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Five unique qualities that men find. super super hot and very attractive. that’s what i’m sharing today before we. get into those don’t forget i did a. thing. i wrote a book and it’s very very good. especially if you’re dating particularly. for the dating skills dating advice. that’s all all the dating jizz and jazz. and it’s all there and if you don’t want. to read it you can listen to it as well. and if you like my voice it is on. audible so i did the whole thing and in. the description couple of things there’s. a oneon-one coaching form if you want. to work with me personally there’s a. facebook group if you want personalized. advice from the ladies and moderators in. there and there’s a free download couple. free downloads there’s a texting to make. him yours downloads a couple of cool. stuff so if you’re interested in that.

Check in the description let’s do it. today. great qualities hot what did i call this. video unique qualities unique qualities. that men find super hot i interviewed a. bunch of my male friends i did a couple. of surveys online speaking of which. got a couple of videos coming out soon i. know a while back i did a video on. what was it it was uh what men think. when receiving oral sex that was it so. you guys love that so i did a big survey. thing on what men think and feel when. giving oral sex. so that’s coming your way as well. there’s some really interesting answers. in there but anyway i did another survey. on this so five qualities that men find. super hot we’ve got some really. interesting answers and they’re a bit. all over the shop which i think is kind. of cool. so here they are let’s take it away the. first one this i can’t believe this.

Hasn’t come up before the first one is. good posture good posture this is. something i think all of us can work on. myself included when we when us men see. a woman with good posture. it communicates so many attractive. things about you communicates your. selfworth it communicates how. attractive you think you are it. communicates how much space you want to. take up in the world. really really good things from good. posture i in fact did a whole video we. did a whole video where we got the rails. out what are they called maddie where. you get a big rail dolly the dollar yeah. so the camera was rolling along these. rails and we filmed jamia i’m doing all. these walks. i have no idea what happened to that. video anyway we did a whole video on. this just just to highlight this point. the way you walk the way you hold.

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Yourself standing up straight i always. love the. instruction of. pulling your spine up to the sky. if you’re walking around like that chest. out men notice we notice when you sit. down we notice when you stand up we. notice when you’re moving around. a woman’s walk is is very telling on an. unconscious level for a man so a big. thing that came up a lot if you could. hold good posture. really stand out wherever you are number. two second thing i love this one and. it’s a personal favorite of mine unique. qualities that men find super hot is. healthy anger. having a good bit of you. good bit of backbone so what do i mean. by healthy anger so anger is our emotion. of boundaries. nature gave us anger to help us set. boundaries i’ve talked about this in a. couple of other videos so i won’t go. into it exhaustively here but when you.

Have good access to a good little punch. of anger you’ve got good access to. setting your own boundaries and if you. if someone really stuffs you around you. sometimes need a little more anger the. reason anger gets a bad rap is that most. people don’t. either don’t know how to use it so they. suppress it or shame it or they use it. and take it out on the person in a. really unhealthy way and they like bite. back or go against their own values and. do something nasty healthy anger is just. the ability to have a really solid. enforceable backbone it’s like the it’s. like the moment sort of six months into. my own relationship. where i was kind of like uh being my. avoidant self getting a bit like lazy. with things and my girlfriend very. pleasantly and very calmly said look if. this isn’t something you’re serious.

About if i’m not like a serious person. for you. don’t me around. with me straight in the eyes and excuse. me i see clients who don’t have this. struggle really often because often what. ends up happening is that they really. understanding and they’re like oh you. know he only hurt me or did this thing. because he had this background or this. upbringing or like this thing happened. to him and like i understand i want to. be an understanding good person. and the result is this excess. understanding and insufficient anger. means they get really around. their time gets wasted their emotions. get dragged through the mud and and if. you have good healthy anger a good. backbone to you that just won’t happen. to you so you can have understanding and. healthy anger backbone just because you. understand why a dog bit you because it.

Was abused doesn’t mean you don’t put it. in the cage or have something have a. boundary there so. healthy anger understanding those can go. together you don’t have to be an ahole. to apply this unique quality though i. guarantee that men find super hot. healthy anger having a backbone having. that good little bitter. bit of fu. to draw on when you need it. number three number three is a personal. favorite of mine because it was always. kind of one of my passions is. social confidence. and i know all you introverts like. myself hate hearing this one. but you know what we’re two years into. this pandemic now you can have your. vaccine we’ve all had it or if you don’t. want to have it you don’t have it good. for you. but. getting out there taking your mask off. talking to people it’s more important. for us introverts now than it ever has.

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Been by all means take records if you. need to but. this is a particular message to the. introverts or the extroverts who want to. build their confidence don’t let this be. your excuse any longer build up your. social confidence it’s not just about. attracting guys it’ll make you feel so. much better it’ll make you don’t have to. worry about social events and occasions. and things that you go to as i say i 100. get where you’re coming from if you’re. lacking with this it is worth it being. able to talk to people sitting with the. discomfort putting yourself out there. it’s worth it in your life it just takes. such a big weight off your shoulders and. it’s so it it has that bonus it’s so. attractive to guys who see you with it. so social confidence unique quality. men find super hot obviously goes with. interacting with his family and stuff as.

