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What’s up youtube sam loving here from. the bears for group coming at you with. another video for explore colorado. springs today on the channel we’re going. to talk about the top six reasons why i. think colorado spring sucks and why. maybe you won’t want to move here in the. future so for all that and more stay. tuned. all right guys like i said today we’re. going to be talking about the top six. reasons why i think colorado spring. sucks why maybe you don’t want to move. here in the future um so before we jump. into that if you’re new to the channel. welcome thanks for clicking on the video. if you like this content make sure to. leave us a like and a subscription make. sure you hit the post notification bell. um so you get all the updates on our. future videos um if you are coming back. to the channel thanks again for tuning.

In. um before we jump into the reasons why. this city sucks um. just want to mention uh again if you’re. new to the channel we are realtors here. in. colorado colorado springs specifically. we service the area. so if you’re looking to move here in the. future be sure to check out. the information down in that information. section reach out to us give us a call. if you have any questions whatsoever. leave us a comment if you have any. questions whatsoever we try to get back. to all of our commenters we are the. people who pick up the phones and we. love. talking about and helping our clients. figure out where to live work eat play. here in this city and we’re experts in. that area and we’d love to help you too. so don’t be afraid to reach out and. again if you like this content make sure. to leave us a like uh leave us a.

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Subscription hit the post notification. bell so you get all the future updates. but without further ado let’s jump right. into. the reasons why colorado spring sucks. now. i’ve been living here for. going on 17 years this year um so. obviously it can’t suck too bad if i’ve. chose to live here for the last 17 years. and i haven’t decided to move away so um. this isn’t a video where i’m just gonna. completely bash on everything um and. tell you. outright like don’t ever move here this. is the worst place that you could ever. move it’s not that but i do want to talk. about some of the things that even i as. a person who’s lived here for the last. 17 years. just don’t find all that enjoyable about. the city now some things may be. different for you some things might not. apply to you some of these things you. might not care about again if you have.

Any questions on anything or if you have. any differing opinions whatever the case. may be again leave us a like um or i’m. sorry leave us a comment in the comment. section. we love to interact with you guys here. on youtube so reason number one we’ve. talked about it on the channel before. i’ll talk about it forever i’m sure it’s. always going to be this way the weather. the weather here is absolutely. outrageous. if you haven’t experienced a spring in. colorado springs. it’s absolutely ridiculous this spring. for instance has been full of. sunny beautiful warm days. with or accompanied by rather. 60 70 mile an hour winds. all throughout what otherwise would be a. sunny and beautiful and warm day. we’ve had absolutely zero rain this year. our snow totals are. absolutely ridiculous this year. ridiculously low. we’re nowhere near where we need to be.

As as far as our snowpack this year and. so um it’s been super super dry super. windy. even on the best warm days and being. outdoors getting out into the springtime. it’s just been a nightmare this spring. and the weather here it’s just it’s. absolutely ridiculous the saying is. if you don’t like the weather wait five. minutes and it couldn’t be more true i. mean. you can have 70 degree days where um. you know you’re out enjoying a coffee on. christmas morning on your back patio. and your pj is just enjoying the 70. degree weather. you can have that same weather in july. you can have i mean there’s been years. where we’ve had skiing all the way up. until the 4th of july. i mean it’s just it’s absolutely. ridiculous the weather here can’t be. predicted. whatsoever. and it can’t be relied upon that’s why. we dress in layers here.

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That’s why you see such terrible fashion. here in colorado. but yeah the weather is just absolutely. ridiculous and like i said it ruins. your chances of getting outside and. enjoying. the absolutely beautiful scenery that we. have here. and so. if consistent weather is something that. you’re looking for. it might not be the best place for you. here. but again we do like i said i don’t want. to completely bash on it we do get a ton. of sunshine here um and we do get a ton. of nice days it’s just it seems like. over the last three four months or so. it’s just been absolutely terrible and. really the last couple of years. have kind of had the same trends of just. getting drier and drier and drier and. the weather getting a little bit more. ridiculous and a little bit more. unpredictable as opposed to you know the. previous 10 years so like i said if.

You’re if you’re coming here if you’re. visiting if you’re moving here or. whatever the case may be definitely. something to take into. consideration. uh so reason number two. um and reason number two and three are. going to kind of tie in together. but as a growing city it seems like. there is always. always construction going on um. the way that the freeze and thaw cycles. work here. the way that uh. you know snow plows and things like that. work here it seems like there are always. potholes on every single major road that. everybody has to travel on. and the development that’s going on in. this city is going on at just an insane. level with our population growth. um and so it’s just it’s constant. construction kind of feels like constant. chaos all the time as far as traffic. patterns go. um like i said we’re a growing city our.

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Population is exploding here across the. front range um this is where the front. range being the. eastern side of the rocky mountains here. in colorado. um. everyone’s kind of moving here from all. sorts of different places everyone’s. doing a lot of shuffling around right. now with this housing market um and it. just seems like there is always. construction going on um so growing up i. grew up here in falcon just east of. colorado springs it seemed like it maybe. took you. 15 20 minutes maybe a max of 25 minutes. to get anywhere. um the other day. uh chris who lives up in black forest as. mentioned before. had to drive down to uh fountain for. some showings had a 45 minute drive um. 4550 minute drive between his house and. fountain which is just crazy i mean. chris’s house is out there a little bit. in black forest but the way that traffic.

Works now and the amount of growth and. development construction that we’re. having out there now. it’s. it’s ridiculous um and so again if. that’s something like if you’re moving. to a bigger city and you’re trying to. get away from that. maybe it’s not going to be that big of a. deal for you but. maybe it is and it’s definitely again. something to consider if you’re coming. from out of town and visiting you want. to see the sights all that stuff it just. takes you longer to get anywhere in the. city and there’s always construction. going on. and it’s something to consider if you. plan on buying a home here plan on. moving here. maybe you want to be in a neighborhood. that’s experiencing a lot of that new. development maybe you don’t something to. consider again but for me that’s the. number two reason why right now colorado.

