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There’s plenty of options for dating in. your 50s hey welcome to online for love. your number one resource for dating by. the numbers today we’re going to be. going over the top. six dating sites for those who are. dating in their 50s so though i am not. yet 50 we at online for love have. compiled data to tell us which sites are. the most. successful for those who are in their. 50s so that’s what we’re going to be. sharing with you today. before we dive into these sites though. you should definitely take our free. online dating app quiz. it’s a free fun and easy quiz that’ll. pair you with your perfect online dating. app and i’m really curious to know if. the. perfect site that you got paired with is. actually being recommended in this video. so. go take the quiz then come on back to. this video and comment what you’ve got.

I’d love to know. also be sure to check out our deals page. we here online for love we’re always. getting all sorts of awesome deals and. different dating apps and dating sites. so. why spend more money if you don’t have. to so go to the link in description to. check out our deals page so let’s get. started with number one on our list. which is eharmony a harmony is one of. those og dating sites and it’s actually. behind about. 600 000 marriages the website has over. 60 million users and is available. worldwide. also the ratio between men and women on. the site is just about equal. at 53 men to 47 women around 20. of eharmony’s users are older than 50. making it a really great place to go if. you’re in that age range 20. might not seem like a lot but they’ve. got a huge user base so it does take up. a huge. chunk of the people on the site as far.

As the ease of use eharmony is all about. simplicity and it’s very simple to. navigate the site and it’s got a really. great layout. however it might take you a while to. complete the signup process. because they do have a really detailed. questionnaire that you will need to fill. out. however it’s really worth it to take. your time and take the questionnaires. that eharmony offers up because of that. their profiles on the site are so. detailed and that really helps the. matchmaking algorithm to connect you. with people who are really likeminded. so it’s absolutely worth a little bit of. time at the beginning to. create your profile let’s talk about. some of the special unique features that. eharmony offers. first of which is what if so eharmony. will usually give you a. list of matches that could be most. compatible with you but they have a.

Whatif section. where they’ll actually give you a few. more options of people outside of your. normal range so every day you’ll get. some options that. might just work out even if you’re not. technically compatible they also have a. feature called. send questions where you can actually. send a prewritten message that eharmony. came up with. to get the conversation going so you. don’t have to worry about thinking of. something off the top of your own head. they also have the option for. video dating that’s the third special. feature and in today’s. day and age this is becoming more and. more popular and. essential so having a video date option. is a really great feature. before we move on to number two on our. list just make sure to like and. subscribe. so when you actually like our videos it. helps us out so much because it shows.

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Youtube that people are enjoying our. channel’s content. so then it pushes the channel out for. more people to see so we’d really. appreciate your thumbs up. and your subscriptions number two on our. list is ashley madison so ashley madison. does have sort of a reputation. for being an extramarital affair website. which does happen. and the thing is though you have to know. that ashley madison has really moved. forward. since it was really known for that and. now it’s a place where a lot of people. go. for um unique relationships like. nonmonogamy. or if they want to just be more discreet. about their relationships. a lot of people on eharmony are. polyamorous or have an open relationship. or a different type of relationship that. they don’t. feel 100 comfortable putting out there. on. other dating sites where anyone can see.

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Them if you are looking for something. more casual or if you are looking for a. nonmonogamous relationship ashley. madison could be a good place to try out. the website has millions of users. worldwide and about 17 million are from. america. you should know though that men are. significantly outnumbering women on the. site at 72 percent. um male users and as far as the age. range of 55 plus. only six percent of the females on the. site are 55 plus more of the men are in. that age range. than the women are as far as the ease of. use goes ashley madison is very easy to. use. and it’s very much a discreet site so. people come to this site. usually for discretion for whatever. reason so. when you have a profile you can have. certain things hidden. and this results in a lot of the. profiles being not detailed at. all which is something to look out for.

Because sometimes that can result in. catfishes or fake profiles but it can be. really helpful if you just don’t want. people to know your information. because the profiles are so simple and. you don’t have to fill out a lot of. information it really doesn’t take long. at all. to sign up and get your profile started. and you should know that women can. actually use this site completely for. free though men will have to pay for a. lot of the services. but let’s dive into some of the special. features of ashley madison. first of which is travelingman so. travelingman is a feature on the site. where basically you can change your. location so let’s say you’re going on a. vacation. and you want to start setting up matches. there you can change your location so. you can travel there virtually first. another special feature ashley madison.

Offers is priority man. which will actually give you your. profile a boost that’ll set your profile. apart from the others. and for a little bit of money you’ll get. more likes because when people will be. viewing your profile. and the third special feature that. ashley madison offers is discreet photos. which again is one of the bigger reasons. why people probably. enjoy this site so you have the option. of blurring either the whole. photo or sections of your photo so you. can retain a lot of privacy on the site. so we’re going to move on to our third. site but actually before we do that i. just want to remind you once again about. our deals page. so we here only for love are always. getting awesome deals and actually we. have deals for both ashley madison and. eharmony so if you click the link in the. description.

