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You know in the past i would say. stay away from holiday relationships or. be careful okay because you don’t want. to get into a cuffing season. relationship or a situationship right a. seasonal one so here’s the deal things. have changed this year and i want to. share with you five reasons why you. should date this holiday season and why. it’s changed for the better. for more tips on how to take charge of. your love life hit the subscribe button. and the notification bell so does a study every year and it’s called. singles in america and it is the coolest. study because they give you stats and. data and you know how much i love that. stuff so they had dr helen fisher help. them with the study and she is a. biological anthropologist and what that. means is she studies human behavior. so they did a study to find out how.

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Singles are dating because remember in. the past prior to the pandemic it was. like straight up hookup culture. everyone was on apps let’s go meet up. and then boom you know you were in bed. with them and the next day you were on. to the next person. things have changed so let’s talk about. that so here’s the number one thing that. has changed dr helen fisher found out. that singles are looking for. relationship stability now they don’t. want that hookup culture they’re not. about finding that next partner sleeping. with them and then having that one night. stand and then going to the next one. right instead of pure physical. attraction singles are now looking for. emotional maturity that is more. important now than that pure physical. attraction yes that’s good news right. the second way things have changed is.

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That intentional dating is on the rise. now you totally know i’m into conscious. dating who knew. that. during this pandemic that singles would. start. looking at themselves selfreflecting. and realizing that they wanted something. more meaningful and serious as well now. you might be shocked but the study shows that only 11 of people. want casual dating while 62 want a. meaningful and committed relationship. yay for those of you out there looking. for. that longterm relationship this is a. great study and great information at. your fingertips that there are singles. in america looking for the same thing. the third way things are changing is. that singles are prioritizing their. wellbeing. 73. said that they are prioritizing their. wellbeing more than they ever did in. the past year and 66. okay said that they are caring for.

Themselves better in the mental health. department that means if you value and. i’m assuming because you’re here. watching this value personal development. value mental health that there are 66. percent of people out there that are. working on themselves too that’s a good. thing. like attracts like right we want people. to heal from their traumas and their. wounds so that they can be available and. be a great partner to you the fourth. thing that has changed which is quite. interesting is that. singles want to wait a while before. kissing in fact 55 said that they would. like to wait more than three dates. before kissing a person. why because obviously we have a pandemic. going on and they’re just practicing. precautions however i think that slow. down is actually beneficial for singles. out there because it slows down the sex.

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Part it allows you to build a friendship. and a bond and get to really know each. other before you you know create that. lust connection and finally the major. change here you know we’ve all heard of. the threeday rule when it comes to sex. well guess what throw that out the. window because 71. of the singles in the study. said. that they would like to wait past the. three dates as well so. here’s the thing you might be waiting. for a little while but you’re building a. meaningful connection that’s where the. emotional maturity really comes in right. so take your time get a list of your. nonnegotiables your values and use. those to vet each other really get to. know each other. in a way that is more meaningful and. after you have sex the relationship can. foster and grow and be something that is. more longlasting.

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