Dating Guatemala

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Dating Guatemala you raised on this

What’s the deal yard CSC aka ybz. and I’m video for y’all today she back. with another video subscribe to my. channel on that on okay look at her. fifty thousand life you know I need. anyone million okay y’all I’m gonna do. what race with tonight day and why part. two it’s basically high school edition. because there’s high schoolers here both. side of college make sure you guys leave. a like comment rate subscribe to the. channel if you’re new no racism if you. get offended easy I’m sorry that’s tough. but this is not to be racist this is. entertainment who finally go ahead and. get into the video brothers go Kaylie. okay what race would you not damn why. what race what I want to be what what. race would do not date and why probably. white I just because just because I. don’t I don’t like the way the color. reflects off of the Sun it really hurts.

My eyes. Dre Walter okay what race was on ID and. why do you come here it’s killer. doubleoh-seven okay what race was John. I being a wine oh I can’t do no Indian. cuz I just can’t see myself with that an. Indian but I kind of want to what you. know I just stank smell like cheese get. your name Anil Asia legendary Keanu okay. what raise my damn why why people why. gross my daddy like white so why should. i why people for they stain um I. wouldn’t date someone who’s makes Indian. and black okay baby pink it’s okay. though it be like that. okay you got to set your name I’m dead. playa I’m Rayna Jackie what’s your name. Jackie what’s your name chechi okay what. race was you guys not they don’t why I. wouldn’t miss it what what race was your. night/day and why oh I wish I want the. anything but black and a black but like.

I would only date black because I’ve. only experienced black and I don’t. want it like downgrade from that you. know. okay Dean’s I’m sorry I just can’t they. talk because your food staying you guys. mice and know they’re like curry and. it’s by her but it’s my like hurry what. I think something like you know full. white I wouldn’t do white like or like. sorry like no I’m not doing it the next. pink I’m sorry well then I go dead no. India because I really hate the smell of. curry and like all these Indian sorry in. there like a lot of them be must be too. oh and like I just can’t do that and. like they just smell so strong you can. set your name daesu jelly Ignacio okay. look what race what you guys my date and. why Caucasian is no offense don’t like. her case I don’t like snow bunnies I. don’t know it is but why it had to be a.

Reason oh no it’s the way they built. like some look I just can’t date girls. they’re like darker than me to be honest. I don’t discriminate but I love. chocolate so yeah I saw I saw yeah you. know this is a little cut direct just. cut there’s behind the scenes with. Sookie it’s ybz right here I’ll be. feeling like though I when I’m with her. okay you can say your name and okay what. race was you guys my day and why. I’m forecasting a conferment you wait I. said I don’t really know you maybe you. met you on discriminate y’all okay what. about you I don’t discriminate so you a. date oh you sure I’m sure. okay scuse the out of me alright. you guys this is your name I’m Jacob. Kirsten Ingrid geometrics Alex Michelle. Erica R G the NASCAR fan okay what race. what you guys my day and why I did any. race because I don’t discriminate.

I didn’t you raised on this gonna name. any race you guys are lying any race. yeah I want to do Asians why not I don’t. know I just wouldn’t alright you gotta. give me time. yeah I know agents a great agent no I. don’t discriminate. Asians because you’re just I mean I. don’t find them attractive to be honest. okay okay go ahead alright so like after. a long time I’m thinking about this I. think I’ll do our races okay all right. you guys go says your name Brandon. Cedric. Charlotte Anna okay what race would you. guys my day and why I’m attracted to. Asians just because I’m just like not. really a China yeah sorry. Asians I don’t go first let me go. ah date any race any race all right what. about you it depends on the female like. all races are cool but it depends on the. female personality yeah okay you can set. your name my name is Marlena Hernandez.

I’m Anna okay what race would you guys. mind and why oh why boys when do they. have like no lives I can’t like do it no. lives I don’t know I can’t I can’t. handle the food probably you guys go. station name Thanks. what they write okay what race would you. guys not damn why Asian because most. people are a different religion go to. him right now white weekend away there. has to be a reason why you can’t. I’ll just think of my poetry. you got to state your name my name is. Angelica my name is Vanessa Jackie hey. what race would you guys my day and why. white guys they’re just not with I don’t. know they don’t know like my tradition. you know. Filipinos I feel like just like their. parents are hellish tricks and then it’s. white guys what race was denied and why. probably white because their races okay. you guys the station name they are okay.

What race would you guys my day and why. you gotta be on it I will probably. Indians please have a body odor. Wow. okay you guys could state your name bras. Johnny hey okay what race would you guys. my day and why the white boys I don’t. like I don’t know white boys all the way. but you can do Mexican though no I mean. I’m obviously white boys but there’s. some cute white boys out there too okay. you guys go state your name I’m Jack. hunter I’m well okay are you in high. school yes okay what race would you guys. not day and why I think the opportunity. presents itself on my day every race if. it’s the right person okay yeah I. wouldn’t say I have an issue or anything. against the other races every day all. the races I think it was the right. person yeah it doesn’t really matter the. race okay he does he just dated one.

She’s black. I just first now she’s just a little. weird. giorgia private school all right you you. guys who spit your name. serenity desin a Francesca okay what. race would you guys might be and why I’m. gonna be honest I think all races are. cute so like I don’t say you’re not cute. just because of your race but I wouldn’t. date a white person it’s not my type I. don’t like white guys they’re hella ugly. and I don’t do little dicks and that’s. it yeah I don’t know I don’t not my type. hey you guys can state your name. Lonnie Nyjah okay what race would you. guys not day and why why latex are pink. Asian okay oh no they just rub me the. wrong way. oh they way they they rub you like vases. you guys can state your name oh sorry. Maya. okay the question is what race with you. guys my day and why white boys I’m. starting out my camera lady that they.

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