Well it all it all helps. number four unique quality men find. super hot i’ve done a couple of videos. on this it’s so important i want to. mention here self respect. i do want to go a little deeper though. because i think that that idea is like. oh just be selfrespecting like what. does that actually mean what are you. respecting about yourself what is the. self here that’s being respected the. self can be lots of things the self can. be your standards. the self can be your opinions. the self can be your body. a big one of yourself is your time so. that’s like your respect for your own. time. i mean think about if i’m sitting there. wanting a date with you and i’m sitting. by my phone hoping to get a date hoping. you’ll call me hoping you’ll text back. not really doing anything else with my. time i’m not really respecting my time.

I’m just kind of. throwing it in the. garbage or close to it not really i’m. not really showing a high value of it. and people tend to value things highly. that we demonstrate our high value so if. i value my time highly you will value my. time and therefore me more highly as. well just same with your opinions if you. value your opinions highly people will. respect them and you. versus if you don’t and you throw them. away people won’t respect them and you. so. i just wanted to go a little deeper into. that concept of selfrespect because i. think it gets thrown around a lot and. often gets related to like sexual. shaming and stuff and i’m not really. about that it’s more about the things. that you have that matter to you whether. it’s your time your your priorities your. your family your money your. emotions your boundaries your standards.

In dating. another big one for example i see is if. a woman says i have a standard for a guy. who’s consistent great fantastic oh and. now i’m totally in love with this guy. that i’ve been on one date with and i. don’t care about that standard so much. because he makes me feel so good you’re. showing you don’t value that consistency. standard all that much you’re valuing. your feelings and whatever he did one. time a lot more so that that’s another. example of how what your value. matters. so very unique quality that men find hot. is having that selfrespect across. different areas of your. self and number five this is a big one i. talk to clients about this a lot because. if you’ve ever been insecure or felt. needy this is a in any situation really. this is a really big one for you. and it is. responsibility. unique quality that men find super hot.

Almost every man in his life in fact i’d. say every man in his life has either. been with a woman or heard a disaster. story from a friend of his who was with. a woman where that woman. used her. insecurities or emotions to be. controlling and a man’s number one fear. is being controlled. you want to get the men out of your life. get rid of them not have any dates just. go controlling them. that’s simple strategy you don’t want. any men i don’t want to see you man just. try to control them all the time they’ll. get out of your life um so. responsibility why is this important. well. sometimes you’ll have insecurities come. up i see this all the time i’ve seen it. in my own relationship i dealt with in a. client’s relationship recently that are. not actually the current guy you’re. seeing’s fault. uh for example let’s say he has a friend.

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That he’s known a long time and he hangs. out with her i don’t know once every. couple of months and that makes you. insecure it’s not his fault you’ve met. her be. nothing sus but. it’s still an insecurity thing that’s. coming up for you. another one is let’s say that. the attractive friend is a good one. let’s say he goes on to social nights or. something and he seems like a really. genuine guy he’s not doing anything. wrong but just the fact he has these. social nights when you’re doing your own. thing makes you insecure. right that’s okay. but what you don’t want to do there is. make him responsible for your insecurity. or your feelings you want to take. responsibility for it and so when i’m. working with a client who’s really. worried about oh i don’t want to bring. this stuff up to the guy because like i. don’t think like he’s doing anything.

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Wrong and i don’t want to seem needy you. can bring it up and you can do it in a. very attractive way if you take. responsibility for it. you can bring stuff up with a guy and. not even ask him to change anything i’ve. had a girlfriend of mine do that she. said this is something that has happened. that makes me insecure. i don’t actually want you to change. anything. this is my thing from when i was with my. dad or when i was with my exboyfriend. this is completely my thing and i know. that you’re you’re not doing anything. wrong here i just wanted to let you know. that this is an insecurity i’m working. through. so if i seem a little um withdrawn or if. i seem a little quiet. or. you know if i even get get passive or. anything i just want you to know that. like that’s something i’m really working. on and here’s an action step i’ve taken.

And even though that insecurity is there. i’m not going to use it to control you. that is a show of responsibility right. there and that is very attractive. because now as the man and the man is. usually the guardian of freedom in the. relationship now as the man i feel safe. to come close to you. because you’re not going to use your. feelings to control me like i’ve heard. and all those other horror stories are. in my previous relationship so this is a. big one by you taking responsibility i. am safe to come close to you i’m not. going to lose control of myself my life. etc huge one taken responsibility big. one fellas if you’re still here still. watching as well same for you. hey which of these. do you already do and which do you want. to work on a little bit in yourself or. actually you know what leave a comment.

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