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Good morning hi how is everyone doing I. tried really really hard to not make. this another get ready with me but. that’s the only thing I’m good at so. welcome to my third get ready with me. and I have like 4 videos on my channel. today is gonna be like a day in my life. the life of the high school dropout well. I’m not really a high school dropout I. did with the draw which means dropout in. a nicer way but I’m gonna go to college. so wait I am highs will drop out I mean. I’m gonna go to college so I’m I school. dropout who’s still going to college if. that makes any sense. I’m just trying to make it sound nice. but my mornings are hectic when I was in. third grade I actually went to a. boarding school in Nepal and you know. how when you’re in a class and your. teacher makes you stand up and read a. paragraph of whatever book you’re.

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Reading. we were actually reading about animals. it was science class I was reading the. paragraph and my teacher stops me in the. middle of it and he goes rose you’re. pronouncing leopard wrong it’s actually. Leo part Leo part and I really thought. he was kidding. but he was so serious I’m till this day. I really wish she was joking but no he. taught my whole class that it was. pronounced Leo part and not Leopard and. that has really scarred me about schools. in Nepal and also that is a knife up. there I keep it just in case my sleep. process demon decides to attack me in. the middle of the night but that’s a. really bad idea because I sleepwalk a. nicely talk every single day so it’s. probably not safe but I’m kind of sort. of running Larry now by sorta I mean. like two hours but it’s never a good. idea for me to start filming when I have.

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Somewhere to get to because I start. talking about my sleep paralysis demons. dropping out of high school and. everything I don’t want to wear too much. makeup because I don’t want to give off. like a very what’s the word a. promiscuous life I want to keep a good. improv. I’m hungry. we’re in a pause this and go make. breakfast so I just thought that in. school and you know how sometimes when. I’m on YouTube to learn how to solve a. math problem but then you end up on the. other side of YouTube learning how to. stuff a turkey so I ended up watching. this video on how to make a Popeye’s. chicken sandwich and I really wanted to. try it when I was in America but it was. sold out everywhere in California so I. decided that I was gonna make my own. Popeye she gets how much but. gonna be a super watereddown version. like I don’t even know if I have like.

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All the stuff I’m just gonna do whatever. with what I have at home and this is my. chicken I forgot to find out I do want. to start off by saying I am NOT a. professional cook and I’ve almost burned. down the house multiple times trying to. cook so if you’re just trying to make a. sandwich by watching my video don’t do. it watch another video a professional. speaking and I just started off by. selling out my chicken it’s kind of. cooked already and I also have this. mixture I cannot read nepali but i saw a. picture of a burger so i just picked it. up this is my mom’s fancy plate that she. only puts out when we have guests coming. over and I don’t have buttermilk but I. do have butter so I’m just gonna lather. on the butter and I just coat it like. that Oh ginger powder. we’re gonna let these marinate for like. 20 minutes maybe this is sad this is.

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Dating App In Nepal he broke his arm

Just so sad oh this is not that bad baby. how are you just going to say that. you’re fine and you’re not really fine. you just can’t get into it because they. would never understand it is currently. 2:30 a.m. in the morning and this is. like my Crockett hours when I get the. craziest idea so I just thought I should. open a attender account and I just want. to let you know that if you see your. father if you see your uncle if you see. your teacher whoever you know please do. not sue me I am literally worth three. dollars you will actually be so. disappointed um do not confront actually. do whatever you want it’s really none of. my business. but please don’t blame it on me I just. want to start by making a my account. okay so I have like five super catfish. pictures of me it’s me but not really me. because it’s like super Faison version.

Of me I do want to add one no makeup. version of me but I also don’t want to. scare everyone away so let’s see my. photo was successfully updated I’m. literally just gonna swipe right on. everyone and we’ll see what they message. me in the morning. hi it’s been like three days already and. I was all in bed already I still am. wrapped up in my blanket I’m too lazy to. get out of the bed and you know how when. you set your eyes you suddenly remember. the homework you didn’t do I just. realized I made a tender three days ago. in the middle of the night so I grabbed. my camera immediately and I am ready to. trigger my dad I definitely noticed. they’re all way older than me I mean oh. this guy is spamming me like almost. every single day oh he broke his arm. that’s cute oh he’s like mmm cupcakes. doctor. twentyeight are you really 28 though I.

Mean he’s a doctor so might as well wrap. I he’s he looks like post Malone I’m not. gonna judge a book by its cover. she looks like he has a very good heart. I will say that so I matched what this. guy cuz he really reminds me of my uncle. but he seemed like a nice guy he’s 54 so. that’s definitely not on my radar. this guy definitely gives me like Bob’s. Burgers vibes but I think it’s the. mustache but I noticed like almost. everyone has his mustache oh he reminds. me of my dad this is how my dad takes. selfies I did notice that a lot of. people in Nepal pose very differently. like you know how instead of all the. girls just posed like this I do that too. but like everyone is doing something. different like I don’t see anyone having. the same post twice he has such a. sophisticated look he’s like I like his. haircut he has a nice haircut.

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I cannot tell if that is his happy. expression mad expression or sad. expression but he said hi to me so this. guy he seems like a really sweet guy he. wrote me like two paragraphs about like. consciousness spicy spicy something. something um he has cool hair and he. seems like he has a personality I’ll. just say hey thank you okay he said. don’t say with whom you are talking. right now is the right candidate what do. I say to that I don’t know if it’s just. me but I kind of feel like God is. sending me signs that maybe gender isn’t. for me and I really have to agree it’s. interesting that’s all I’m gonna say. this was just supposed to be like a. really short a day in my life log but I. somehow managed to make it although. tender it’s really late right now it’s. like 2:00 a.m. I should probably go to. sleep. I hope you guys enjoyed my video and I.

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