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Hello and welcome back to another dating. app tutorial today we’re here to give. everybody some necessary tips on how to. communicate with people that you’re. interested in dating if you watch some. of my other videos on the topic online. dating creates circumstances where we’re. bombarded with a large swarm of options. which makes the interactions we do have. feel very shallow and while that sucks. and makes everyone frustrated let’s. explain some context so we can get. everyone’s heads on straight before you. get confused and write something stupid. and embarrassing that you cringe about. for years to come here’s the context. people that have hot or appealing. profiles get much more attention matches. and messages than people that don’t and. because women make up a much smaller. percentage of dating app populations.

Than men the hot or appealing women get. a massive amount of attention on their. apps before you get depressed just. remember that a huge percentage of your. competition have literally no idea how. to speak to women in real life without. being offputting and boy is it even. worse on dating apps so all you have to. do is put some separation between those. actual goons and yourself and you’ll. look like a polished gem who deserves. attention so let’s go over some. messaging basics to make sure you aren’t. another one of the absolute idiots. ruining their chances from the moment. that they open their phone’s keyboard. the most important rule is to put effort. into your messages yeah spending time. messaging people quality messages takes. time and effort but the whole purpose of. messaging people is to get a better feel.

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For it if you want to eventually meet. them in person putting good effort in. gets tricky because it’s not uncommon to. talk to multiple people at the same time. but you have to weigh your conversations. so put effort into the ones that you. care about and let the other ones wither. on the vine are you matching with people. that you aren’t very enthusiastic about. talking to then you probably shouldn’t. have swiped right on them yes online. dating is a numbers game but it’s. supposed to be something like one out of. four people you swipe right on match. with you not one out of 50. this is very. important if the person you’re trying to. talk to is not putting effort into their. messages it’s either because they aren’t. interested in you or they’re too busy to. respond they like you a fellow hot. profile. are balancing conversations with.

Multiple people some of who they match. with before you and while they might. just be busy if they really want to talk. to you over others they will put time. and effort into messaging you here’s an. example conversation. that’s cool that you’re really into. snowboarding how long have you been. going for hey i’ve been snowboarding. since high school i love it so much do. you go too i love your cat by the way. can i see more pics of her. yeah i try to go once every few weeks at. least with some friends. okay here are some cat pics both persons. a and b are interested in speaking to. each other they have a nice time maybe. they go on a date great here’s another. one. hey i really liked your profile i’ve. always wanted to go to zion national. park what was your favorite trail there. when you went angel’s landing. that’s really cool.

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I think that’s the one i want to do the. most when i go after covert i see you. also miss concerts what was the last one. you saw before the lockdowns celine dion. this is where you give up on messaging. this person in normal messaging person a. asks questions about person b’s interest. to start the flow of conversation but. person b is only answering your question. curious the normal thing to do if you. think a question is boring is to answer. but to change the subject like saying. the last concert i went to was celine. dion it was really fun what do you do. for work. by asking a new question you allow. closure of that convo while inquiring. about the person you’re trying to date. if a conversation is going well both. people go back and forth like this until. someone asks the other person out on a. date so if the person you’re messaging.

Can’t be bothered to put effort into. talking to you they probably don’t want. to talk to you look we don’t know. exactly why they don’t care enough maybe. they aren’t super attracted to you maybe. they find your questions boring maybe. they’ve been talking to someone they. really want to date for three days. already so they’re giving you low effort. until they get to meet that person this. is all fine and part of the process you. just stop messaging them because they’ve. demonstrated they don’t want to put. effort into this convo right now and. there is nothing wrong with that maybe. in a few days they get back to you after. the other person sent an unsolicited. dick pic but you shouldn’t ever try to. force conversations on dating apps and. that’s the mistake made by the mass of. absolute imbeciles that just sort of.

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Linger on dating apps. they just keep trying this is probably. the main reason why fewer women bother. with online dating with using. microphones when gaming when reporting. sexual harassment it’s because too many. men are clueless overly sensitive. idiots women don’t want to spend. time dealing with a reactive man baby. not as a coworker not as a co-op gamer. and definitely not as a potential. romantic interest sending multiple. messages with no response is desperation. it’s not attractive and doing so. instantly ruins your chances so why. would you ever do it instead consider. why you were rejected was it something. stupid you said was it because your. profile kind of sucks were they out of. your league did you guys talk a bit but. the other person realized you aren’t a. good match you’re not going to be able.

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To answer this question clearly and the. other person does not have to tell you. why. but at any moment either party in a. conversation has the right to just stop. responding and if that makes you really. upset that’s a you problem that you need. to fix and yeah it’s lame to go someone. after moderate convo without closing out. like hey i appreciate the convo but i. just don’t see this working to which you. reply. okay thanks for being honest thumbs up. so if someone stops responding you stop. messaging and now there’s no drama. awkward situations or burn bridges when. you see them at a culver’s three months. later and have to avoid eye contact you. might be saying kevin. how could you make three whole dating. videos and you haven’t even addressed. the absolute need for funny opening. messages to get responses well that’s.

The thing being funny is helpful but. it’s not mandatory because we’ve already. got hot profiles right yeah. it’s not just physical appearance. it’s looking like and becoming a. wellrounded individual with hobbies and. personal interests which is reflected in. your profile you don’t have to steal. witty opener jokes from the internet. it’s cheesy anyways literally all you. have to do is not open with hey or the. handwave emoji you lazy piece of. we put effort into our messages. right it doesn’t have to be fancy if you. think of a good joke based on their. profile go for it that’s your opening. message at least 50 of the time i write. a message like hey and then i ask a. question about something in their. profile that sticks out to me then they. look at my profile and if they think i. have a hot profile they spend time and.

Effort responding to me if they don’t. put effort in. i stop messaging them and i continue. swiping now look even if you take all of. my advice and you execute it perfectly. online dating is still generally. obnoxious it takes a lot of time to sift. through profiles swiping left and right. it takes a lot of time to message people. back and forth explaining your job for. the 15th time in a month takes time and. money to plan and go on dates after. messages and dates spend time thinking. about what you liked or didn’t like. about the last few people that you dated. keep those qualities in mind the next. time that you’re swiping and messaging. if you’re only matching with people. you’re really interested in you’ll be. wasting less time spinning your wheels. on dating apps and feeling unfulfilled. and if your despair about dating apps.

Gets too strong what you need to do is. take a break and pause your profile it’s. so much stimulation good and bad that. almost everybody has breaking points. except for those guys who are shooting. their shot for the 10th message in a row. they’ll never break they’ll never stop. their machines however the best reason. to take breaks is that dating apps and. dating take time and that’s time you. could be spending working on yourself. instead you know working out improving. and finding your hobbies and making. friends and connections through those. hobbies and ultimately getting a sick. nasty super hot dating profile which is. going to make the annoyances of online. dating feel a lot smaller so take your. breaks keep your head on straight and. remember it’s going to be a slow grind. to find the person you love messaging.

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