Springs sucks. okay number three. constant population growth so i. mentioned it um. you know in that in that previous reason. um why colorado spring sucks. our population growth is absolutely. exploding here um when i first moved. here almost 17 years ago now i want to. say the metro area was closer to. 400 000 or something like that. we’re now. inching up on. i can’t remember exactly what it is i. want to say somewhere between seven and. eight hundred thousand i know that’s a. pretty large gap um but i don’t wanna be. totally wrong but we’re we’re inching up. on. seven eight hundred thousand and they’re. predicting that we’re going to be bigger. than denver. over the next two decades um. and so like i said population is. absolutely exploding here. it ruins the traffic patterns because. our infrastructure. is not. in any way shape or form whatsoever.

Equipped to handle that amount of people. hence the construction all the time. um but um again if you’re looking to. come to colorado springs which used to. be kind of a haven for some quietness. some peace and quiet um you could get a. little bit of space get away from people. a little bit it’s definitely not that. anymore. there’s there’s quite a few people. moving into town so number three. population growth a lot of people moving. here sometimes it kind of sucks. number four and this is something where. um. i’m i’m gonna you know. rip on people a little bit here we have. i’ve lived a lot of different places i. grew up military. moved to a lot of different places i’ve. been to a lot of different places. um. we have horrible drivers here in this. city absolutely horrible drivers um. i don’t know if it’s a colorado thing.

Everyone in colorado wants to blame it. on californians moving here texans. moving here whatever the case may be. um everyone in colorado wants to blame. it i’ve seen. statistics. that say it might be the colorado. drivers don’t hate me i know i know. don’t hate me um but. it just seems like this is one of the. worst places in the country that i’ve. ever been. for. for people’s driving skills and courtesy. overall. it’s not totally uncommon to just see. people doing absolutely silly things. at least once per day if not multiple. times per day in their vehicles. again some of the traffic construction. whatever the case may be kind of. contributes to. um to some of the bad driving around. here i’m sure that’s the case but again. like i said it’s definitely one of the. more frustrating things about living. here is that we seem to have absolutely.

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Terrible driving. um. so. that’s that’s that i’m gonna leave it. there i’m not gonna rip on anyone else. about that but. maybe. maybe part of it’s you know transplants. coming from outside of town. maybe maybe it’s actually colorado. drivers so don’t hate me too much sorry. number. five. housing prices cost of living all those. things are skyrocketing in this city. again when i moved here 17 years ago the. cost of living used to be great. especially compared to the national. average. and the cost of living isn’t horrible. here it’s not a washington dc it’s not a. new york it’s not in la. nothing like that by any means. um. but originally moving here a lot of. people. you know a big reason why they moved. here was the cost of living was so. fantastic and. now it’s definitely getting to a point. where. um where it’s you know maybe i wouldn’t.

Say getting out of control but it’s. definitely starting to become a stretch. for a lot of folks and so. average home price now um you’re looking. at about roughly 500. um average rent in the city you’re. looking at roughly about twenty two. hundred dollars a month and so cost of. living is going up quite a bit. um again it’s a super desirable place to. live a lot of people wanna be here the. job market’s fantastic. the locale is fantastic scenery is. beautiful all that stuff. but the cost of living is going up here. and it’s definitely felt by you know all. of us in colorado springs that have been. here for a while. and i don’t think it’s gonna stop going. up anytime soon so there’s number five. uh reason why it sucks to live in this. city. number. six it’s not a cool city by any means. and when i say that i don’t mean it’s.

Not a cool place to live it is a cool. place to live we live right underneath. pikes peak. right up against the mountains it’s not. like denver where you’re quite a ways. away from the mountains we’re right up. against the mountains it’s absolutely. beautiful. um. depending on what your definition. of a cool city is. i’ll put it this way there’s not. um you know if you’re. into that sort of scene there’s not like. a lot of nightlife not a lot of like. crazy out there restaurants that are. gonna have you know four and five star. food or anything like that i’m not. saying we don’t have that. because we do and it’s getting a lot. better now um but it’s not again a new. york or an l.a or. you know. a portland or something like that. there’s not you know a massive arts. district or anything like that we’re. getting some of those things and the.

City is constantly getting better in. that area we have some fantastic. attractions around town the olympic. museum the olympic training center. we just got our soccer team in the. switchbacks going into their second. season now i believe are. not their second season second season in. the new stadium. which is right downtown so we’re getting. a lot of really cool things downtown is. being revitalized um. a lot of cool new parks open spaces cool. buildings all that stuff but again if. you’re looking for that scene that’s. more like a new york or la or portland. or something like that. you’re just not going to find it here. yet. not to say it’s not a cool place to live. but. it’s not like any of those places. whatsoever. and even denver for that matter just not. like that at all so um so there’s your. six reasons why colorado springs sucks.

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Again maybe these. apply to you maybe they don’t maybe. they’re not a big deal whatsoever. but just some of the things that i’ve. noticed over my 17 years of living here. that can be kind of frustrating about. the city i still find it a fantastic. place to live still absolutely love. living here um. and uh and yeah if you guys have any. questions whatsoever. please make sure to reach out leave us a. comment in the comment section if you. like this kind of content again make. sure to like subscribe hit the post. notification bell so you don’t miss. anything in the future as we post two. videos a week. and again if you have any questions. whatsoever if you’re going to be moving. here in the near future make sure to. reach out to us we’re more than happy to. answer any questions you have whatsoever. all of our links can be found down in.

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