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Hello lovelies okay so today I thought. I’d do a fun video and actually start. sort of preparing for it like a couple. weeks ago but haven’t really felt like. accordian yet but today the video is. what not say to golf girls and just as a. serve disclaimer so a lot of things will. apply to both girls and boys and I am. using golf as serve an umbrella term. because you know if you’re in any way. involved in alternative subculture. whether it’s golf they’re Punk or you. know I hold a bunch of those things. you’re probably asked along with these. questions or have all these things said. to you or generally just inappropriate. behavior that is annoying and as I say. I’m just using golf to serve an umbrella. term for the whole lot and yes they. applies to both girls and boys but. there’s some they’re a bit more gender.

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Specific I suppose and I am a girl so. it’s easier for me to do the girl once. and most of the other people I asked. about this were also females last is why. I’ve named it that and so don’t take a. person I said it applies to both so yeah. this is just to kind of go through like. said if your alternative yourself a lot. of these are pulling very familiar to. you you could probably ringing some. bells if you’re not alternative yourself. I would really pay attention to this. video and see if you are being that. asshat and maybe learn to stop it let’s. get started then aren’t goes all meant. to be depressed it’s not Halloween yet. honey if anyone knows when Halloween is. it’s me oh you look so pretty if you. didn’t dress like that shop I look. pretty knowing you. you’d look so pretty if you kept your. mouth shut you know you’ll never get a.

Job looking like that I have a job. thanks expensive how do you think I. afford this why are you dressed like. that. what are you dressed like that you know. boys don’t really like girls who know. I’m gonna stop you right there. no no do not finish that sentence girls. don’t care what boys don’t like no no we. don’t if they do they need to reevaluate. their priorities I do not care what your. penis thinks don’t even try to tell me. that you don’t like it because I don’t. care is that your real hair now this one. that’s perfectly acceptable in some. cases for instance right now your son. asked me if this is my real hair I would. not judge them that’s fine but use some. common sense a little story for this one. I was like once and it was back when I. was very very much into my sort of cyber. stuff and I was wearing a pair of cyber.

Locks if you do not they are I’ll try to. post a picture right here of the exact. ones I was wearing I have to figure out. how to do that yes so cyber locks has. you saw lots of you plastic tubes and. foam with like bouncy springy things as. someone genuinely asked me if that was. my real hair what how how how would that. be my real hair explain this to me I’m. sorry. Oh another fun one see if you think. you’re Lee being like being really funny. by just yelling got its own in the. street you know it’s it’s kind of stupid. yeah it’s like yelling blonde at someone. who’s blonde you know you’re not being. smart you’re not being funny you’re just. kind of being a bit of a dick well I. guess love is where you get your boots. and that’s fine if it’s someone who’s. genuine inquiring if you’re something. like a little scummy chap on the street.

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Who just lives in track suits and. trainers and is obviously thinking that. you’re somewhere really funny but I. asked me where I got my boots I don’t. have stand they seem to think it’s. hilarious the old giggle aways to. themselves I don’t know how that’s funny. but you know I’m Becky and I’m just. looking at you like you’re an idiot so. this is like if you do a new one or some. got the shoes cuz you’re interested. that’s fine but if he’s if you’re saying. it to somehow try to be funny it’s not. working so don’t do that anymore. do you worship Satan just your stupid go. get on oh you’ll grow out of that in a. year or two I’ve been doing this since I. was 10 when when exactly don’t start. going on. oh did your tattoos and piercings hurt. well like probably it was a needle going. into my flesh it pulley nicked a little.

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Bit how do you eat drink sleep with. those piercings this one is one I like. those literally comment on one of my. youtube videos saying oh you know it’s. easier to just maintain your natural. eyebrows than to shave them off and draw. them on again no it’s not shut up. shooting them off is much like you I. pick up a razor I feel acquits telugu. Shiv Shiv girl them on that takes like. less than three minutes done maintain. your natural outgrowth involves or all. sorts of like plucking and threading and. waxing and pin and then you have to sit. and fill them in and if you screw up. that’s an over if I screw up on these I. whose wife doesn’t do it again if you. screw up being waxing your eyebrows that. is new you done until they grow back so. do not tell me that it is easier to just. maintain natural eyebrows come it is not.

No you know if you’re not someone who’s. alternative yourself maybe you know. there’s someone who’s the school’s here. someone you might see in the office if. you know in games you know golf through. alternative do not be the dick who if. they decide to wear something a bit more. colorful one day will not shut up about. it. oh we go you’re wearing color overhook. often wear color going on by the whole. day this is this bullet that’s this. happens just every time every single. time one of us wears color that’s what. we get and it’s annoying like and you. know maybe it’s funny to you you’re just. trying to have a bit of fun but. seriously by the hundredth time we’ve. heard it it’s just like please stop. whenever I’m wearing obviously very. personally bit new tights with like lots. and lots of holes and them all ripped up.

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In distress and stuff people always. think it’s really funny to come off and. go oh there’s a hole in your tights. yeah again heard that one oh so very. many times if you’re one of those idiots. who yells email at a golf in the street. thinking you’re being funny or you’re. going to noise again look it’s not gonna. do much you just we just think you’re. really really dumb I wouldn’t do it like. I said it might be really funny to you. and your friends but we were just. looking at you like you’re straightup. idiot. I would I wouldn’t recommend it just. stop yelling abuse at people in the. streets for no reason so like what other. piercings do you have. you know way to be a creeper go away no. get on it this is not the part we. function in society go and the last one. that I cannot believe I have to say but. apparently it does need to be said.

Do not touch people without the consent. this seems like an obvious thing if you. meet just knew it a normal person in the. street you wouldn’t start touching them. but for some reason whatever someone. looks a little bit different. all normal social conventions just go. right out the window all the rules. disappear the amount of people he’ll. come up and touch my clothes touch my. legs or like humor like boots or. anything especially the hair all of us. the hair people come up and touch my. hair once anymore to me they don’t ask. first they literally will come up and. start like feeling my clothes I’m like. that is not OK that is so highly. inappropriate. yeah like especially like at least for. me you know like I’m used to it by this. point it’s all kind of just be like you. know could you stop that there are some.

People who will not take that . you’re gonna get your ass beat one of. these days if you someone who does that. you do not ever touch people without. their permission if you really want to. ask someone if you can feel their hair. or this spiky jacket you can go ahead. and ask because people take it away. someone asks me and it zooms something. appropriate like my hair up I’ll usually. say yes but you know it depends some. people will be ok that some people will. still not some people just they don’t. want you touching them with certain. people as well I mean that some people I. get I spare other people I’m gonna be. like no stay the hell away from me don’t. ever come near me so just don’t post. peeled out the permission and you know. if you really need to at least ask first. and then pay attention to whether they.

Say yes or no so yeah that was my video. sorry if it’s a bit Randy but these are. things that I’ve been dealing with for. years and years and years. I’m getting really really old very. quickly ok that’s as I say you know let. me know if you’ve had any fun. experiences like this let me know if. there’s any that I’m missing I’m sure. there are there hundreds that I could go. I could go on for all day about these. things but those are something I feel. like it a lot but yeah if you have any. more that you tend to get in a regular. basis. go ahead and pop them down in the. comments below let me know I’d love to. hear them or you know make your own. video talking about it and as I said if. you’re one of those people it does these. things on the list you go stop. you guys stop. and so yeah I hope you enjoyed this. video I hope it wasn’t too goofy but um.

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