And if you decide to sign up you’ll save a little bit of money so do it number three on our list is match so match has gathered around 20 million users around the globe and about half of those are from the us matches about the same number of female to male users on their site at 53 men to 47 women around 40 of the users are over 50 and in the 55 plus age group there are almost twice as many men as women as far as the ease of use goes the website has a very simple design and a lot of different search and filter features the quality of the profiles on the site are really high as well because of the indepth sign-up process every member has to upload some photos and you can actually upload up to 26.

There is a profile builder which is a. lengthy questionnaire about your looks. your habits your interests along with. the short about me section they do also. have. some special features one of which is. real talk where they’ll actually give. you. suggested topics if you’re having. trouble keeping the conversation going. they also offer a feature called. date checkin which is designed to keep. you safe when you’re meeting up with. people. by having you list three emergency. contacts and to share information about. your date. with the site so that if anything. happens they’ll have that information. they also offer a video date option and. again in this day and age it’s really. helpful to have that make sure to like. and subscribe once again now let’s move. on to number four on our list which is. elite singles. so the demographics of elite singles are.

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Those who are. professional and highly educated. generally. each week there are 65 000 new people. joining elite singles and every month. over 2000 connections are made. about 5 million of the users are. americans although. members from canada and the uk are also. quite active in the 50 plus year. age group it’s about 50 50 for male to. female ratio. it’s very easy and simple. straightforward to use this site the. signup process can be a little bit. lengthy maybe even up to 20 minutes. because you do have to fill out a lot of. information. but it will actually help you in the. long run because your detail. your profile will be detailed and so. many other people’s profiles will be. very detailed and it’ll make the. matchmaking process. way easier some of the lead single. special features include recommendations. while they recommend people based on the.

Answers that you gave to their. questionnaires and. the other person’s answers as well they. also have a have you met feature which. is essentially like. tinder the way you’ll be swiping left. and right they also have a wild card. matches section where you can get up to. 20 additional different profiles to view. every day. and elite singles also has an online. magazine where you can check out. different tips. now let’s move on to number five on our. list which is lumen so lumen is a great. 50 plus. app for those who are looking to date. because it doesn’t allow anybody who’s. younger than 49.. it’s available in over 130 countries. worldwide and has millions of users. it has about 30 000 weekly logins and. the gender distribution is just about. equal being 50 50. lumen. is modern and age appropriate it’s got a. white and yellow theme and it’s pretty.

Intuitive keep in mind that you can only. access this as. an app it doesn’t exist as a desktop. version yet every member has to prove. their identity their photos have to be. uploaded and verified for you to then go. ahead and make a profile so. that’s how they make sure that the. people on the site are actually real i. think that’s a pretty good step to add. in. to keep away people who are not who they. say they are let’s talk about some of. the special features that lumen has to. offer. the first of which is responses and 72. hours so there’s actually a 72hour. time frame for replying to messages and. after three days the message will be. automatically deleted if you don’t reply. to it in that time women also offers. icebreakers which is basically the first. connection you’ll have with somebody the. first message you’ll send.

It’s limited to 50 characters so you’ll. have to send something. concise and another feature lumen offers. is star which essentially lets you star. someone and add them to your favorites. you can later decide to contact people. who are on your favorites list but it. can help you narrow it down. before we talk about our last site on. this list please make sure once again to. like. and subscribe but now let’s talk about. number six on our list which is plenty. of fish so plenty of fish is yet another. international dating site and it’s great. for those who are over 50.. it’s gathered around 90 million singles. and around 10 million conversations. happen every day so it’s interesting. there’s actually a split between the. people. on the site so those who are younger and. on plenty of fish are generally looking. for something a little more on the.

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Casual side. all those who are 50 plus or older. they’re more looking for something that. is. long term and something like serious. could possibly lead to marriage. 30 percent of the users are seniors in. age groups of 45 to 54 and 55 plus. and about 40 are women while 60 are men. there’s both an app and a desktop. version of plenty of fish. and you will have to complete a. questionnaire upon signing up so the. sign up process might be a tiny bit. lengthy. some of the special features that plenty. fish offers includes. first ultra match ultra match is a. feature which will display profiles only. with a super high match rate. they also offer a section called meet me. where you can only see members who are. actually. wanting to meet in real life they also. offer something called priority message. where. your message sent to someone will be.

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Actually kept at the top of their inbox. they also have a chemistry predictor. which acts as sort of the quiz. to see how uh compatible you are with. another user but that’s it for our. recommendations for those who are 50 and. up and looking to date. if you’re not satisfied with all the. ones i offered or if you want to see. what else is out there you should. definitely take our free online dating. app quiz. which will pair you with your perfect. online dating app or site the link to. that’s popping up above me and it’s also. in the description as is our. deals page so you definitely want to. check out our deals page because you. might be able to save money on. a host of different dating apps and. dating sites so once again the link for. that is in the description and above me. as well. also make sure to check out our other.

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