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Also like even you know in bed. like we’re gonna just play up in here. you know come to this channel for that. team okay. hi guys welcome back to my channel. today’s video by popular demand is about. dating in germany and this time we’re. going to be specific to the city in. which we live. dating in berlin and to talk about that. i. brought my beautiful sexy friend here to. talk about this because i just have like. a ton of stories. um by the way if you’re not subscribed. to my channel please tell them to. subscribe. please subscribe to the channel we’re. gonna talk really serious stuff here. like if you wanna know the dating. insights and a lot about germany and. berlin. and the comparisons between one country. to another and specifically germany as. well. follow and subscribe and like you heard. that’s all and if you’re not following.

Me on instagram it’s at walio chronicles. dating and meeting people in real life. in berlin well first things first. i don’t know if it’s germans but i’m. into germans. so that would be the first thing they. will not talk to you in the street oh no. no that’s why. yes that that’s why the dating app is so. popular here because. they it’s most likely that they. obviously. it’s easier for them to talk to you and. invite you to have a drink. um in in in through a nap. then actually if you’re at the bar and. um. and they approach to you and ask you out. but i also think it’s because here in. berlin is specific. they the movement of woman is very. strong. so i also feel like they they are afraid. that. if they approach you they can have a bad. experience that. uh that the woman would say why are you. approaching me if i would be interested.

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I’ll approach you back. but that is not i mean i would like to. be approached but you know because. this this um movement of women is so. strong here in berlin i feel like. men feel a little bit more i don’t know. what to do i might do this but then what. if they. take me wrong or you know so like the. fear of the rejection. is really strong more than the fear of. rejection. yes for sure that one counts but uh. the fear or them being called off onto. an action that they actually. don’t mean you know that they are taking. advantage of their. manpower because they are asking them. out when they. women are independent enough to do it as. well you know. so i feel like they don’t want to be in. that position even if they want to talk. to approach a woman which i totally. understand in that sense i’m not going. to be like i’m less.

You know i am protest and product but. i feel like that would be one reason so. then dating apps uh. it’s much more uh frequent also for me. to meet. people um i only think i’ve dated one. guy that i met. in real life and uh it was at a club. here in berlin. somebody talks to you yeah yeah yeah. yeah he was it was he was cute. of course he was kidding of course he. was scared of course. how did that happen like what yeah did. he come to talk to you because that’s. very very rare for that yeah yeah he was. uh i mean of course he. you know in germany it’s really i mean. in berlin it’s really. common to take stuff. so he has under stuff and uh yeah and i. usually i don’t know i’m not gonna say i. don’t take never. but usually i don’t and i barely go out. anyway in that sense and because of work. and so it takes. a lot of energy so um that day that i.

Was approached. actually with him we dated the longest. for two months. and uh but it was mainly because he knew. i didn’t want anything serious and he. also didn’t want anything serious and i. knew he was going to leave berlin anyway. so that’s why i also accepted okay let’s. just chill but this um um. being approached in a bar or in the club. has never happened to you and accepted. this once. yes yes never never never and and. sometimes i wish it happened and i even. try to make like a. like a very friendly face not going to. work starving. it doesn’t work forget it. yeah i’m going to. you’ll never meet people like um brando. i’ve never heard about oh some people. actually meet people randomly but that’s. very rare. yeah or like friends or friends yeah. that’s a yes very very common yeah for. people to meet people.

Yes yeah but then otherwise a guy. approaching you even though you think or. he thinks that you’re. hot as heck then um. yeah they wouldn’t happen so i think. everybody just joins the. dating apps like and now there are so. many i think like even four. or yeah four three or four what would. you say. tinder uh bumble tinder and. i badou i think it’s called one what is. because of the quarantine i downloaded. bumble guys. yeah i swear i saw it like first world. problems. no contact with people download dating. apps. so i downloaded the app and um in my. opinion i can recommend. bamboo oh yes more than tinder. i’m sorry ginger guys yeah tinder is not. really my favorite. because i like bamboo three things right. maybe three things they are why i like. bamboo. you already full you already filled in. the information. basic information of yourself and the.

Other person so you know what’s their. saudi. zodiac sign you know uh if they drink or. not you know what they are looking for. you know how. how tall they are you know um uh what. are their beliefs in religion or what. are their beliefs. in society and or government. i want to know is there any difference. between like any significant difference. between dating here. in germany in berlin to the specific. compared to dating in other places that. you’ve lived. in what’s the dating culture like. oh okay so. uh to be honest. i cannot say a lot because i it’s not my. dating like hasn’t been that long. it’s been yeah very very short. very short you know what i would say. more. i would say that dating germans. varies depending on the region where. they come from. now it’s totally interesting please can. you tell us the differences between.

