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Okay i think we are. okay i’m terrified but my. phone will drop i’m having a really. not a good day but i’m not here to vent. i’m here to talk about the 11. dating strategies that men use on. on women to get what we want. basically so hello my name is greta. berishita i’m dating and relationship. coach for women. for the awesome high value women’s. secrets subscribe to my channel and hit. the bell to be notified when i upload. new videos. every wednesday and sunday and. um yeah i’m not having a very good day. um. i don’t know what’s happening everything. is crushing i’m going a bit insane. anyway we are not here to talk about me. so. um games you know what is really. interesting about. games and if your guy is playing. a lot of games then you know. how to handle. the game the guy gets insecure. have you have you noticed it ladies.

Because in my youtube channel i. talk so much about game playing right i. give you all the strategies that guys. use how not to get manipulated and. you ladies who are dating guys who play. like so many games on you right. and you handle those games have you. noticed that. that a guy usually starts to give. iver a bigger game after that. or he comes to you all vulnerable and. insecure. because when the games don’t work. the guy gets insecure right. so it’s kinda he’s digging you a hole. but when you know how to handle it he. falls right. in it which is amazing because he. obviously has. you know he obviously deserves that. however. when he plays these games on you. and we do work and you start like giving. him. you know a show and you’re overreacting. you’re throwing tantrums you’re sharing. your. feelings you’re showing how upset you.

Are. you know like what happens then like um. he gets all the satisfaction. he gets all the security that the games. are working. and he gets so happy that um. you reacting to it because when you. react to it you show how much. you care right so he gets really over. the moon how much you care it gives him. a lot of satisfaction. and then he repeats his games over and. over and over and over again. until he starts to play you as a little. muppet and starts to get. bored because you know when you throw. something at somebody and we always. jump in the beginning it’s quite fun to. entertain yourself. after a while it becomes boring because. you can read the person. so learn the games uh. don’t fall into their traps and watch. them getting insecure. because guess what we will and. they do deserve that i must say they do.

Deserve that. um the best reaction to the games is no. reaction. it’s like look at it as a child having a. tantrum. you know if you ever worked as a nanny. which i have. then the child is having a tantrum and. he wants you to react. and when you ignore him that’s like the. best response. after a while when he realizes that his. manipulative games or tantrums doesn’t. work he stops having the tantrum and he. actually becomes nice to you. or he will try harder and then he tries. harder you kind of have to go a bit like. this is a bit getting a bit boring right. so this is how you handle it but anyway. in this video. i will share with you ladies um 11. strategies. in dating and i kind of made little. notes. on them to be honest i filmed a whole. youtube video on it. which was like half an hour long and. then as i was editing it i realized my.

Camera something is wrong with my camera. my microphone was crashing and i’m like. i’ll have to do a live and share these. games on alive because. it’s just not my day and whoever gave me. ten dollars thank you so much i really. appreciate that. so um i seen that right so the first. game that i wanted to talk about is. man used to do this a while back. and i remember guys used to do this on. me when i was in my early 20s. but i didn’t realize that in my early. 20s. now i came across this recently again. and i was like oh. i know what you’re doing so this is when. the guy. kind of test the waters. are you easy so that’s number one right. so are you. easy will you get involved into a. sexual talk and we do it like some guys. do it. so gently that you won’t even notice it. right so for example. let’s say you’re taking a trip to the.

Beach. right and he’s like oh so what you’re. doing today and you’re like oh i’m going. to the beach. you know and then a few hours later. he texts you something oh how was the. beach. did you get a tan right. and it’s like the red flags. all of that should be already circling. in your mind. some guys will stop with that but. when you think about it ladies there is. no reason to ask this. question unless you have a sexual motif. so usually what you say if you answer. quite like. naively or nicely yes they did if his. intentions are sexual towards you then. next thing he will say oh. so do you have any tan lines and then if. you share it with him. oh so where are your tan lines. and then it’s like oh i bet you look hot. in a bikini. oh do you have some bikini pics from the. bit. from the beach oh would you like to have.

A video chat. you see how it kind of gently goes like. that. so ladies be wary of these things. because like guys who are smart they. they don’t just got you like oh do you. want the hook up or do you want. you know one night stand we’re gonna. test the waters gently. right so we’re gonna be so gent like. that you won’t even. spot it like and in like half an hour or. so. or like a couple days you’re already. having these sexual talks with him about. even realizing. how did it actually happen so be wary of. these players and just stop the. conversation asap. it’s yeah yeah. yeah okay number two. oh this is quite obvious one so um. getting you lots of drinks with no food. on a date who had it like you go on a. date and the guy doesn’t order any food. he doesn’t order any nipples. he just gets that bottle of wine or he’s.

