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Dating Ghanaian Ladies re supposed to like connect

Can i be your valentine of course. you have to be shocked. like hair. cars and those things so if you can. afford for it why not please what can. you tell us it’s like a bentley or. something. thousand cities no not cities. valentine is coming. valentine is coming i know some of you. are going to take girls on a date yes. some are going to fall in love with you. after the date some are also going to. ghost you after the day so today we are. here to look for fine girls to ask them. what will make them ghost the guy after. a date we also going to ask them is. valentine what do they want from guys. and what are they also going to give. today guys you understand. and most importantly. one of you or some of you are going to. get a date on this channel because i. know some of the girls don’t have a. valentine so make sure you look sharp.

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The white and the pink so if you know. you want the ring lights. contact them and they are also doing. promotion when you buy one ring glass. they are going to get free bed sheets. and pillow cases. lastly i’m sorry but let me finish. lastly is jado gifts yes they are the. main sponsor of the show today they are. giving out gifts to their interviewees. you understand so it’s a gift shop if. you are looking for gifts for your. valentine this 14th freeway make sure. you contact them also leave their number. in the description box so if you need to. give chocolate or whatever you want to. buy for your baby or crush your baby. mama your born one make sure you contact. them so that’s all for the announcement. let’s get right into this sweet sweet. video. this is the owner of jadwa gift she’s so. pretty like me when i see pretty girls i.

Don’t let you go she didn’t want to do. the video but i said no since you are. the sponsor of this video you must be. in this video. hey you’re nice job for this one i saw a. combat dog. what’s your name tell my viewers uh my. name is daniel daniel you are the owner. of jadah again yes i am charlie when i. see nice girls like this like trying to. do something for themselves nah. the question is simple. what will make you boost that guy after. this. ghost the guy after a date. he doesn’t know how to use 4k knife. if he cracks bad jokes if he doesn’t. laugh at my jokes i’ll go steal me wash. it. i think you’re just a little funny oh. you have to laugh now by the day. it just means that we don’t vibe so if. the vibe is not there i would have to go. straight and just look for somebody else. yeah. but the knife he doesn’t knows.

Your name but [ __ ] knife. isn’t anything. yeah like seriously like he’s not a. classic man i’m looking for a classic. machina style i’m a classic man hey. ginay. valentine is coming understand. what do you want your guys to get to you. and what are you getting your guy what. do i want him to get to me. i expect him to get me you know the. perfect valentine’s gift so that’s a. teddy bear. jewelry. chocolate. um. and take me out on a romantic date you. know it’s valentine’s day i expect to. feel extremely loved and i would like. all those traditional you know. valentine’s day gifts yeah. what’s your definition of romantic. dates you know candles and. yeah i’m wearing a red dress he’s. looking like a gentleman he comes to. pick me up you know i like to be a. little bit traditional so yeah. hollywood movies i wonder hollywood.

Romantic movie and what are you getting. a guy what am i getting him the usual. what’s that. singlets boxes. if i’m feeling extra sweet cufflinks and. thai. yeah they’re usually and now i just said. when you nancy. what do men want what do men want men. it’s just a new pair of boxes. a new pack of boxes yeah what else we. want love love we want sex. okay let me ask you what’s your. instagram handle do you have since you. are the owner of the. gift you have a business page and a. first name yes i have a business page. and a personal page. my business page is jado by insurance. and my personal page is danielle. underscore f. yeah your personal page you know can. they come can they dm you because. valentine’s day nice girl they want to. come candidates yes they can dm me. and make sure you patronize your ghost. charlie a nice girl like this doing.

Something for yourself trying to make. money you push what you should try and. help you understand and you can get all. the perfect valentine’s gift from my. page so yeah definitely patronize us. okay they will come they will come my. view as they do come okay thank you very. much. can i be your valentine of course. okay so we have one sweet pretty girl. here she’s laughing chelsea so she’s. loud you know me yes i do where do you. know me from youtube. what’s your name i’m chiching chi-chi. you don’t sound ghanaian i’m not i’m. nigerian. baby. baby. the way nigerians are on my channel in. italian i love them shout outs to all. nigerians. uh you want to say something no no no no. okay. okay so the president is simple. is coming you might go on a date with a. guy what would make you ghost the guy. after the day i’ll say.