These regions. first so interesting from my experience. oh my god this is i can’t believe this. is going to go online if you don’t want. to share it don’t like it. no no you don’t have it i want it so. okay okay um. so uh i think that dating. guys from bavaria for example they are. very conservative. and they are expecting to meet a woman. who. would follow them and stay at home for. them and. um it’s a very conservative way of them. seeing women and dating as well it’s. very cute. it’s a i can’t i can’t say uh i can’t. lie about it because they are. they’re very into the old time fashion. uh. gentlemen you know like like they treat. you with. um i don’t know like they would get a. drink ready for you. and they you know it’s it’s very nice. but. if you are into that conservative style. then. for sure but in my case i am not really.

Much into it. so they also like. even you know in bed like. we’re getting up in here. um it’s like it’s very. it’s very delicate i’m not saying the. other ones are not delicate i’m just. saying it’s a very. it’s a very oldtime experience i would. say i don’t know it’s. it’s i don’t know yeah it’s really. different but if you date. guys from more north they’re not being. hammered. yeah close to the netherlands or or more. like. west northwest northwest you met these. guys you meet these guys. who also have their beliefs but they’re. also more open to new things. and they are also not so much treating. you like a. baby girl like the princess they treat. you like a woman mostly or like a. friend it’s so interesting yeah so i’m. more into. the guys from there and um their way of. thinking is also way more open mind. what about the ones from like eastern.

Parts of germany like the ones from. berlin which. is very ready to come across those yeah. yeah yeah but i’ve played it to two guys. they’re not my type oh good what’s wrong. with them. they’re very interesting to talk to. they’re very um. alternative just like berlin uh. they’re used to a lot of uh. international people which is a very. thing a very nice thing to have. and uh somehow i would not be able right. now to say the difference because it. just. somehow did not work out. so like now i want to talk about. something that is very i find very. interesting. do you find like as a latina woman. dating here that’s. you’re treated sometimes as a fetish do. you come across the fetish people. yeah i just want to uh date you because. here you are latina and then. latinas are supposed to have this kind. of stereotype to you.

Yes i do come across uh but mostly when. men. are younger guys are younger yeah like. no younger i mean. i’m uh when i they are not they are. younger than 30 years old. ah yes interesting yeah when guys are. younger than 30 years old i feel like. they are it’s like oh my god like you’re. so. honest like tina like that’s so cool. they speak spanish and oh my god your. country and so. and especially the guys the germans that. know how to speak spanish. yeah so like is there any way to. identify these um fetish people that. just want to be with you for the. stereotype and not because. they’re seeing you as a human yeah. should be dated. you know yeah uh i have to say the ones. that are. less than 30 the ones that i’ve dated i. can i can feel that there’s not even a. topic for me to talk. and it’s just the looks it’s just not.

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Really. it’s not really a connection to talk. because when you you are dating with. somebody you’re getting to know this. person it’s not about getting to know. what they do for a living or if they. earn enough money it’s about seeing if. you can actually have a proper. conversation. about life and if you don’t connect with. this proper conversation about life. then there’s no point like um. so for you in your experience the guys. above 30. they like they don’t think about that. it’s very rare. well it’s your personal experience. anyway so where this is very. personalized. you don’t feel that some fetish vibe. coming from them it’s more about. you as a person as an individual latina. oh my god. yeah no well at the beginning you feel. it at the beginning i mean also for me. right because oh my god this german blue. eyes blonde like.

Jesus christ and i’m super tall and you. know it’s like you know i mean obviously. from my side too it’s not just like. that you know um if we put it like that. but certainly um you can have more deep. conversation with a with an older man. um and then build a common ground and if. it’s interesting enough then. these looks are a plus. but like i’ve been hearing a lot of. people saying like berlin is a very. difficult place to find like. someone for a serious relationship. because it attracts so many like uh. alternative people and people that just. want to chill and talk about their lives. but um what’s been your experience so. far do you think it’s. it’s a berlin thing being very difficult. finding. serious relationship here or it’s. just a 2020 situation yeah no no. i agree with that statement it’s because. berlin the city itself gives a lot of.

