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This is Louie just inner guard and today. we’re gonna talk about keeping a tinder. conversation going. I’m gonna give you a couple tips on how. to keep your dinner conversation going. so you can turn all your matches into. dates see there’s a couple things you’re. doing very wrong and these things that. make your dinner experience look. something like this now I’m gonna show. you how these tiny tiny mistakes that. you are making have a big impact on your. tinder game and once you fix these tiny. mistakes your tinder experience will. look something a bit more like this tip. one what to do when you don’t know what. to say sometimes you just don’t know. what to say and don’t worry that’s. normal but because you don’t know what. to say you will say the wrong things and. don’t worry that’s normal too but you. are going to stop doing that now.

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Compadre you shoot your gorilla text she. shoots one back and now it’s your turn. again but you don’t know what to say. for some reason nothing brilliant comes. to mind the only thing you can think is. how do I say what should I say whatever. right it is still nothing so you decide. to ask a question do you have any. brothers or sisters. yes do you like playing sports yes are. you going to match me if I keep asking. yes or no questions. hell yes yes or no questions make it. hard for yourself but they also make it. hard for her check this conversation so. you are from ba ba ba I sure AM you too. I’m from ba ba. how’s things there a bit bit and I yours. never guys prefer better than malai. indeed haha what’s your number talking. over tinder sucks. I don’t buy it by asking these yesor-no. questions. this guy doesn’t give her a chance to.

Say something interesting. besides these types of questions are the. number one way to turn a wet into. a dry now a friendly female friend. of mine let me snoop around in her. tinder and this is where I found this. gorgeous example for you maybe is better. if I posed a young nay question yeah are. you down for a date with me this weekend. no didn’t expect anything else. there could only try right nice weekend. ahead of you it’s kinda cool of him to. keep trying but everything he’s doing. he’s doing wrong let’s start with the. beginning nice weekend ahead of you yeah. that’s the kind of reply you can expect. when you’re opposing a closed question. why not turn this closed question into. an open question what kind trouble are. you calls in this weekend another great. way of asking questions is by not asking. questions at all but by just assuming.

Stuff you strike me as someone who’s. pretty well behaved during the week but. in the weekends you by assuming. things about her you’ll make her curious. hmm what makes him think I’m like this. but pictures make him think I do crazy. things on the weekend now I want you to. study her profile well because if the. assumptions that you’re going to make. about her are actually spot on then you. are scoring base points and this way. she’ll feel a more true or deeper. connection because you’ll actually stand. out from the list of guys in her matches. and trust me that’s a lowly bread. tip number two how you can be more. original than. the rest sometimes you can start a. conversation so strongly then it’ll. better fruits for the rest of the. conversation because right from the. first message you are showing her that. you are cut from a different cloth than.

All other guys so if you want to be one. of those and you want to go next level. then ask yourself how would other guys. react and how can I react better than. them I always use this technique when I. come up with the text that seems just a. little bit too obvious to send let me. just show you an example and what I’m. talking about will be crystal clear in. no time a girl I know is named Jana it’s. pretty much Jane but without why instead. of a J now if you would ask any regular. Joe to come up in an original first text. and opener to send to Jana you would be. surprised by how many guys come up with. some sort of lame Tarzan and Jane joke. like this guy or this guy now if you are. a massive nitpicker just like me you. also feel like there is a massive. difference between Jana and Jane but to. hold hordes of men there doesn’t seem to.

Make a difference which results in five. billion seven hundred forty two million. nine hundred fifty two thousand seven. hundred and three men texting her Tarzan. and Jane writes so next time you come up. with something genius use my technique. and take a second to think hmm what. other guys have come up with this line. as well and here my dude is how you. dominate all those guys this way you’re. actually original and not original like. the rest besides you’re showing that you. understand how other guys think you’re. one step ahead of the competition and. you create more of an ass feeling. because you know what it feels like for. her to be on tinder backward step. till three how you avoid being needy. neediness possibly the least attractive. thing in the world if a woman smells. neediness or even just as much as.

