Dating For Introverts

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Hey psych2goers welcome back to our. channel. are you an introvert extrovert are you. an introvert who’s curious about what. qualities might be more compatible with. your introverted self. or maybe you’re an extrovert who has an. introverted partner. what might they need from you in a. relationship well here are six things. introverts need in a partner number one. someone who is comfortable with silence. ah sweet silence is there anything quite. like it to some extroverts silence can. be intimidating or awkward. but introverts don’t always want to. spend their time talking sometimes just. being in the same room as their partner. makes them feel happy and connected. so while you may be having a cozy dinner. together don’t worry if there’s a long. pause while eating your delightful. cuisine they might just not feel like.

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Talking at the moment but value spending. time with you or the food’s just really. good less talk more eating. number two. a good listener are you a good listener. who doesn’t love someone who can be. there for them when they need to vent or. are having a tough day. some active listening and reassurance. can go a long way especially for. introverts why do introverts value great. listeners. well since they don’t often open up to. strangers or acquaintances they spend. most of their time talking with their. closest friends and loved ones. especially their partners. introverts can spend a great deal of. time in their head coming up with. interesting ideas and theories. who are they going to tell these. theories to if they tell anyone it’s. likely that it’s going to be a loved one. or their partner which is where you come.

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In both of you can listen and share your. thoughts with each other and if there’s. a bit of silence afterward no problem. number three someone who values quality. time. do you enjoy quality time. introverts may just want to spend some. of their days with you doing simple. things and really getting to know you in. the process perhaps you’ll both go on a. walk together or have a calm day of. shopping and browsing the markets a. simple evening hanging out with your. family and good old uncle joe perhaps. you’ll spend your mornings having tea. and baking biscuits. good combo. whatever it is you do the simple quality. time together can be just as good as the. exciting and busy days out. number four. someone who understands personal space. and alone time. do you enjoy your alone time. as much as you may love your partner.

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Sometimes you just gotta be alone. introverts often need time alone to. recharge their energy can sometimes get. drained quickly when socializing with. others or spending more time in crowded. groups. so in return perhaps at the end of a. long day they just need some time to. unwind and relax if you notice they want. to spend some time alone in their room. one day and are wondering if you did. something wrong. ask yourself this first did you recently. do something that may have upset them or. are they just being an introvert who. doesn’t love some peaceful time alone. ah recharging. number five a love for deep. conversations. who needs small talk to an introvert. small talk can be a great bore. it’s not great but it is greatly boring. it may make them simply feel a bit. awkward having to force a bit of small. talk when someone initiates the dreaded.

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Can you believe this weather instead. they value the deeper conversations they. have with their partner talk about your. ideas your goals what you enjoyed about. that film that booked that trip don’t be. afraid to hold back the inner thoughts. of your mind that keep you restless in. the wee hours of the night let them out. you may find you both have something. else in common so if you’re not often. looking to talk about deeper things than. the weather then well you may have a. stormy relationship ahead. see what i did there. no. oh then number six. someone who can take things slow at. first. when you start a relationship do you. want to take things slow some. relationships move fast one minute. you’re exchanging numbers the next. you’re moving in together and. introducing them to your old uncle named. joe why is joe always around.

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