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Freedom to do whatever you want. therefore people already have this. mentality of open relationships and this. open relationship mentality. is very um well grounded between. uh yeah the couples around here actually. they find that open an open relationship. is a very healthy relationship. which should not be bad should not be. good i think it depends on perspectives. and how you are with your partner. but that is something really uh special. from here and somebody that and. something that everybody already accepts. because there is so much freedom in this. city. that also allows you to think that oh if. i have one. person then i can have many other person. as long as it’s. as long as you tell the truth now. i don’t know how i would cope up with. that because that doesn’t get into my. mind yet maybe in two years or maybe.

More time i would understand it. but i know also i have friends that are. here for like five years and at the. beginning they could not understand that. the mindset behind it but now they are. super easy with that and they even have. open relationship themselves. okay i don’t know it’s very it’s. i think berlin it’s a it’s a it’s not. that it’s hard to date. it’s just a city that has a lot of. freedom and you have to be. open about it right right yeah. also another interesting topic i want to. talk about is like. you know um in some cultures uh on the. first date the guy is supposed to pay. for the whatever in some cultures like. in germany i heard. like um the bigger ways and the speeds. or something. so how has it been for you and your. experience with dating german guys i. always pay. i don’t i don’t let them pay that’s.

Something that my mom taught me from. like in ecuador because i come from. ecuador um i never let them pay. but but i’ve heard that if you. let them pay at least the first drink. they feel offended and they feel. like you’re not interested so from then. on. i let them pay the first drink um. if i am interested if i’m not interested. i’m like oh worries. i got it no just kidding i. i usually you now after this experience. that i mentioned now i try to get to. know. guys better before i go out and meet. them in person. um but i know i don’t let them pay. and if i see someone more than once. i would still allow let not allow him. let him pay once and then i take the. second one and so. and i was i thought actually my one of. my recent dates was very. very cute because we went for dinner it. was obviously was the fourth time we met.

Each other. we went for dinner and uh i literally. had to go. to the toilet before after we finished. their meal and when i came back i said. all right so let’s ask for the bill and. he paid already. so i was like okay all right. i thought it was so cute so that was the. first time that happened to me here in. in berlin obviously he is uh older. than me but uh i feel like. it’s something that builds up you don’t. have to expect them to pay but. germans do also because women are asking. for their. rights now especially really hard here. in berlin. then they also think okay then you also. pay yourself why do i have to pay you. like if you’re my child. true okay you know so i don’t really. understand that why do you have to pay. for me because i also work so. in this sense that that’s my mentality. and therefore. obviously because of this strong of a.

Strong movement of feminism and. and trying to get our own right i. totally understand if they don’t pay. because they say you’re not my child. you’re not my princess you want to have. your own rights then here we go we split. the bill. which is totally fine because i consume. that from my perspective. but the fact that he that this guy. already did this for me because i. obviously paid the coffee for him and. then he paid something else for me. then obviously he took over the major. bill. that already meant that for me it was a. good. step to um to keep talking. so so far would you say like in your in. your culture like in ecuador what’s. expected before the man’s of peace yeah. i suspected that. you are kind of like an exception from. your yeah yeah because you’re my mom. well even like now you just said you. found it nice that he.

Paid yes for it before you came yes but. then initially you were like you don’t. allow them to pay so but. in your heart of heart what would you. prefer do you prefer the guidance like. from the beginning. if you let’s split it 50 50 or you. prefer. the one that did it for you like it’s. not because you cannot. yeah no i i understand your question. i would prefer at the beginning. to pay for my own stuff at the beginning. because i don’t know him. and i don’t want to take over his stuff. because i would. i would take over his stuff like next. dinner probably i end up paying. you know but um. at the beginning specifically because i. don’t know the person and i don’t know. if it’s worth my time. and you have to think also that way i. mean. money is just money but it obviously. accounts the time you work for it. yeah of course so whatever you pay it.

Has to be very well invested. right and it has to be worth your time. as well because it’s money and time. and so for me to pay for a guy that i. just met no thank you. but if but if for example and that’s why. for me. it actually felt nicer that he invited. me later because i know how for germans. in specific. time means money money means investment. and. it’s they are very like um centered on. this. and it feels nice because i know that. it was probably very worth it for him. more than just uh. i’ll just do it because i have to or. because society says. i have to you know so in that sense i. find it nice not because he saved. me from paying dinner but because it. means more than just paying. well that’s an interesting perspective. wow. okay i think that’s all i have for this. dating video. thank you so much for coming on the.

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