Probably it has to do with like. interactions if that’s the first time. i’m going on a date with a guy i mean. we’re supposed to like connect well and. everything so obviously if we connect. well i won’t go as a guy but if the vibe. is not there then i just won’t bother. like i’ll probably cause the guy so what. do you mean by if the vibe is not there. what do you want to say sometimes when. you go on a date with the guy the guy. just keeps talking about himself and. everything we’re meant to get to know. each other so let’s talk i get to know. things about you you get to know things. about me something like that. so do you want to know things about me. no. oh charlie i think y’all for the first. time on my own channel. so vows day is coming what do you want. tell the whole world maybe someone gets. it for you i know i definitely don’t.

Want chocolate. hey so what do you want. okay so i really like novels like a lot. of novels so. probably something. something like a book like a really. really interesting book i like like. really famous novels and everything and. also a book i like writing sometimes so. i love a book like it’s just something. like that but not chocolate. and if you have to get something for a. guy to only get for the guy well i like. like maybe customize things for the guy. something the guy really likes like it. was like businessmen and stuff i’ll. probably get like cufflinks right the. initials like your name sharkboy maybe s. sb or something like that or like maybe. a mug and a book that is really. customized and everything. yes yes. charlie you guys should look sharp she’s. so sweet nigerian girl living in ghana. so the nigerians in ghana if you want to.

Take it out look shoved a ghanaian. singer and i want to take care of luke. so you like to get a valentine right. okay so what’s the instagram handle. they’ll come dm and you to take you out. okay so my instagram android is at oh. it’s. me oh yeah yeah yeah you can. good intention so. what kind of guy should he dm you. oh no i can’t i can’t i can’t say what. kind of guy i know i can. okay okay but before you go we have a. gift for you okay i’ll sponsor for the d. shadow gifts they said i should give. this to you as your vows they give. what’s inside. oh wow wow it’s a perfume it’s a baby. she’s so happy. thanks to jadon gibbs what would i say. to them um thank you very very much and. this is really really sweet like giving. this out thank you so so much oh a. nigerian appreciating egg fellow. ghanaian okay thank you so much.

And if the boys come to just try and. select on them go on a date with my gosh. sure thank you very much and have a nice. day you too bye bye. okay so i’m here with two pretty ladies. yeah both ghanians your ghanians right. yes oh what’s the name hell. pill you’re beautiful thank you. and what’s your name i’m jessica ted. jessica jessica chopra. yeah well endowed with natural resources. job for this one i saw a combat dog. okay so the question is simple. beautiful girls. what will make you ghost a guy after. dates. if i go out with him and then. he doesn’t just properly like i’m. wearing heels and then he’s wearing. slides. it’s really disappointing do you. understand. hi jason you just. no no no i can’t wear heel and then you. wear slice it doesn’t even match. hey girls. because i can’t come there with my 150. cities here all or so and get to this.

Here and then i’ll come and meet you. with a 40 cd slide. i’m on my oppressor i’m on my person hey. anybody expensive girls oh no but at. least you should have respect or some. kind of. you get it yeah i understand. because. because you can wear. heel and then your boyfriend is wearing. slides it doesn’t match. so what she did what she should do with. this would be fine what’s she doing. sneakers. oh sneakers would be nice because. trousers or something and some tea will. be okay but slice day hey where is have. we head they are going to put out their. instagram and snapchat you get the beats. with them so please know that kind of. dressing up to bring before the what. they’ll be fine with you so let me ask. you about this coming. what do you want tell the whole world. no one’s a bouquet. what’s money hey money when you have.

Money you have the women. yay they like money how much how about. you what oh any amount from his heart. about about quote range oh no any. amounts from his heart you did i know. you could go tomorrow like. some. thousand cities wouldn’t no no cities. would have 500. because. because you know what i’m talking about. i understand so um your instagram people. like to dm you or your snap which one i. brown you hey you brown who you hey. charlie this girl if you’re interested. now before be careful his name name is i. brown you before you come said she brown. you already knew snapper instagram power. 21.. it’s now yes. thank you guys so much and today’s. sponsor um. gift they said i should give it to you. it’s left to one so you poke and share. it what do you have to say today hello. hello hi hey. all right so we have one fair beautiful.