Just like. trying to get you drunk the goal is like. to get you drunk right so um. i remember a couple well now it’s like i. don’t know five years ago i think. i think i went on a date and i was. living in a house share. and i come back and the guy that i was. living in a house share with. he goes like oh so how was your date i’m. like yeah it was cool you know it was. actually really nice. and he’s like oh so what did you do and. i’m like oh we just actually had a few. drinks. he’s like did he got any food and. because he’s a guy you know so he’s like. logically straight away things i’m like. actually no he didn’t order any food or. he didn’t even. suggest any food and his face switched. he looked quite angry like because he. was like a caring friend. and he was so e so he was trying to get. you drunk. and i’m like yeah i suppose so it didn’t.

Happen i’m from lithuania it’s not easy. it’s not easy i mean i don’t drink much. but it’s it’s not easy to get. drunk an eastern eastern european girl. it’s practically impossible so. i know that’s not a very high value. thing to say but it’s the truth. yeah the genetics are there okay. so um yeah number two you will try to. get you drunk. number three. um let’s see if he walks into oh yes. this is very common so if you’re gonna. let. a guy to you know it’s the first date. let’s see or a second or a third. and he walks you to the door. be very careful and don’t. let him to get inside your house you. know. um sorry ladies i don’t know what. happens when i start to talk my nose. gets so snotty. um don’t let him get into your house. don’t invite him over like if you of. course. live in a more like in towns or. countries where guys are a bit more.

Nicer and a bit more genuine i get it. that’s fine maybe you can invite him for. a tea that’s fine and if it’s not too. late. but if it’s quite late after that date. and he is you know saying like oh i. like you know and you’re like not. planning to invite him in. and he’s like oh i’m really thirsty or i. need to use value. or aren’t you gonna invite me for some. tea you know like. reject all of these things don’t let him. get into your house. because once the guy gets into your. house. and if you just met him a few times it’s. really unsafe. it’s really dangerous and you don’t know. anything about this guy and he will try. he’s gonna try his best to basically. seduce you and all of that. so um i would just say don’t. let a guy in your house leave him bare. outside your door like stay safe. and if he’s like oh aren’t you gonna.

Offer me any tea just be like sorry. run out of tea um can i like. use your bathroom oh it’s dark just go. around the corner. you know and just do it like say it. playfully like don’t be rude with it. just be playful with it and then just be. like okay sorry. bye shut the door he’ll ask you out. again. if you really wanted to get into that. house he’ll ask you out again so. don’t worry about that right um. number four i’ll do your questions. ladies. at the end of this video once i’ll see. all the 11. dating game strategies that guys do. number four so this is kind of like. you know when guys invite you to. their house and tell you like come over. i will cook for you. so a lot of men pull out this card on. the first date sometimes even or a. second date. um especially in london you know if you. met the first date for the drinks.

A lot of time the second date we go like. oh come over i’ll cook for you. basically means you’re gonna have. you know like it’s not gonna be just. cooking it’s gonna be sleeping after. if again you’re in like these type of. like big cities like that where. everyone’s like a wolf. you know a wolf like literally like. wolves. and sheepskin here um. so don’t go over to a guy’s house. if you don’t want to sleep with him then. he says i will cook for you because it’s. literally like it’s basically you saying. come on over. i’ll charm you or i’ll give you some. food and then. you’re sleeping over it’s hard to get. out of it and you’re like it’s. it’s just gonna be way too soon saying. that. i had a friend who. i remember said it to him like we were. having the shot and i was saying like. yeah i have a guy like here and why is.

He over like i’ll cook for you it’s. basically means. you’re sleeping over and my friend. actually got shocked because um. he was from austria and he said like i. invite girls all the time over and i. cook for them and it never means that. and i was shocked because i was like wow. like in. in austria you still guys do it the nice. way like this is nice you know it’s. it’s i should move to austria. but usually it’s like i’ll cook for you. means. so just say to the guys something like. oh you know. it’s been a lockdown for the whole like. a year. and um the sun is shining the evenings. are nice i would prefer to do something. outside. so kind of get out of there smoothly and. if he’s into you. and he’s willing to wait for the. act you know he’s gonna see you outside. um. number five very common. it’s it’s all that. wipe off live life to the fullest.

