dangers of. running with the wrong crowd. and charlie ticked all the boxes of. someone i didn’t want dating my daughter. the caffey parents were then faced with. two options. intervene directly and essentially force. aaron to break up with charlie. or simply keep a watchful eye out and. allow their daughter to make her own. mistakes. the former would no doubt cultivate a. deep festering resentment for them while. the latter would foster boundless trusts. when aaron realized that they were right. they opted for the latter. as the weeks went by the cafes continued. to hope their daughter’s errant. relationship would simply fizzle out on. its own. we’ve been dealing with aaron with the. rebellion going on and keeping an eye on. everything. terry explained. yeah little did he know. tragedy was about to strike.

On february 21st 2008 terry popped over. to visit his elderly father clarence who. lived alone on the other side of town. but when he knocked on the front door. clarence didn’t answer. his car was in the driveway so he must. have been home. but when terry went around to the back. door and entered his father’s home. he was greeted by a heartbreaking sight. clarence was laying dead on the kitchen. floor having suffered a massive heart. attack. what followed was an extremely tough. week for the kaffi family yet it seemed. the worst was yet to come. a few days after we buried my dad we. found out some things through charlie’s. myspace page. terry stated. after we saw those things references to. drinking and other highly inappropriate. activity. we pulled erin aside and told her that. we didn’t raise her like that. and then he was not good for her.

Aaron didn’t take the intervention well. but no one could have guessed what she’d. do next. two days after the intervention on the. night of february 29th charlie wilkinson. pulled up outside the cafe family’s home. accompanied by. 20 year old charles allen wade and. charlie’s 18 year old girlfriend bobby. gail johnson. wilkinson pulled out his cell phone and. sent a short message to erin caffey. moments later erin crept out of the. house in her pajamas before climbing. into her boyfriend’s vehicle. after that. wilkinson and charles wade walked up to. the house. entering through the front door which. aaron had left a jar. terry caffey said that around two. o’clock in the morning he was awoken by. a strange noise in the hallway outside. his bedroom. at first he thought it was simply one of. his children making a midnight trip to.

The bathroom. but when he heard two adult males. whispering to each other. they realized that something was. horribly wrong. the next i knew. terry later said they burst into our. bedroom and opened fire. shooting me several times. and not only did they come in shooting. they also came in with a samurai sword. after they shot penny they shot me three. more times in the back and once in the. back of the leg. all in all i think i had been shot 11. times. i couldn’t feel the right side of my. body and. nothing would come out of my mouth. i felt like i’d been shot in the face. then one of them took the sword and. stabbed penny in the neck. nearly decapitating her. just minutes into the attack terry. caffey had lost a dangerous amount of. blood. but as he drifted in and out of. consciousness his only thought were of. his two boys who were no doubt terrified.

In their third floor bedrooms. i began to panic. terry told journalists in the aftermath. of the slaughter. i was trying to get up and i heard. matthew begin to cry out. he said. no charlie no. why are you doing this. when i heard his name mentioned by. matthew. i. knew who was in my house and why he was. there then i heard the gunfire. i tried to get up again but the blood. rushed into my head. and i collapsed. i was later told matthew had been shot. whereas. they took turns stabbing tyler. who was hiding in a closet. when the attackers were done massacring. the family they went about setting fire. to the cafe’s family’s home. the next time i woke up the house was on. fire. cathy said. i knew i wasn’t able to get upstairs. because the flames were just pushing me. back into the bedroom so i crawled onto. the bed and found penny.

She was already gone. i finally managed to crawl out of our. bedroom window and then dragged myself. away from the house. terry was so weak from the loss of blood. that it took him almost two hours to. crawl just 300 yards in his neighbor’s. house to get help. when he reached tommy gaston’s house. gaston immediately called 91-1. moments into the call the operator asked. gaston where terry was bleeding from and. according to the call transcripts gaston. replied with where isn’t he bleeding. from it’s a miracle he’s here at all. when paramedics arrived at the gaston. house they rushed terry to the east. texas medical center in tyler and. admitted him to the critical care unit. for immediate treatment. meanwhile based on a statement terry. gave on his hospital bed the police set. out tracking down charlie wilkinson and.

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Charles wade. they were found hiding out with aaron. inside a trailer that belonged to wade’s. older brother. at first aaron was not considered a. suspect as police believed she was a. kidnap victim but. during questioning charles wade made a. shocking admission. he told homicide detectives that he had. been promised a payment of just over two. thousand dollars for his part in the. murders. and the person that had sworn to pay him. was none other. than aaron caffey. charlie wilkinson’s story was the same. but in his case he could provide. evidence of the promise in the form of. text message exchanges between himself. and aaron. aaron was arrested while on the way to. visit her father in the hospital. and along with her fellow defendants she. was charged with three counts of capital. murder. terry caffey was nothing short of.

