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So hey guys what’s up I faked being rich. on tinder for a week and this is our to. end so for the people who don’t know. what tinder actually is tinder is the. dating app on which you can find a girl. online on which you can find a. relationship on that so today’s video. we’re going to see if money can identify. you love relationship let’s see how it. goes they’re going to be two parts in. this video so in the first part of the. video we are a normal person and the. second part of the video we become rich. we don’t become rich we fake being rich. so for this has to download the tinder. app alright so now download it I’ve set. up the profile for a normal person who I. really am in the bio has put simple. person with a smiley face and I have put. these four pictures now let’s wait for. the next two days and let’s see how this.

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Profile functions it’s been two days and. we have matched with Rome rules please. three people and now let’s get into the. conversations so I matched with this. girl let’s call this girl Kylie Jenner. the virus says she can eat 30 chicken. nuggets in one sitting so like a basic. human being I messaged her saying I can. eat 31 chicken nuggets in one sitting so. then she replies me saying she’s heard. that before so I said how shots fired. so she says backfired more like your. opener completely side and yeah she. pretty much roasted us here do we are. not going to give up on this so I was. pretty honest with her. I’m new at this so there’s definitely a. learning shock which she did not reply. to and then after some time I messed it. is saying okay let’s do this again to. which I didn’t get any replies to I. again message the saying hello to which.

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She never responded so now let’s come to. the second match stuff with this girl. named clock Queen so that a message. saying I thought tinder was for normal. people until I saw a queen and she never. replied to us now let’s come to the. third girl. let’s call her me so I matched up with. Ray and I sent him the which should. never have responded us like so now I’m. tired being a normal person I don’t know. why people don’t want to talk to a. normal portion so now let’s get rich and. let’s see how things are for the rich. people how things out for the other side. of the population so now yeah I’m pretty. much excited for this how this will turn. out I hope you guys are too excited for. this because man is that like button. right now and get it started so this is. my friend super 8 and he’s going to help. us I reached in the bio all right so.

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Let’s see how the rich people are. treated so my friend Supriya spend hours. designing my new tinder by you okay so. the first part comprises of his height. which is six inches and I am Club which. I had a selfmade stock market investor. which he doesn’t know about and. he’s more guys so I put that and you. know he likes fashion and meditation I. put in he has worked pretty hard to. reach where he is and God site for. it’ll be fun to see you know we all have. the reactions around I serve on Nibiru. yeah some picture of him with a bar and. given a Photoshop the car with some. highend car and we went from this. picture to this picture from this. picture to this from this to this it’s. pretty amazing right now let’s wait for. the next to day then let’s see how this. rich tinder profile functions let’s see. how many matches we get a nice.

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Correlations I wanna be pretty. interesting. it’s been two days and we have mashed up. over Rumble speak to people that’s quite. surprising but it likes that we got a. pretty higher than the normal profile. let’s get into the conversation now. let’s call this one Kendall Jenner. so I sent in he she sent back through. hey so I said sup hours a day now look. at the ovation for the normal. profile within even get in life but this. profiles we got for you slide on a. single message she said oh tiring dance. time time you tell me how the date. didn’t go for any Halloween party so it. was Halloween that day on the day I. texted oh so now that I am showing that. Ambridge I need to talk like I’m a rich. arrogant person so I said sounds cool my. day was pretty amazing I didn’t go for. any party but I made or 94,000 roofies.

In frogfish and then I said so I think. that it compensates for that. so she says definitely does aha that’s. nice so now we come to the part where I. can her how life is so tough being rich. so I tell the life’s pretty tough living. here in Pune can’t drive and lack go. anywhere cause the roads suck. and she responds half of the people are. not sure and they don’t know how to. drive and definitely the roads are an. addon so I say I feel like running this. work view photo that’s why I rarely. drive that car the Mercedes is the only. drivable car you but again it’s a shitty. Mercedes not a laugh with the smiley. face. she says haha you are in the long haul. guy at least you have a car human so she. seems like a decent human being and not. being arrogant then I tell her I’m. depressed from past 1v like I want to.

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Buy a bi but I don’t know which one to. buy life is too hard. that should applaud me saying damn looks. like you are lured into paradise because. yeah that’s what I’m talking about car. is my steps and I don’t have anything to. talk about granddaughter I am but not. loud I just like how they look there’s. our rich person would talk right so she. says I don’t know how to play poker. each me maybe so now she wants me to. teach her how to drive a car but our. rich arrogant person so I am going to. reply saying oh that fat. why would I teach you just put some time. we are so mean to her will she replied. to us yes she did. I mean being rich is being helpful all. right so now let’s come to the second. conversation this conversation is much. more interesting than the previous. conversation so we matched up with this. girl named Clara Center Hays so so she.

Messages are saying just got back from. the gym how about you tell me about. yourself. so our messages say nothing much just. chilling in my Mercedes so then should. you plan to us saying so you stay in a. car so now it’s time to show how rich we. are and that we are not the person to. mess around with so a message saying ha. ha ha no you’re funny. have a mansion you can’t even afford a. key even though I’m insulting her you. see is still replying to us ok take me. one day to this mansion of yours so then. she messages saying what do you do for a. living so a messenger saying I own a lot. of money that’s what I do for a living. and she replies hey hey hey I really. like the car is sitting on oh my god so. I replied it’s the G Wagen teeth emoji. it costs over 2 crore and a lot of money. emojis so now that you know the carbon.

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