Life is short enjoy the moment right so. if you’re in a club. and a guy is shouting you out like. chatting you up. and let’s say you’re bonding the. conversation. is going great he’s inviting you over. and he’s like yeah i love to i’m that. type of guy who’s like really. spontaneous. and i love life and. we just need to enjoy the moment because. life is short we don’t know what’s going. to happen. tomorrow and a lot of. girls get hooked into this especially if. a guy is like. kind of into sales and he does it really. really smooth. and he looks into your eyes and he. sounds all genuine. and of course covers it all up the tones. of compliments. and how you were one and how you’re the. most beautiful and how he never met a. girl like you before and how he’s. looking for that serious. relationship let’s enjoy the moment.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah you wake. up in the morning. and you think you’re in a relationship. and he basically tells you to pack your. stuff there. are no breakfast nothing to be served. and leave. so ladies don’t be naive. this is very very very common. okay so taking go talking to about the. next step. number six love bombing. and um i’ve seen. so many videos of people like. crushing love bombing like saying like. it’s the worst thing ever. i personally think this is the best. thing ever. like i think love bombing is fantastic i. think it’s amazing please. guys do more of that these are my. thoughts why because think about the. past ladies. when our parents did it when your. grandparents did it when your grand. grandparents did it. what men used to do they used to charm. women they would tell women how amazing.

We are. how beautiful we are we would you know. bring. gifts and flowers to the family they. would write. poems to them like how many old movies. have you watched where. guys actually write poems to the girls. right you’re the most this and you’re. the most vat in the songs. songs are actually like romantic songs. are the form of. love bombing who doesn’t love that i’m. like the biggest sucker for that. i love it you know but i would say. enjoy it but don’t be naive with that. in the past when guys would love bomb. them like that. women would not sleep with most men you. know sex was. after marriage so like these guys would. just charm and charm and charm and. invest and buy gifts and impress. and all of that it was all about love. bombing right. obviously followed by action but it was. a bit more real at that time because he.

Still wouldn’t get anything unless he. marries the girl. whereas now we as women are. so naive that whenever a guy writes a. poem or just says. lots of sweet stuff or love bombs you we. all just kind of like. sign up for it and like sleep with the. guy and it’s just like. you know so yes of course if you’re. gonna do that. then you will look at him as a. manipulator and he’s just using you. but if you’re not doing that and you’re. letting him charm and. invest and write all these poems and. tell you all these sweet words. and you’re looking at his actions and. not doing anything stupid and you’re. realizing that it’s just kind of like. you know it’s like um like a fantasy. that you’re enjoying when there’s. nothing wrong with that and yes. bring more love bombing you know so yeah. it’s like yeah nowadays guys are scared.

To keep. to give these compliments because this. love bombing image is made so bad. um number seven. so this is very common as well. when men chat you up they. create a kind of like um. story of you together. experience it of you having experiences. together of you. bonding together without even. taking you on holidays or without. you even spending any time together. so this can be done on online dating. where you’re just texting to one another. or this can also be done in real life so. what happens is you let’s say again. you’re talking to a guy. you let’s say you like him he likes you. you’re bonding right. and then he says oh have you been to. maldives or have you been to bali. and because these are usually very. popular locations nowadays to kind of go. and visit. and you say for example no i never been. you never been let me take you to bali.

We can feed the monkeys we can see the. elephant. and we can see these amazing waterfalls. and i’m gonna take you there we’ll go. there together we’re gonna have so much. fun we’ll try all the different foods. the food is so amazing let’s fly there. now. you know so like he starts to describe. to you. about that holiday location that he’s. been to and he. involves you in that holiday location so. without you even going there with him. he’s already creating stories. with you in there he’s already creating. memories with you in there. and uh you know you listen to the stuff. and as a girl you get hooked into the. stuff you know it’s like oh that would. be so nice to go to bali. and would be so nice so romantic to feed. these monkeys. you know and to like touch that elephant. and the food and the waterfall and the. hotel.

And all of that and girls get in you. know. get sucked into that and we fall. for the bs but basically he just met you. but next week or the next day you’re. already flying on holidays together he’s. paying for everything. of course right and then. again you sleep with him too soon the. next day there is no valley and there. might be. a wife and couple kids involved as well. so. ladies again don’t be. naive very very very common. um thank you julia. right oh this one is a good one so. number eight very. very common especially nowadays with. online dating. uh with the cool guys right so guys who. kind of create a profile. and we put their kind of like really. good pictures on. so maybe your looks really good or maybe. to like some. fancy car or something else and in the. description puts in something like a. business owner.

