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So I just left the reservoir place. and headed east I’m in the Pike National. Forest currently about to hit a summit. and I just realized that I’ve been. saying. Buena Vista and that’s wrong it’s yeah. it’s beaut. it’s Buena Vista so I realized that if. you start to listen to the local radio. that’s how you know how to pronounce. places so. headed to Colorado Springs because I’ve. got to do some errands in the city not. looking forward to I usually don’t enjoy. going to the city but I need to change. my outlook on that and just try to enjoy. it but yeah. cities kind of stressed me out just. because the traffic and people and you. know every people in cities are just so. uptight and always in a hurry and I get. it I used to be that way I used to be in. the rat race and but it just it drags me. down so I think I’m gonna stay here for.

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A night check into an RV park because I. have to dump tanks and do laundry oh wow. the view behind me is beautiful let me. pull over here in a minute. Wilkerson Past summit elevation 9,500 so. I believe that is Pikes Peak right in. front of us I’ve always wanted to go to. the top I think I’ve spent enough time. hiking in Colorado that I wouldn’t get. elevation sickness but I don’t know. and also it’s 30 bucks I believe to take. the shuttle. so that’s a big expense so I I don’t I. can’t justify it I would love to do it. but you know all right well let me focus. on the road and I will get back to you. this pink house on the corner there’s a. deer in the front yard. what okay is that a pet deer or so I’m. here at Red Rock Canyon open space with. my new friend Chris and there’s Garden. of the Gods it’s a little toasty but not.

Too bad. she’s all alone she’s like where did I. go I love Mexico. never been. yeah. it’s a Latina booty. I love it I found all of the oh so did. you yeah it’s it is it is it really is. up in New Mexico 13 times but I still. can’t speak Spanish. yeah like especially what to eat. I love this color holy $400. it’s a big. oh wow didn’t see him he’s huge. so we just explored what was the old. Colorado City yeah and it was a really. cute little area and we went get some. wine tasting and looking what I got I. was excited. I’m gonna headline in forever so thank. you so much for spending some time with. me it was so good to meet you. and when is he something funny about. this wine it says that it’s sure to. compliment your favorite foods or sit or. as a sipping line serves best with. steaks Italian cuisine. spacy foods and rich cheese’s spacy.

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