Dating Bronx

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Dating Bronx switch my way make him

What’s good yeah cigarette baby back. with another video and today as i having. nobody we are doing. a blind date i’m putting my girl kayla. i’m putting my girl kayla on a blind. date with the drill wrapper so it’s. about to get spicy because my son kayla. she keep it on honey all the time. introduce yourself. so it’s your girl kayla you know she’s. going hey i’m gonna put order on. instagram everything right here promo. here by me. and book me too i’m ready if he get here. exactly like he’s late yeah. we’re gonna bomb him for that what’s. your type. okay like i like a with him. you like him. she’s panicking why you pin again. oh my god what if she’s not. cute right so respectfully stopping my. money like. in my food. bird like. they finally here and she’s hiding right. now. boom boom boom. we’re gonna go through the first five.

Sentence touch see taste. smell. you like her voice. caleb. laying my face though can we talk about. it. yeah you seen the thingy there it was. one more earlier let’s talk about it. where was you at. respectfully you’re stopping my money. like look i like getting like a punctual. punctual what happened. did you mean what happened. we was waiting for me i wanna blew mine. i’m from the bombs bro it’s going to. take me about like an hour to get out of. here i’m here though so. now i came from the bronx. looking aren’t even king. are you stopping my money honey. like a girl that get money though this. should be money. await her i don’t want to change. with my phone. yeah. all right you gotta tell me trash right. now you gotta be honest should i play. the song i feel like it’s my best song. yeah oh yeah. are you not flexing i’m sorry.

You wanna hold the phone you got to. listen to it. what’s going on. nope i’m not a soundcloud rapper i’ll. hold the phone for you. i just want y’all to see. look balls at the top. hold up like. bars at the top i can’t even pin my. balls at the top okay. what is it see julie leave me alone. let me play my favorite song that i. heard in one i don’t know if that’s my. thing. so you don’t want to know like how i. feel about anything. i thought she was going to see. letting your friend say everything i’m. not you’re not talking to me oh. read the song in the video. i feel like i should do a separate. that’s what i’m telling you. the video was. it ate. the video. the song. that’s high. wait that wasn’t even him. no what about that one. i definitely. the lyrics. the the video. your lyrics was good. visuals the visuals is why i said that i.

Dating Bronx on that

Said that don’t don’t sleep. which way this one. seven and a half oh . oh what’s your first idea like your. ideal first date okay late mmhmm okay. first. i’m opening a lot of so i’m a fun. person so whatever you want to do i want. to do if i never try to do it. i’m not going to just sit here and just. say everything that i know is going to. happen you never know what’s gonna. happen but take you out to eat we’re. gonna eat get to know each other. whatever happens someday happens. for me it’s giving we love a new book so. let me keep realistic. it’s given a nice plant out. itinerary for the whole day. okay like breakfast in the morning. we live in new york so let me keep. realistic. i’m gonna pick it up later we’re and see. you know you get just us uh. switch my way make him feel like he. cheating switch my wig make him feel.

Like a cheating put him on. okay then we’re gonna go to some. beautiful sceneries and take pictures. that’s an awful first date. i’m going out to eat in pictures. pitches. that’s not a lie nah. the breakfast part was. she’s at breakfast. okay what do y’all look for in a. relationship. why we gotta go there for real we gotta. go there for us applying date like i. need somebody who’s respectful. someone who keeps his pants pulled up. hmm look at you sitting because i would. have been on that ass. you have to have your pants pulled up. and i. go get the respect. someone who’s able to be vulnerable. because y’all boys be acting so tough. all the time like tomato tomatoes oh. tomato tomato tomato you’re not tough. i’ll beat you up actually what’s up. what’s wrong oh no. yeah. good idea and a girl. ain’t gonna lie. i’m picky so.

Cause i ain’t gonna lie i don’t know i. don’t know cause you’re from queensland. i can’t say what that means. because box girls are sheisty they’re. not it. they’re not relationship worthy. i got my heart broken a few times and. so. i don’t really be trusting a lot of. females but so. that’s why i said. earlier when i said if i take you on a. date. like. i can’t explain everything i just gotta. i just gotta go with the flow. and then be thinking because i’ll. rap and like that i’ll just be on. to everything all i want the tree says. nah. that rapping don’t get to my head i. don’t be one knowing that yeah i’ll. be on one female but just these bronx. females is not it bro. some other tomatoes ring. there’s girls that’s loyal out here. don’t worry i hope so i am. we could do a commercial kayla’s son. you don’t make eye contact.

He’s scared i’ve been like. i’ve been watching. my phone. scared of what. i’m not scared of you at all but i’m. scared of you for so why are you looking. at the instructions i’m not cured. well i then told you that when i first. saw you all right what’s your take i. ain’t gonna i don’t like i don’t like. dark skinned kids he needs some milk. right now like you can’t ask anybody. like whatever i don’t like that why not. i don’t know like light skin caramel. like that yeah but the skin like. i can’t do it you can’t do the same but. you literally just said mine that’s. concerning to me. i don’t give a . am i light enough. if he wasn’t light enough i would have. never told you he was cute. well for me y’all. it’ll matter just look good just look. great and we got it you gotta look yeah. you gotta look decent too you gotta look.

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