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Hey guys welcome back to my channel and. if you’re new here it is so great to. have you i’m antoinette and new. zealander living in germany. i’ve got a really fun video for you. today i’m going to be talking about five. signs that you are either dating or. married to a german man so i have been. married to my amazing husband for 11. years now and i absolutely adore that. man i would not trade him for the world. he is actually ethnically polish but he. has been living in germany for the last. 30 years so he is so german in so many. ways most of my friends here are. actually married to german men so we do. speak a lot about this topic. i do feel like i know a fair bit about. german men and how they tick so i’m. going to be talking about this in this. video i will get into it really soon but. first i would like to thank today’s.

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Where they are trying to sort of get. your attention and. i have a very clear memory of the night. that i met my husband. and we were in a bar i’ve got a whole. video on this i will link it in my. description but um. we were in a bar and i remember seeing. him. and i. thought he was very handsome but. i didn’t know whether he was interested. in me or not because in new zealand most. men if they are interested in you they. will make it really obvious by flirting. with you and just being overly. flirtatious but he wasn’t really. flirting with me. he was kind of staring at me it was the. sort of steer like i didn’t know whether. he was interested in me or whether he. thought i was familiar or whether i had. like food on my face or he just wasn’t. giving much away. and. i i just didn’t know whether he was. interested it turned out he was.

Interested and this was kind of his way. of getting my attention just kind of. like. sort of staring at me most guys in new. zealand if they’re interested in a girl. and they’re out at a bar or a nightclub. or something they’ll make it super. obvious they’ll be really flirty they. will come on quite strong they make it. very obvious from the getgo that they. are super interested in you but i do. feel like german men. make it not so obvious and they do it in. a very subtle way i’ve talked about this. with friends who have also dated or. married to german men this can go on for. so long where they’re just not giving. you any signals that they are interested. and you just kind of you don’t know. whether they are interested in you. romantically or as a friend and. it takes a while before they give you. any kind of hints i feel like german.

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Females could be quite intimidating to. men in the sense that. they give off this whole vibe where it’s. like don’t mess with me i am a strong. independent woman and don’t even think. about flirting with me otherwise you. don’t have a chance that’s just my. impression they just give off this vibe. where it’s like just don’t even try just. don’t even try and so i think that’s why. german guys can be. super cautious in the beginning and very. respectful. and i think this is great i think it’s a. real. sign of respect and i i like this about. german men it can be a little bit. frustrating you do want to know. if they’re interested or not it would be. nice if they could give off a few more. sort of clues okay so another sign of a. german man this is something that i. noticed quite early on in my. relationship with rob.

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Many german men if they say they are. going to do something they will do it. they will follow through so i remember. the night that i met rob and as i said. he wasn’t super flirtatious or anything. i. thought maybe he liked me maybe he. didn’t i don’t know but then he did ask. for my number so i thought okay yeah. that’s probably a sign he likes me um. and he told me he was going to call me. tomorrow so the next day and i thought. oh okay i just was not expecting him to. call me to be honest most guys in new. zealand if they say i’m going to call. you tomorrow. that could mean maybe in a couple of. days next week. you just kind of have to take that. comment with a grain of salt because you. know they may have come on super strong. at the beginning and then they kind of. play this little game where they keep. you waiting a little bit for the call.

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And it’s maybe just a way of making you. more interested i don’t know but with. german guys i feel like there’s no game. playing i don’t think at the beginning. the fact that they’re not floating it’s. not playing games with you they’re just. simply not um super flirtatious. and so yeah they just i feel like german. men from what i have discussed with. friends and from my experience. there’s none of this like. game playing if they say they’re gonna. call you they will call you one thing i. noticed really early on with rob is that. he was just very trustworthy and i i. felt that the guy that i dated before. rob we weren’t in a relationship or. anything but we did date for a little. while um. he was just. super like charming and um charming in. the way that he would tell a lot of. stories and um. he was just. over the top and super flirtatious and.