A trader like makes something really. cool right. and looks really good as well like at. least in the pictures right. and let’s see you match with this guy. you match with him and he usually waits. a few days to say hi because. he’s so cool right you should be texting. him you should not but he assumes that. you should be texting him because he’s. so cool like. what a cat so let’s say you’re not. texting him he waits a few days and then. eventually he says hi right. and then you reply with hoi and when. he says something else and usually it’s. not a. question for you but it’s more like a. statement. like something that he’s doing it’s. usually a one line and just. just like a statement then if you’re. high values you know the games you reply. back with the statement as well and the. convert like you share a couple more.

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Kind of dry lines. literally like dry messages because. these guys. never charm you they really don’t care. about charming you. and then after a while after a few. shared messages uh by the way he takes. time at responding like ages. hours days after a few messages he. unmatches you. why because nowadays. a lot of men are told. that it’s not their job to pursue women. and that it’s women that should pursue. man. and that they are kings right. so they start to behave like kings. and like he’s just kind of putting. himself out there. and you’re lucky if he matched with you. and said. hi to you and now you should be the one. pursuing him. and if you don’t pursue him he’s like. okay i’m on to the next one because this. is. you know i’ll just go to the next girl. who’s chasing me and who’s putting. herself on the plate. right so he will unmatch you.

The only way if you are into kind of. guys like that. some girls are i don’t know why but some. girls are. if you are into a guy like that. um the best way to. get a guy like that is um. if you meet him in real life because. in real life for a man to. unmatch you or to move away from you if. he likes you is much harder it is much. much harder than. for a woman to unmatch a guy or more. move away from him. if you have a violent selfrespect. because if you think about it logically. again we as women we are not. desperate for sex we are not desperate. for sex we don’t need it like. guys do they you know when he meets you. in real life and he’s. really attracted to you he likes your. tone of voice he likes your wife. you have things in common he is gonna be. much more careful at unmatching you in. real life because he’s really.

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Attracted to you so then it’s. in real life the possibility of this guy. pursuing you is much much higher. than online purely because men. need women more you know we as a woman. we can’t control ourselves we’re not. desperate to jump on a guy there’s no. need to jump. on him whereas man we feel that. attraction we feel that chemistry. we are they will be much more willing to. go after you in real. so yeah go out go to events. go to places you know like take yourself. out and if you like that type. it will be there um. right number nine longest. usually this is long distance although. i had so many clients who had this. exactly the same thing. and not a long distance like where the. guy was living in the same town. there is uh i used to think like this is. like long distance i kinda. get it um like when you’re in the same.

Town. timmy was just like completely absurd. so this is what men do. we uh chitchat we like pen piles right. so we talk to you online. for a long period of time and be. charming be fun we message you all the. time they give you lots of attention. we share lots of personal stories we ask. you to share lots of personal stories. you feel like you. really really bonded like he’s your best. right. and then eventually he meets you maybe. three months later if you’re lucky. and when he meets you three months later. most likely you. and charms you when he meets you most. likely a woman. will sleep with a guy at that point why. because. there was so much connection made. through talking you know and we as women. like. you know yes actions speak louder than. words but if you. are naive you will fall for the guy. just from the words you know it’s just.

Like we all. love you know like i’m for example i’m. i know all the stuff i took that love. language test guess what i got. words i got words. so of course you know like. i know this stuff and i don’t fall for. this crap but. if i get words and i know the games. inside out. you know like we we do fall for these. words these words are nice to hear. you know so if you’re talking. um you know you’re talking you’re. bonding all of that and then. then you meet with him and you feel like. you’re. already in a serious relationship and. you sleep with him. remember guys don’t bond through. talking too much guys born through. um real life dating through having fun. together. it’s really nothing about talking it’s. like having. fun together and creating those memories. so when you meet with a guy after three. months of talking.

