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Dating For Married when to do this

Hi guys how are you doing this is your. girl becky marioki. and if you’re new here my name is becky. morioki thank you guys for watching my. channel thank you for the support. thank you for subscribing. and if you’ve not subscribed please make. sure you subscribe. subscribe please subscribe. so our topic today is why you should. never date a married man. dating a married man that’s the worst. decision you can ever make. when should you date a married man he is. married he is committed to someone else. well main point you should not even date. a married man. because he is married. do you really want to be someone’s. side chief you know. so my second point is. can you really love someone who really. disrespect. his wife do you really want to be with. someone who disrespects. his wife do you. because he is disrespecting his wife.

What makes you think that he won’t. disrespect you. what really makes you think that. just ask yourself that question. if the guy can cheat on his. wife his wife they have a certificate. assertive a marriage certificate if he. can. cheat on his wife he will still do that. to you. he will he will definitely do that to. you. my other point is hiding. is exhausting. dating a married man you will you guys. will hide. all the time you guys we won’t be seen. around. you’ll be booking hotels and meeting in. private places. you can’t walk around with him you can’t. have good time around people. because this guy is married the guy. decides when to call. what time to call what period to call. and when to see you. when to do this when to do that. the guy is in control you have no say. about that relationship. the guy tells you don’t call me at this.

Time because i’m with blah blah blah i. mean the wife. that is. too tiresome for me for me i can’t you. can’t deal with that. candy that. if this girl if this guy loves you that. much that he claims. where should he even hide you what is. the reason he is hiding. because he doesn’t want his wife to know. that you guys have a thing. so what he tells you about his wife it’s. a lie. and most of the time the guy is like. telling his wife you know you’re the. only sugar. i don’t know what you guys tell them. they are busy telling their wife the way. their wife is the only one. they cannot date another lady they. cannot do that. they cannot do this they are telling. their wife the girls are following. him really. that’s a joke. and you married men stop doing that if. you’re doing that. stop it just stop it. it’s not even worthy your time it’s not.

Dating For Married married he is committed

Even worthy you’re just wasting your. time. your precious time that you could have. spent with your wife. building a home why should you waste. your time. and money because these are two people. you’re supporting. your side chick and your wife just do. just find something else to do with the. money where else. that money could have helped somewhere. else. in your family you guys you. both of them are losing the guy is. losing money. and the lady is losing her precious time. so i don’t think it’s even it’s. i don’t think you deserve someone like. that. it’s not even good for your health. you will bring yourself diseases. stop because. he is doing this to his wife he is also. doing this to you. disgusting. sleeps with you what makes you he might. be lying to you that he’s not doing that. but he’s definitely doing that. what do you think they do at night.

While you’re at home alone what do you. think they do. with their wife in the house are they. brothers or sisters they just look at. each other like. these people can bring you chlamydia. they can bring you. diseases do you even deserve those. diseases just stop. stop even dating such men. you don’t even deserve someone like that. these guys will bring you diseases. in your life how how how sure are you. they don’t have like. 10 chicks or 20. how do you think you’re. this special. they won’t you’re the only one that is. this he’s the you the only. lady that the guy is dating. just stop just stop it. these people will always be pleasing. their wife. not you not you. most of the time they’ll be spending. their time with their wife. not you they tell you you know each and. every time i get. i run to you i i want to see i come to.

See you. i spend all the time with you all the. time. i’m free i spend it with you. how sure he’s not lying and how sure are. you. that that’s the only time he’s free. they are lying he is blind. the last one this guy will never leave. their spouse. oh girl this guy. will never leave his. wife for you because. you’ll be there i’m stressed ears come. ears goes. do you really want to spend your whole. life when you’re 50. being like you wasted your life being a. mistress. is if it’s is it even worth is it even. worthy you’re. you’re so beautiful you’re so beautiful. to be wasting your time. with a married man just find. a man of your own some leave their way. for their mistresses. but it doesn’t end up well. it really doesn’t end up well. how do you really feel how do you even. sleep when you know. a woman is really crying somewhere.

Because you took the husband. because the children cannot even see. their. father because he will just be there to. use you to waste your time. and time is too precious time is too. precious. you don’t want to be there five years. down the line. when you’re going to look now for you. for your husband. you you’re already hitting your 50s. because you wasted yourself. you wasted your time you wasted your. beauty you withstand your youth. full life with a married man you deserve. someone better you deserve someone who. is not. entangled to someone else. what like what do you really have. that is special that the wife doesn’t. have. and you think the guy will keep you. girls we should not be fooled by these. married men. i don’t think you even end up having the. best life. with this man i don’t think so. and you married men out there.

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