Stunned at the revelation. after burying my family i went back to. stay with my sister for a while and. was reduced to living on her couch. and everything i owned was in the. cardboard box terry said. just a few weeks prior to that i had a. beautiful home acreage and a beautiful. family. it was all gone. understandably terry caffey sank deep. into a. griefstricken depression and even. considered taking his own life. i planned on taking my own life. i decided that. when i got well enough to travel i was. going to go back to my property and i. was just going to end it. so when that day came i went back there. and stood on the ashes and began to cry. to god. i said god. i don’t understand why you took my. family. why did you do this. i just didn’t understand. no sooner than i said that. terry continued. i looked down and saw this scrap piece.

Of paper from a book that was all burned. around its edges. i picked it up and it read i couldn’t. understand why you would take my family. and leave me behind the struggle along. without them. i may never totally understand that part. of it but i do know that you are. sovereign. you are in control. when i read those words i was like. wow. it literally brought me to my knees. the page was from a book titled blind. sight. a novel about a man who loses his wife. and two children in a car accident and. must learn to come to grips with the. tragedy. it was written by jim pence who’s now a. good family friend. said terry. he was my kid’s karate instructor and he. had written several books. lian read this particular one. he had given it to my wife about two or. three years before the murders. that crumpled page described exactly.

Where i was at that moment. it was then that i realized that god had. put all this together and. i knew that i had been spared for a. reason. all terry needed by that point was one. final piece for closure and according to. him. before he could move on with his life. he had to forgive those who took the. lives of his family. a shocking twist to the tale. terry intervened on behalf of charlie. wilkinson and charles wade. and asked a texan judge to rule out the. possibility of either receiving the. death penalty. i wanted them to have a chance to find. remorse and hopefully be sorry for what. they had done. i wanted them to have a chance for. repentance. terry wrote in his letter to the judge. the process took several months but. eventually a plea deal was reached. a condition of which was that both. wilkinson and wade had to explain their.

Actions in a faceto-face meeting with. terry cathy. the only little bit of remorse i got was. from charlie. kathy said. he kept looking down and cried a little. bit. it was pretty tough for him. he told his lawyer later that it was the. toughest thing he had ever had to do. i was glad to know that he was suffering. in that way but. i don’t think he deserves to die. the real test came when terry confronted. his own daughter on her role in the. murders. i asked her about it and she started. crying. he said. she told me. i have nothing to hide from you. i’ll tell you anything you want. aaron told her father that she knew of. the plot in advance but thought that. they were only going to intimidate her. parents into giving her up. in reality. the others forced her to wait in the car. while they killed her family. she told me that charlie had tried to.

Pin it on her. saying she was the mastermind and he was. just going along with her because she. was brainwashed by him. terry stated. but i don’t believe that’s true. i know my daughter. and that’s not her. terry has admitted that his decision to. forgive his daughter and the others has. brought a lot of criticism but. he says he doesn’t let it bother him. people ask me how i could forgive my. daughter. and how i can forgive those who murdered. my family. but i’m not trying to justify anything. this is my daughter. and i know what’s best for us. in october 2008 charlie wilkinson and. charles wade were each sentenced to life. in prison without the possibility of. parole. then just three months later and despite. her father’s objections. caffey pled guilty to murder. she was given two consecutive life. sentences plus 25 years for conspiracy.

To murder. according to court documents she won’t. be eligible for parole until she’s in. her mid50s. terry cathy has since remarried and is. now a stepfather to two children. he has since resigned from his job with. the medical supply company and now. focuses on his motivational speaking. engagements. he also authored a book entitled terror. by night which details the murders of. his family as well as the reclamation of. his sanity. he coauthored the book with jim pence. author of blind sight the book which. saved his life. nowadays terry visits churches and. public schools to talk about ollies and. dirt. in an effort to reach to others in a. positive way. i get emails and letters just about. every day from all over the country from. people who are hurting and suffering. he said in the 2010 interview. people who are going through maybe.

Similar things or maybe things just. totally completely opposite of what i’ve. gone through but yet. i’ve been able to help. i try to use my tragedy in a positive. way to reach others. he added. i want people to know that no matter how. dark things get. no matter how impossible they seem. there’s always a way back. there’s always a road. to redemption. hey friends thanks for listening click. that notification bell to be alerted of. all future narrations. i release new videos every monday. wednesday and friday at 7 pm eastern. standard time. if you’ve got a story be sure to submit. them to my subreddit r let’s read. official and maybe even hear your story. featured on the next video. and if you want to support me even more. grab early access to all future. narrations and bonus content over on. patreon or click that big join button to.

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