Look at it as uh the first date will you. sleep with the ghana first date. most likely not so you know don’t do. anything stupid. because it’s just one of the strategies. and again when it’s long distance i kind. of understand that it takes a guy like. three months to see you if he has to fly. to you and all of that. but some guys do it in the same town. they give excuses to meet up because. we kind of don’t want to waste their. time in dating you. and it’s just so much less investment. when he’s. talking to you right and it’s just like. it’s cheaper. it’s less investment and you’re bonding. you know so when he meets with you it’s. just like. it’s very simple it’s very simple for. him to. sleep with you because he’ll feel safe. you’ll feel. bonded you’ll feel like he knows you. inside out and. that’s not the case look at it as the.

First date. um okay number 10. number 10 um. my friend told me this. i have a lot of guy friends. um but like you know cool guy friends. um and i kind of because i grew up in a. really like athlete environment. everybody was like a cool guy friend. so i i know a lot of these stories. so um anyway this guy is um. he’s very successful he looks incredible. like he looks really really incredible. and he’s very successful and he’s. very charming and the girls. we always hit on him we always approach. him you know because we see him as this. cool guy. and what he does so what he does. when he invites a girl over. and says i will cook for you he. does not push a girl to have sex with. him. and he said it’s a strategy that he has. been using quite recently. and it’s because he wants the girl. to think that he’s a nice guy. right so he cooks for her he charms her.

Obviously the girl like he looks amazing. he. runs a big business you know he like. everything about him is like so perfect. right. so the girl is like wow this guy is so. perfect he’s such a gent. he cooked for me he’s so amazing. and he’s not pressuring me uh to sleep. with him. he says on the second date usually it’s. that same girl pursuing and chasing him. and like putting herself on a plate and. he said. greta usually i like do this with five. girls a week. and they all think the same we all fall. for this. strategy yeah ladies. yeah he’s not bad to be honest but. it’s it would take a really really high. value girl to actually date him. long term because like guys play this is. another thing that i want you girls to. understand. obviously what he is doing and what guys. like him do. i don’t approve on that and i don’t.

Advocate on it and i think it’s horrible. right and men should never do the stuff. and. this is just really horrible because. i’ll be doing we using. women however ladies then you’re. smart and you’re not naive and then you. don’t fall for these games. and you stand your ground and you do it. in a very polite way. in a nice and polite way you know these. type of guys we start to like you. we start we want to know what’s more we. can’t read you. we can’t know what we don’t know what. you’re thinking because we don’t come. across women like that. it’s so easy to manipulate you know like. and we. we come across women but we can. manipulate it’s like. nearly every single time you know so. when he’s. and he can’t manipulate you you. know he’s thinking about you. he’s thinking it’s interesting it’s. intriguing he’s getting.

Uncertainty and through that he starts. to. bond with you he starts to fall for you. so you know like then you’re naive and. he can play you. like a muppet it all becomes very very. boring. and he just gets bored of you and goes. on to the next one then he can’t read. you. but you’re still nice and polite and you. know you’re friendly and you’re nice but. you’re like not sharing. what you know yeah. you’re winning girls you know like these. guys can really. fall for you and then he falls for you. like we treat you like a superstar the. same guy. that i just told you about then he had a. girlfriend like the way he was treating. her. i was like my job was just job i was. just. listening i was like wow you’re amazing. that was like my initial thought. but when he doesn’t have a girlfriend’s. and the girlfriend and he. is playing with girls dear.

God help god help the ladies you know. because it’s. it’s nasty um. eleven. number eleven that’s the last one and. after that i can take a couple of. uh questions number eleven. and i know a guy who’s doing that. and i have a friend who went through. this whole thing as well so. two people i know personally who went. through this whole thing. and it is he acts like your best friend. right so he is nice he texts you all the. time. he’s extra caring you’re going out with. somebody. and he like checks on you and. if you tell him that you’re going with. another guy friend he seems a bit. jealous and. worried and he asks you like when you’re. coming back and he texts you straight. away when you’re back just to make sure. that you got back. and he’s kind of like talking to you and. when he. asks you out he takes you on these.

Beautiful dates and all of that and pays. for everything. but he calls himself as your guy friend. okay so um. so the guy that i know. when he told me this he said it’s. basically to see. who will win and he says usually when i. behave this way. um the girl starts to make the moves he. says like she cannot wait anymore and i. know she’s attracted to me and she just. starts to make all the moves. and he says and then i just sit back and. just watch her take the lead. and obviously like guys you know when. you take the lead guys get bored and. it’s just on to the next one and it just. gets boring. and with a friend of mine. she was seeing a guy like that i think. for a year or even. two years and he was perfect. and she was getting so many mixed. signals from him. but she did not make the first move she. did not make the first move she just.