Bed. how are you doing what’s your name i’m. fine my name is jeha. jeha why are you from nigeria hey. i think i’ve interviewed that girl from. acquiring for last. year yeah what’s the name girl forgotten. okay so let me ask you the question is. simple. val’s day is coming will make you ghost. a guy after this. okay so what can make me ghost the guys. if a guy has. body odor amount although. i can’t stand those things. that’s not enough reason for me to ghost. the guy but. if i see that guy is just you know all. about himself. when i realized that he just wants to. spend my money. hey why you don’t want to pay. i want like i don’t have a problem you. know splitting the bills and everything. but you know when you’re talking to. someone you can realize if this person. is just a gold digger this person is you. know normal thinking person so if i see.

That. we’ve had a discussion he has seen like. my couple of businesses and they just. want to you know. eat out of me. it wouldn’t hear from me again. nigerian girls they don’t want to spend. on guys but the mouth order the mouth. other one is like really strong but i. realize that your mouth is smelling you. won’t easily hear from me again. okay okay. it’s not that i know do you i don’t. already okay so let me ask you. the way you are seeing if that guy. realizes you have money and things. are you rich you have money yeah i have. my money i have my businesses. wow what business do you do. i own a cosmetic line. yes please so you have money do you have. a boyfriend yes i do so you give me. money. my boyfriend also has money but if he. needs money i can give it to him if he. ask for it i give it to him. charlie. i realized one thing the beast did.

So those the unknown boys looking for. divorce challenges. okay so if i was the. if you had to. give your boyfriend something what will. you give him an alexa speaker. yes there are no speakers that you can. talk to them like hey alexa play me this. okay yes i mean i’ve seen how he is and. you know if he has that in his house. he’s gonna he’s gonna like it so i think. that’s what i can give you well is it we. don’t want the fake one they wanna see. your device it’s ready to pair. is it ours. okay. and if you want something from your. boyfriend what would you would. one thing. see seafood noodles. seafood noodles yes in soccer. okay. so now you have to put out your. instagram handles guys who like to dm. your nigerian guys and your ghanaian. guys okay yeah so what’s your ig. underscore brella br-i-l-e. so well let me ask you one thing.

Ghanaian guys and nigerian guys who. would you prefer. i don’t know just have a very good. personality my way is your boyfriend. from. ghana ah. i gotta. get that one so can i dm you. if you have business ideas dm me but if. it’s all about like you know flirting. please don’t dare me hey nigerian girl. right now we’re going to nigeria to see. how they also behave thank you very much. you’re welcome back all right so we have. one beautiful girl here with him i don’t. know if he’s brazilian here what is that. someone bought for me so i don’t really. know the price oh okay okay charlie. thank you for buying it for it so the. question is simple. what will make you ghost a guy after. dates. um it depends on how like the guy is. dressed if like i go on a date with you. and then you don’t know the outfits you. choose for that particular date and i.

Think that’s it we are done so how. should you dress. okay so if it’s at dinner then you need. to be formal. yeah something like that. yeah yeah okay so let me ask you what. was this coming understand. guys. want to watch get your gifts. you also want to get a guy a gift if you. have to get a guy i guess oh you get a. place. um actually i think it depends on what. the guy can afford for me okay so what. can you afford for you this is what do. you want actually. i don’t mind if anything from your heart. actually i don’t mind if once it’s from. your heart then i’m good but i want you. to list some things. you know girl. you’re wishlist girls like um. they like um like hair. cars and those things so if you can. afford for it why not please what can. you tell us it’s like a bentley or. something. you’re living in paradise.

Okay okay that’s nice and if you have. two games and holy game. um it depends um if. maybe trips or something i don’t know. like yeah. okay okay that’s nice so before we end. um give out your social media snap on. instagram i think i’ll give up um out. this no no the instagram so my instagram. is sandra no no no. supplement. two underscores yeah candy dmv. maybe. you guys do everywhere so i have a gift. for you as the. dog gifts they are giving a gift so. today i’m presenting to you. a nine what’s inside. i’m a victoria secret perfume. thank you thank you thank you so much. okay thank you too. let me know in the comment section. what will make you ghost a guy or a girl. after a date let me know what you want. for val’s day maybe someone is going to. surprise you leave everything in the. comment section what you want for.

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