That kind of thing and i think at the. beginning girls get sucked into that but. then you realize they’re actually kind. of full of. um and i think a lot of german men are. just very sort of genuine my mum even. told me the very first day that she met. rob she trusted him she had a really. good feeling about him and she even. spoke about that in a video we made. together i do feel like many german men. are like this they are very sincere very. genuine and very trustworthy which is. why i think german men are really just. great they make great boyfriends great. husbands another thing that comes with. german men being very honest and very. trustworthy is that they can sometimes. be brutally honest in the way that if. you. ask them a question they are going to. give you a brutally honest answers not. always brutally honest but it’s always.

Going to be honest i’ve talked about. this many times in my videos but um i. remember. robert used to like upset me sometimes. with his response to questions i’d ask. him just say i would get a new haircut. and i would come home and say what do. you think of my haircut and he’d be like. oh i think that old haircut looked. better it suited you more and i would. get really upset by his response i. couldn’t believe that he would say that. to me and then he would be so confused. by why i was upset. he’s like well you asked me what i. thought and i told you and do you want. me to lie and then when i think about it. why did i ask him if i didn’t want an. honest opinion i just was expecting him. to say yeah it looks great you look. beautiful. and that was not what he thought so he. just told me the honest truth he thought.

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My old haircut was better i guess you. just kind of have to have a thick skin. in the way that. if you don’t want an honest answer then. just don’t ask the question because they. are going to give you an honest answer. regardless of whether. it’s going to make you happy or not so. yeah i think german guys they. i don’t know if they lack a little bit. of sensitivity in that way they just. would rather be honest they think. they’re doing you a favor by telling you. the truth but many females don’t see it. that way. and they may get a little bit offended. and honestly i can say. 11 years later he still will tell me his. honest opinion if i ask him a question. even if it may offend me so that you. can’t you can’t change him he is german. through in that sense but on the flip. side if a german man gives you a. compliment then you can take that.

Compliment and know that it is a genuine. compliment and that they really. genuinely. mean what they say last but not least. and i do think this is a very important. point and one of the reasons why you. should definitely consider. dating or marrying a german man and that. is because. many german men i’m not saying all of. them but many german men make amazing. fathers and i can honestly say my. husband he is an incredible. incredible dad all of my friends who are. married to german men their husbands are. amazing handson fathers and i often. will see this when i’m out and about. with my kids at the playgrounds whatever. there will often be dads who are just so. involved with their kids and it’s just. so beautiful to see. and i feel like the role as a dad and a. mom is very very equal here in germany. in germany it’s not thought of as you’re.

The mother so you have to do these. particular things and you’re the father. so you have to do these particular. things it’s 50 50 the housework. the cooking the cleaning the putting the. kids to bed looking after the kids it’s. all shared and i’ve noticed this is very. common in germany and i must say in new. zealand it is basically the same i do. feel like kiwi dads dads in new zealand. are very involved with their kids lives. like in germany but i do feel like in. many other countries sort of like you’re. the mother so you have to cook you have. to. change the baby’s nappies and the father. would never dream of doing that or. just do you know what i mean in germany. it’s all very equal and i i see it with. all of my my friends husbands with my. husband i just feel like german dads in. general are just amazing and very much.

Involved with their children’s lives and. they take their role as a father very. seriously. and i love that i love that about german. men so guys those are some of the signs. that you are dating or married to a. german man and i. think i might be a little bit biased but. i think german men in general are. wonderful and if you are considering. maybe giving a german man a second. chance going on a date then do it like. honestly do it because i don’t think you. will regret it they may not be super. charming and flirtatious in the. beginning but they are loyal they are. genuine so if you are dating a german. man if you have a german boyfriend. partner husband or if you have dated a. german man in the past do you agree with. what i had to say in this video or do. you disagree with me i would love to. hear your feedback and stories in my.

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Description below i’m not saying that. all german men are like this obviously. every man is different but i do feel. like many german men have these traits. these qualities also guys i just wanted. to remind you that ana louise are having. a huge black friday promotion right now. where you buy one piece of their. beautiful sustainable jewellery and. receive 60 of your second piece so this. is a wonderful opportunity to take. advantage of right now before christmas. the shipping is insanely quick by the. way thank you so much for watching if. you enjoyed this video then don’t forget. to give it a big thumbs up i would love. you to consider subscribing to my. channel if you haven’t already i know. that so many of you who watch my videos. are not actually subscribed so if you. would consider subscribing that would.

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