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Kind of went along with it. and he played this game for over two. years until he finally. asked her to be his girlfriend and we. are in a. very very amazing and serious. relationship now. so but i know if she would have. if she would have taken the step first. i know he would have been turned off. because. it’s like oh game over i won on to the. next one. so um okay so here we go the questions. are coming. what to do if your boyfriend wants to. marry you but wants you to propose. honey you’re oldfashioned okay if he. tells you oh um. really um well. oh if that would be happening to me i. would be really i would really take the. mickey piss i would take my piss out of. it. just be like uh or. i would like you know we’re like um. call the guy oh of course mike yes. of course i’ll propose to you my. princess. will you wear a white dress will you.

Wear a dress. shall i dress up as a guy and you can. wear a dress. like you know. yes of course of course i totally forgot. that you’re the. this relationship yeah yeah yeah yeah. sure no worries you know i’ll wear the. pants and you know. you can give him this answer if you want. to banter. or you can if you don’t you can like say. something like uh i’m oldfashioned. i’m a bit oldfashioned and no i would. never do it. so yeah this is like ladies that’s the. best tip ever. then the guy asks you better coach. when the guy asks you to do something. manly just call him a princess. call him a princess or say oh wow. i’m so lucky what a gent. like you are just such a gent. you know i just like wow what a. gentleman obviously say it very. sarcastically right. so if he’s like you know like. does something inappropriate and he’s.

Not acting. like a gent should act you can like drop. it like yeah i was just thinking how. lucky i am. what a gent i’m dating you know. like something like that um yeah or call. him a princess always works. okay any other questions i’ll take two. more and then. i stayed in my feminine and didn’t chase. that really works. good my crush ghosted me for a year ago. for a year ago but. uh is now messaging me i still like him. but i don’t know if i should give him a. chance to a man who rejected me. will it lower my value um. it depends why did he ghost you a year. ago. did he ghost you like have you been high. value is it too dark am i too dark why. is it. so dark i’m scared to press like here. but. anyway i’m scared to press anything. because sometimes it just goes off. so if a year ago. he uh you were a bit acting a bit naive.

And immature. and you know and you were naggy and. clingy and texting him a lot and chasing. him a lot. and now um you know when he goes to you. then it kind of makes sense why he goes. to jio. but if you have been high value and he. just didn’t want to pursue you. and now he’s back a year later you know. like then. if i have been high value a year ago and. he didn’t want to pursue you i would be. considering would i give him a second. chance or not. uh maybe but keep your options opened. and just see what happens because. sometimes people. change you know like i changed so many. times through these five years. it’s insane you know so people change. some people don’t change some people. stay the same other people change. so you could give him another chance but. um if a year ago you were low value. and now your high value and your crush.

Is coming back then i would definitely. give him a second chance because. he did not see the high value. you know and once a guy starts to see. the high value. of course his attraction towards you. starts to grow and when there are. many possibilities for many things. okay right uh let’s see. we let me see. when i’m when men disappear for more. than two weeks this is a game. or we just move on. usually if a guy like technically. if a guy has the guts. to disappear on you for more than. five days a week or two weeks. and let’s see you know for a fact that. he has. really strong feelings for you. it’s usually because he thinks he. is the bomb you know he thinks he’s so. amazing and that you’re just gonna be. waiting for him. um or he knows how much you love him and. he just thinks you’re gonna be waiting. for him. or he’s watching let’s see somebody.

Online who’s saying. you know don’t text her don’t chase her. punish her by disappearing on her for a. week or two weeks and she’ll never. forget you because you want as a girl. what you can’t have. which is insane it’s not how it works. women need safety and security our love. need the safety and security we’re. looking for protection. and to feel safe and secure men are the. ones who have testosterone and we look. for uncertainty. so what what a lot of men advice man it. does not make sense it’s it goes. antinatural. even antiscience you know but a lot of. guys. fall for this crap because we don’t know. the science behind it we don’t know. what’s. you know the nature behind it so um. and then we give women about like two. weeks of no contact because we think. that the woman will start to chase and. pursue him after.