Suspects you from being needy you’ll be. about as attractive as a piece of. roadkill that has been baking in the. midsummer heat for about two months. needy behavior shows that you need. something from her or even worse it. shows that you need her so much you just. can’t live without her. which she’ll find absolutely amazing. once she is completely crazy about you. because you are just manly as on so. many levels but if you don’t know her. yet you’re just starting to text and you. have yet to seduce her then you want to. stay as far away as possible from. everything that has even the slightest. thing to do with neediness. now the thing is you’re probably being. too sweet and don’t get me wrong I don’t. want you going around being an . just for the purpose of getting into. someone’s pants but what I do want you.

To do is avoid being too sweet because. then you’ll turn into some sort of soft. little fluffy teddy bear instead of an. actual man it’s the kind of cute little. teddy bear she likes to have around but. she’ll toss to the side as soon as. something better comes in her past look. you’d rather be this dude than this dude. there are many ways for being too sweet. and one of them is one I see many guys. do and they’re not even aware about it. let’s see if you can see what this guy. is doing wrong okay okay okay. this guy is doing many things wrong but. being too sweet is definitely one of. them. now as a mini exercise for you I want. you to look at this profile look at the. screenshot I mean thoroughly and see if. you can find the cause of this sweetness. right I’m gonna give you ten seconds and. after that to reward your efforts I will.

Show you a picture of a babe ten seconds. start now. found it various. this guy uses an emoji after almost. every sentence now I’m gonna give you a. preview of my article and you can read. the rest later. oh and I did not forget about your. rewards look now I’m gonna give you a. preview of a part of my article you can. read the rest later. here it is. in the it’s definitely not manly. clownish may be childish to sweet tip. number four how to not be too sweet. without becoming an okay so. you’re being too sweet too often and. this completely butchers your odds of. turning your tinder matches into tinder. dates first of all get outta here with. all those Smiley’s and those emojis and. you’ll be one step closer but here’s. another tip I think that’s easy. a tip that works and it’s a tip that you. can apply immediately all right think.

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Serious Questions To Ask When Dating

With me bro what do men do when they’re. in a conversation with a girl and she. says something they do not agree with. indeed they poop on their pants they get. underneath they anger ass directly at. the girl they ask her to put on a. strapon and then they’d demands to get. up the butt relentlessly or in other. words they keep their mouths shut and. then not nicely oh you’re so right. well Louie better to act nice and act. like a then a chance and a. disagreement. hey I’m not telling you to start a fight. I’m just telling you to voice your. opinion I mean you don’t have to agree. with everyone. sometimes it’s perfectly fine to go. against the flow like in this example. okay so here on her first Pig this girl. is waving the American flag around proud. as hell and instantly after she. apologized for it in her bio now if you.

Do something like this as a guy you’ll. soon be a weakling first degree without. any steadfastness so what does it look. like then this manly attitude that goes. against the flow well it looks something. like this such a shame you have to. justify yourself for that first picture. it’s by far my favorite apart from who. the president is or what the states are. doing it’s an epic picture great five. the energy and you look hot s Wow thank. you. to which I didn’t reply because I. thought it was kind of a boring reply so. she double text how are you. another very boring replies I go a. little bit against the flow of hardcore. and I say worse after your two generic. lines you do it she replies ouch dude. hahaha damn super harsh what do you. expect me to say I know absolutely. nothing about you and you have to start. somewhere.

Don’t be fooled I’m pretty far from. generic oh by the way if you live in the. States please give this video a thumbs. up if you don’t live in the States but. you do love the States like me please. give this video a thumbs up if you don’t. live in the States and you don’t even. like the States please still give this. video a thumbs up talk to the hand. I mean tip 5 don’t be interesting. don’t be interesting borrow. interestingness from others what I mean. by this is that you don’t always have to. tell the most interesting story ever and. you don’t always need the sickest. wordplay in every text something else. you can do is just stand there like a. funny YouTube video you recently saw or. when your bro hits you up with a juicy. meme forward it to her or draw a cute. smiley on your donger and send her a. dick pic there you go all of these.

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