Or he thinks i’m just such a like such a. catch that. if i’ll give her two weeks of no contact. of course she’s gonna. wait for me my advice for you ladies. would be. if a guy doesn’t contact you. for let’s say five. six seven days and eventually gets in. contact with you. i would just say to him it’s not working. for me. because if you’re not gonna say anything. he will do that again he will 100. percent do that again and you’ll do but. no contact longer. so you know but in order to say this is. not working for me of course you need to. have a lot of value and selfworth and. just. not be willing to put up with this crap. you know so. if you think you’re gonna say him like. this is not working for me. and when he doesn’t chase or attacks you. after and you’re like. running after him begging and pleading. then that’s the worst case scenario.

You know because that way you’re. definitely coming across really sad. and very desperate you know and that’s. like a. massive turn off so if you. don’t have the guts to say this is not. working for me. then my advice would be just kind of. suck it up and don’t say anything. you know like just don’t say anything. act like you haven’t even noticed cause. you’ve been so busy. that he’s been gone for like five or. seven days. you know so at least that way you’re not. nagging or complaining. and he’ll get a bit intrigued why are. you not going crazy over this. but it’s you know i personally would. just. i done all of this i have been ignoring. and. basically like in the past i would. ignore something like this. because i used to assume that we just. not gonna do it again. but we do it again. and then you’re like i should have.

Broken up the first time. you know so it’s just like the ignoring. does not really. work you know it’s like. we just do it again so now. it would be just done and dusted and. it’s like it’s just so much easier it’s. so much. easier because you’re not waiting around. you’re not sitting on a fence. the worst thing for me personally is. like not knowing where i stand with a. guy so if i feel like i’m sitting on a. fence. like i would always step back you know i. would be like this is not good enough. i’m done with you. if you’re not making me feel secure. and like if you’re not showing how much. you’re into me and not making me secure. i’m done with you because for me the. worst thing is to sit on a fence i can’t. stand that. and i know from my character and how i. have been. like i know i’m very feminine so i. love sweet words i love security.

I love all of that so when people say. like you know the advice to the guys is. give them. uncertainty it’s like you’re done. you’re done i i don’t know how it can. even work on some women it just doesn’t. i just don’t get it. like and yeah so i think it’s like the. advice that. some men give to other men i just think. it’s like. like which tree did you fell from you. know. so yeah ladies um yeah yeah. he ignored me on christmas he’s broke. down valentine’s pour me back then. wanted things to work so much i still. went back to him. yeah a big red flag guys. um so yeah i done a video on it so you. probably watched it right. then a guy ignores you on your birthday. christmas. valentine’s um. or we’d kind of drop in like this kind. of cold message like happy birthday. that’s it or like merry christmas happy. new year. happy valentine’s but we actually don’t.

Do anything we don’t buy a present we. don’t take you out we don’t make the day. special for you. you are not um a girl you know you’re. not a girlfriend material in his. eyes um you know ladies. where i would say majority of you have a. chance. for a relationship is if you’re let’s. say you’re. let’s say you’re talking to a guy a lot. and you feel like you really like him. and he really likes you and you’re. bonding. a lot right let’s see you’re bonding a. lot a lot. and you a lot of spend time together a. lot and you get. sexual and all of that but he is not. making you into a serious girlfriend. and you’re like not getting it you’re. like okay we bonding we like besties. and you know that sex is great and like. why is he not making me into this. girlfriend. and it’s usually because you’re not. letting him to pursue you.

It’s usually because you freak out if he. doesn’t message you for three or four. days. you know or you start or you try and. control him where are you who you with. or you start to pressure him like where. is this going. who are we and things like that so if. you’re in a situation like that. all you need to do is just kind of. reflect back on your relationship. and just um think about it am i behaving. high value or not and if you’re not. just fix the places where you’re. behaving high uh low value. into high value and most likely you want. to be able to turn this around. this is like nearly the easiest. relationship to turn around. i think this type of relationship always. has a chance. because if he is with you and he’s. talking to you a lot and the sex is. great and everything’s great. but he’s not making you into bad.

Girlfriend it’s just because you’re. lacking some things about. you’re just not really knowing the. differences between men and women. and ladies if you want to know where. you’re lacking and making mistakes. of course you can book me to my website. for oneon-one or you can join one of my. incredible vips. vip is much cheaper than oneon-one with. me and i’m there coaching you personally. but other coaches. giving you advice telling you what to. fix what works what doesn’t by doing. live streams like that and answering. your questions uh during the live stream. and then the lives get shared. and you can rewatch it and all of that. so if you’re thinking or planning to. join my vip. i will put the link in the video. description how to do that. and again oneon-one in the video as. well. in the video description as well so.

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